Taking your pet’s poop into the vet with them as part of their yearly checkup is an essential part of your pets healthcare plan. Some people may think otherwise but keep in mind that any pet at any age is at risk for getting parasites and a lot of these parasites can be transmitted to humans.

Having your pet’s poop sample checked 1-2 times a year is part of being a responsible pet owner.

But when, where and how do you get that poop sample successfully to the vets office?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s 5 tips on getting that all important stool sample to your vet!

1. The fresher the better. If your dog’s poop has sat out in the back yard for 3 days, leave it there. A 3 day poop sample is not very diagnostic.  The same goes for cat poop.  A cat poop that has been sitting in the litter box for 3 days and is severely dehydrated, you know, it cracks like a stick,  is not a good sample. Fresh samples provide better results!

2. Storage is key. If your pet has an appointment in the afternoon but only poops in the morning, that’s o.k. You can store it in the fridge, or in cooler weather, store it outside. Do not store it in the freezer or leave it baking in the hot sun, this will make for a bad sample.

3. Bigger is not better. Most vets and labs only need a small amount of poop to run a fecal sample. About the size of 2 sugar cubes. (double-check with your vet just to be sure) You do not need to bring the whole pile of poop.

4. Pick your container wisely. Most vet offices should have fecal containers for you to take home and collect a sample. Other containers that work well are old pill bottles, or plastic containers.  Plastic bags can work well but they can leak so make sure that you’re double bagging the sample.  Poop bags work awesome and are great for all involved!! Make sure you also label the sample with your pet’s name.

5. Make sure you’re bringing poop. A clump of kitty urine can often be confused for cat poop but a cat urine sample will be rejected when checking for fecal parasites.

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Do you have any other tips to add? Maybe some secrets you are keeping about how you get your dog’s poop to the vet? Please share!

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37 Comments on 5 Tips For Taking Your Pet’s Poop Sample To The Vet

    • Great tips, especially if I need to transport snake poop (nappy bags obviously). One piece of advice though if youre going for the salad bar container, see-through containers are great for making sure you dont mistake the contents for salad, but might make people in the waiting room feel queasy – and people in the street give you a wide berth!

  1. BOL! This is good because we are going on Sunday with a sample! I am glad bigger isn’t better because I always bring a big bunch and now I know better!

  2. We’ve never had much of a problem with the poop samples – my favorite are the pee samples. There is nothing like following your dog around with a soup ladel…


  3. I’ve been able to pick up poo in a poop bag and store it on the porch (cool weather) until the vet appointment. The only bummer is that if your vet doesn’t have the proper tests, you can get a false positive (or negative) which we experienced.

    It’s funny that when it comes to other dogs, the idea of picking up their poop is gross, not with our dogs. It’s not a day in the park, but it’s not terrible either.

  4. OMG you are busting my gut this week. “it cracks like a stick?” LOL I (as you know) am a rule breaker. Yes, yes I am. I take the poop in the zip lock baggie, only because I had never thought to stick it in an old pill bottle, but now you’ve told me, I’m on the case.;-)

  5. I always use a plastic container too. Usually what I do is take a plastic spoon and knife and cut out the top portion of the poo that hasn’t touched the ground so it doesn’t have any debris in it. I am grateful I have a block fence so my neighbors don’t see me in my yard looking like I’m about ready to feast on some dog poop. And yes I usually store it in the fridge if the appointment isn’t right away. Great tips – glad to know I am doing things correctly! :)

  6. I never realized that such a small amount of poop would be enough! This is quite timely because we will be bringing Cody and Dakota’s poop in for their annual fecal exam at the end of October :)

  7. I’m LOLing about your #3… so true! :) I had no idea ziplock bags weren’t a good thing though… we’ve always used them when we didn’t have the little poop containers from the vet’s office, and they’ve never suggested otherwise. hmm… We do have many old pill bottles though!

  8. I’m not quite sure why, but this post had the momma laughing hysterically… maybe her immature side giggling at all the mentions of the word “poop?”

  9. Nobody’s ever said anything to me at my vet’s office about the proper storage and comportment of poop samples. I wish they had! I knew there had to be a “right” or “more right” way, but there it is.

    *knock wood* I have never had to bring a urine sample. I hope I never have to.

  10. Okay. So. Smashed poop is bad. And store poop in the fridge. Uh huh. Check.

    Did you know that humans have their poop checked after age 40? True story. Don’t ask me how I know.

  11. Great tips! I love the size recommendation.:>) I think people thought we were back there rooting through the poop with our hands looking for worms. I certainly didn’t get paid enough for that.

  12. Ruh roh, we break one of your rules every single time. We use a zip-lock bag. I will ask them for a sample container to keep on hand the next time that I’m there (which seems to be weekly…).

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I always love that moment of walking into the vet’s office and plopping the “sample” down on the counter… Hah! Poor receptionists.

  13. Great post! THANK YOU for telling people that bigger is not better!!! I am a vet tech, and we used to get the HUGEST samples that would stink up the whole clinic lol. People would cram the containers until they were practically overflowing with fecal material.

  14. Just on the light side, Lexie and Mica do not like for you to watch them go to the bathroom. They will try to move to a spot in the yard they hope you can’t see. I therefore let them out and watch out the back window. They rarely go at the same time or place which makes it pretty to see where they go and sneak out a few minutes later and get some!

  15. If you’re running a website, you should know the difference of YOUR and YOURE.

    ****I allowed this stupid comment through because it’s hilarious. If you feel the need to correct someone, do it right.

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