The other day I went to get myself a bowl of ice cream.

Cookie dough is my all time favorite flavor.

To me there is nothing quite better than a nice big bowl of cookie dough ice cream as a mid-day snack, smothered with chocolate sauce of course, and maybe some frozen dog hair?

Hmmmm….. interesting.
I wonder how that got there?
Nevertheless,  I am not the type of person who is going to let a little frozen clump of dog hair ruin her fun, so I just removed the hair and proceeded to dish myself up a bowl of ice cream. Dog hair happens and we move on and indulge.

Now… if this would of been human hair in my ice cream I would of thrown the container away and vomited and  gagged the rest of the day whenever I thought about it. Eck!
However, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the person working the ice cream production line at Edy’s is not furry and does not have a brown Newfoundland, thus my educated conclusion would be that this dog hair came from one of my dogs. Which is fine. My dog’s hair in my food is fine. My dogs are clean and a little mud never hurt anyone.

I have dog hair wind up in some pretty weird places, butter, microwave, between my toes, on the jelly jar, just to name a few. I asked around on Facebook the other day to see where some other weird places people have found dog hair and there were some good ones: Salad, underwear, on my Newf, on my husbands facial hair, a framed picture-that was NOT framed in that house, and on Twitter we had in my ear, and in the oven door-behind the glass.

So what about you? Where’s the weirdest place you have found dog hair?

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3 Comments on Would You Like Some Dog Hair With That?

  1. On my turn to bring a birthday cake to work one was found by an obnoxious (of course, it HAD to be her ….) co-worker on her plate after eating a piece. I was surprised at the fuss she made over it which shows how totally desensitized I am to it by now. Eeeek! Talk about embarrassing!

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