The other day I bought Sherman and Leroy some new treats.

They were banana crisps.

Dehydrated bananas and coconut oil were the only ingredients and the boys went totally crazy for them.

I have to admit, I tried them and they were pretty darn good.

That night I saw that our friends over at Kol’s Notes had just teamed up with Silvie on 4 and they were about to kick off an awesome contest for a chance to win a Excalibur Dehydrator, and my brain got excited. I’ve never dehydrated anything but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t and there is so much I could do with a dehydrator, like make my very own homemade banana crisps for Sherman and Leroy!

So I decided that I would make the banana crisps and then submit my recipe for a chance to win the dehydrator.

The bad news is that I was fresh out of coconut oil and my son ate the last banana for breakfast. Figures. The bananas sat their for 2 days and no one ate them. I decide to use them and they’re gone in the blink of an eye.

So I searched my fridge and luckily I still had a few apples left so instead of making banana crisps I made apple chips.


It was super easy to do and the boys were very excited to give them a try.

Here’s  just how simple it was:

  • All I did was slice my apples really thin, remove the seeds, placed the apple slices on parchment paper, sprinkled the apple slices with a teeny tiny amount of cinnamon powder and baked them in my oven at 200 degrees for 1 hour, flipped the apples over and baked for another hour, shut the oven off and let the apples cool in the oven.

That’s it!

Sherman was my taste tester and they received his signature drool of approval.



The only bad thing about these was that I left the apple chips out on the counter and went outside with the dogs and when the kids came home from school they each grabbed a handful and went to town eating them, barely saving me enough to take these pictures!

So easy, so good, so healthy and good for dogs and kids!

So tell me, do ever make your dogs any dehydrated treats? What kind? Do your dogs love them? If you have a recipe for dehydrated dog treats don’t forget to stop by Kol’s Notes and enter you recipe in the contest for a chance to win a super cool dehydrator!

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54 Comments on Baked Apple Chips For Dogs. So Easy, So Good, So Healthy!

  1. This past weekend, I dehydrated some cinnamon sweet potatoes for V&B. They love them. It lasts about like a regular piece of jerky does for them. Fast for Vlad, slower for Barkly. Be prepared for colored poop though.

    • I was thinking of making another batch for me and adding a little bit of sugar and cinnamon!

      The frozen bananas sound good! I will have to try those this summer!

    • Thank you! I’ve been meaning to try these for a long time, I just needed a little motivation! They were so easy to make!

    • Yeah, they haven’t touched the apples since I bought them, but I go and bake some for the dogs and they can’t stop eating them!

  2. For Christmas, you can take applesauce and cinnamon, make a dough (yes, it does form a dough.. you need A LOT of cinnamon), roll it out and use fun shaped cookie cutters to make ornaments… but be careful to hang them out of the dogs reach…. Also, sliced strawberries and peaches dry well also (and taste great in oatmeal!) My garbage disposal (AKA 3 black retrievers) LOVE all of it!

    • Sherman usually isn’t a fan of fruit or veggies, but for some reason he likes these, maybe because they are crunchy?

    • Yeah! They the kids went straight for these instead of the potato chips!
      If I can do it, anybody can do it! So easy!

  3. I’m concocting a recipe, but no idea how it will turn out.

    Trader Joe’s used to have these amazing banana chips, Hubby and I could literally sit and eat an entire bag of them. I’d love to try the banana chips. Maybe fry them in the coconut oil and then dehydrate them. :-)

    • I have yet to try the meats, but it is on my to do list!

      Sherman and Leroy won’t eat raw apples, they just spit them on the floor!

  4. What’s up Jen? – I just finished making some banana chips for the Boys. I feel so bad, I want to thank the blogger that I got the recipe from but I can’t remember who it was (getting old is no fun!). I have some apples in my fridge so I will try that later today. The bananas are a true hit. Leo loves them. Thanks for the recipe and paws are crossed you win the dehydrator…
    Cathy Bennett recently posted…STANDING OVATION | WORDLESS WEDNESDAYMy Profile

    • Hi there Cathy!

      That is great that Leo likes the bananas! I can’t wait to do these next week!

      I think Emma from My GBGV Life had the banana recipe up this week!

  5. I love dried banana chips! It’s odd, because don’t at all like just eating a normal banana (texture = gross) but I love banana chips.
    I bet the apple chips would be delicious with cinnamon. For people, not dogs. But who knows – maybe dogs too?
    What a great snack idea for the whole household.
    The Husband went through a dehydrating phase a while back. Though, he didn’t focus on fruit. Homemade beef jerky was his priority. Turned out well. Bet Sherman and Leroy would be a fan of dehydrated meat products!
    Jen K recently posted…I am well aware my dogs are not kidsMy Profile

  6. I’m a banana lover either way but Sherman and Leroy don’t like normal bananas at all!

    I know if I would get a dehydrator my husband and son would totally be making all kinds of hot and spicy jerky! I’m not a jerky fan.

  7. Awesome article, we actually sell dehydrated apple chips for dogs which are 100% all natural with no additives or preservatives whatsoever if you don’t feel like making them yourself one day, check us out! Snack on!

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