Six years ago this little ball of fluff was born and a few months later graced us with his awesomeness and changed our lives forever.

I knew he was going to be trouble the first time our eyes met and he has not let me down yet and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Leroy and I have definitely butted heads over the last 6 years and our bond took some time to become solid, but with a little bit of understanding, patience and a whole lot of snuggle time we got there and I’m confident now that even though sometimes his looks could kill and he still occasionally tries to knock me out, he loves me.

He really, really loves me.


I always tell my husband that Leroy’s that once in a lifetime kind of dog. Sometimes I look at him and I know there will never be a dog in my life that will ever come close to being like him.

And that’s o.k.

I can only handle one Leroy in a lifetime.

This birthday seems extra special to me because he’s had such a tough year and I can honestly say that there was more than one time in the last 5 months where I questioned if he would make it to this day.

I’ve never bought a birthday cake for a dog but this year I was seriously considering one for Leroy. I ultimately decided against it because right now Leroy is doing great and I don’t want to throw anything off.

His edema is 95% gone, only a very amount remains on his right ear and his diarrhea has turned to nice gloriously formed regular dog poop and it seems as though the yogurt is cooperating with his system.



We did have a scary incident last weekend, that was not related to his previous medical issues and involved a probable pinched nerve in his neck, and then yet another incident this weekend which was a total freak thing that probably has only ever happened to Leroy and deserves its own blog post.

He’s fine.

I promise, but putting him in bubble has definitely been thought of.

So anyway, I just wanted to keep his birthday special but low key so instead of a birthday cake I made some frozen pupsicles with yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and a little bit of coconut oil.

Of course I bought him some new toys and I even got him some doggie beer (just one bottle)….. because if any dog deserves a beer on his birthday, it’s Leroy.

I haven’t given him his birthday prizes or pupsicles yet because I’m writing this post Sunday night so I’ll be sure to snap a few pics and share them around.


Thanks for making me laugh and for making me cry.

My birthday wish for you is that the next year is smoother for you big guy.

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44 Comments on Happy 6th Birthday Leroy

  1. Happy Birthday ya big furball . I was going to say cute hat but then saw you were trying to play duckie with it so if Jen is going to make you wait for the gifts you might as well play with the hat good idea my friend. May this new year bring you health and a wealth of new adventures with Sherman Mom Dad and brofur and sissy too

  2. Happy Birthday, Leroy!:) I remember the first time my parents we’re looking at pictures of Newfoundlands and came across YOU! They stared, for like half an hour. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend and wish you and your family many years of happiness!


    Bunk recently posted…Pug Deep in ThoughtMy Profile

  3. Enjoy you big day big guy! You are one special dog to so many of us. We are all glad you are feeling better. I raise my glass to you. Hope your beer and pupsicles were delish. <3

  4. I’m sure you made Leroy’s birthday special. I loved this post and I’ll tell you why. Sampson is that once in lifetime dog for me and while he doesn’t challenge me in the same way that Leroy challenges you (that’s Delilah’s job) he makes me a better person, because he believes I am. I hope I can live up to his image of me.
    Jodi recently posted…Determination Can Find a WayMy Profile

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