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Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

A lint roller is a great way to check for ticks on your dog that they just picked up but it will not remove a tick that has already embedded into the skin. 

Over the weekend I took Odin for a nice walk in the park. 

It’s not very often that we’re able to walk in the park at the end of July but Saturday morning the weather was just right for a quick stroll. 

I was a little hesitant because we’re deep into prime tick season here in Ohio but the trail looked very well maintained so off we went!

Odin loved every second of it and I loved spending some one-on-one time with him!

dog going for a walk in the park

When we got back to the Jeep I gave Odin some fresh, cold water and then I went over him with the lint roller. 

If you’re wondering why a lint roller, I’ll tell ‘ya!

First, I despise ticks and it’s not fun when you find one on your dog!

A lint roller is a great way to check for ticks that might hitch a ride on you or your dog!

Simply roll the lint roller gently over your dog and any ticks that are on the surface trying to find a place a good place to bite will instead get picked up by the sticky roller. 

I’ve been doing this for years and I don’t know know why I’ve never shared it with you guys before!

It’s just something I do that comes second nature to me!

To answer some questions about the lint roller technique here you go!

dog owner using a lint on dog's leg to check for ticks

Have I Ever Seen a Tick On The Lint Roller After I Used It?


When I would do this with Leroy, I would pick up ticks on the lint roller all the time.

I don’t know what it was about him, but ticks loved him.

I have not seen one on any of my current dogs and I’m happy to keep it that way!

Is This The Only Tick Prevention I Use?

Heck no!

The lint roller is just another step I use to try and prevent ticks. 

We use Wondercide or Kin + Kind tick spray plus Seresto.  (I always spray their walking harnesses too!)

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

Is a Lint Roller 100% Effective At Removing Ticks From a Dog?

Again, absolutely not!

A lint roller is not going to remove a tick that has already embedded into a dog’s skin. 

For that, you definitely need a pair of tweezers or some sort of tick remover. 

The purpose of the lint roller is hoping to catch the tick before they bite. 

Ticks usually just don’t hop on and bite. 

They normally crawl around for a few hours trying to find a dark place to feed.

This is why I keep a lint roller in my car so I can go over the dogs right away. 

A lint roller is not fool-proof, it’s just another precaution. 

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

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Does a Lint Roller Work on Fleas? 

Thankfully, I’ve never had to use a lint roller for fleas before but I imagine it would pick up some. 

Fleas tend to get really close to the skin so I don’t know that it would be effective at getting them all but it would probably get the ones that are visible.

What Type of Lint Roller To Use?

I think most lint rollers will work, but obviously, I use a big one!

I’m currently using Evercare Lint Rollers that I got at Target. 

I don’t think the cheap ones would work well on the Newfies because they don’t feel as sticky.

Where Did I Learn About This From?

It’s been a long time but if I remember correctly, I read it on a hiking or hunting website many years ago!

Is Lint Roller Adhesive Toxic To Pets?

Not to my knowledge but you should always check with your veterinarian if you have any questions.

Obviously, it’s not safe for your dog to ingest a lint roller!

I’ve never noticed a residue on the coat after using it.

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

How I Use A Lint Roller To Check For Ticks

When I use a lint roller to check for ticks on my dogs and myself I just gently roll the lint brush over their fur. 

I’m not pressing hard and I’m not touching the skin.

I just roll over the top coat. 

I make sure to pay extra attention to places where ticks like to go like the legs, undercarriage, tail and tops of the paws. 

I do not roll the underneath of their paws, their genitals or their face and again, I do not put the adhesive on their skin. 

The whole process takes less than a minute!

After I’m done doing the dogs, I do myself too! 

Especially my socks!

Happy tick rolling!

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