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Simplify Dog Bathing With These Dog Bath Hose Attachments

If you have the arduous job of giving your Newfoundland dog a bath at home, you know that it’s a daunting task that can consume a good chunk of your day and leave your back begging for mercy.

With their thick double coat that repels water, it’s no wonder that the process is long at wet. 

When it comes to keeping our Newfoundlands clean and healthy, regular grooming and baths are essential.

However, the bathing process can often be a challenge, especially if your water dog isn’t fond of getting his toes wet. (Odin)

Enter dog bath hose attachments, a game-changer in simplifying the bathing routine for both Newfoundlands and their staff. 

White and black Newfoundland dog getting a bath at home

These dog bathing tools not only make bath time more efficient but also offer a range of benefits for you and your dog.

Every time I share the process of giving Odin or Lou a bath I get asked a ton of questions about 3 major parts of the process:

  • what type of shampoo I use
  • what type of hose attachment I have
  • what type of dog dryer I use

I’ve already wrote a full article on what type of dog dryer is best for Newfoundlands, I currently have the K-9 III dryer. 

I have yet to write an article on dog shampoos because, well…

because there are so many of them and what works for one Newfie might not work for another. 

Plus, I haven’t found a shampoo + conditioner that I love for Lou yet. 

So today we’re going to talk about dog bathing hose attachments. 

One of the primary benefits of using a dog bath hose attachment is that many of them include built-in shampoo dispensers so not only can you lather your Newfie’s coat well, but it also eliminates the step of prewetting the dog’s coat.

Now, you’re not going to get off the hook that easy because you have a Newfie with a thick double coat, you still need to work the shampoo into the Newfie’s coat with your hands

Another benefit is the ability to regulate water flow and pressure.

brown newfoundland dog being with water

Unlike traditional methods where water may splash everywhere, leading to a messy and inefficient bath, hose attachments provide a controlled stream of water, allowing for thorough rinsing without blasting your dog with water.

This precise control ensures that your dog gets clean without feeling overwhelmed by the water.

Plus many dog bath hose attachments often come with adjustable spray settings, allowing you to customize the bathing experience based on your dog’s preferences and needs.

I mostly use the shower setting on my attachments but will switch to another setting when doing the face. 

Another advantage of using a hose attachment for bathing your dog is the convenience it offers.

With a hose attachment, you can easily connect it to your outdoor faucet or indoor shower, eliminating the need to fill up a cumbersome bathtub or struggle with handheld cups for rinsing. 

clean brown Newfoundland dog sitting after a bath

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Common Dog Bath Hose Attachments For Newfoundlands

There are several dog bathing hose attachments on the market but the most common ones that I’ve seen used by Newfie owners are:

I have both of these so I’ll go over my opinion of the pros and cons of each one.


This is a horse foamer that attaches to your garden hose.

You simply add your shampoo to the container, attach it to your hose and bathe. 

The eZall kit includes a foamer, hose nozzle, nine-position rinse attachment and a 4 oz. bottle of eZall super concentrate body wash that makes 32 oz. of body wash.

dog bath attachement that makes giving a dog a bath faster and easier

These attachments work great and produce a great foam. 

One of the cons is at first, attaching it to the hose is difficult.

I highly suggest watching the tutorial video!

Another con is that there isn’t a dial on the foamer so  when it’s time to rinse, you have to remove the foamer and attach the nozzle.

I used this foamer for a few years and one personal con for me was that it was difficult for me to hold it and get the underneath of my Newfies. 

landseer newfoundland getting a bath

Pup Jet

I don’t have the Pup Jet but I have a variation of it under a different name called StaiBC attachment. (it’s currently sold out)

There are several variations out there and they all basically do the same thing but some come with different add-ons like a dog washing mitt or comb. 

This is also sold as a car washing attachment. 

dog bath hose attachments being used to give a dog a bath at home

It has a plastic soap dispenser and an 8-setting hose nozzle that attaches to your garden hose. 

The dial on the top of the nozzle allows you to adjust the amount of soap that dispenses out and you can also turn the soap off and just rinse. 

My only con about this is that the plastic soap dispenser can break easily if dropped or stepped on. 

Since I don’t have the actual Pup Jet model, I can’t tell you how good it is but it does have a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

Simplfy Dog Bathing With These Dog Bath Hose Attachments

Again, there are tons of these out there and they all pretty much do the same thing but I’m not sure how well they would work on a Newfie’s coat. 

A few common ones are:

  • Rinseroo Slip-on Shower Attachment: This attachment slips onto most showerheads or outdoor hoses, providing a gentle and thorough rinse for your dog. It features a long, flexible hose and adjustable spray settings for customizable bathing.
  • Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool: The Aquapaw is a wearable sprayer and scrubber that attaches to your hand, allowing for hands-free bathing while providing a soothing massage for your dog. It comes with a contoured scrubber for effective cleaning and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand: Designed specifically for pets, the Pet Wand Pro features a unique contoured shape that provides targeted cleaning and rinsing for your dog’s coat. It comes with two spray settings and a water-saving pause feature for efficiency.

Bathing a Newfoundland at home is always going to be a long and tedious process but products like dog bath hose attachements can help make the process a bit more efficient and more satisfying. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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