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Wag Lifetime Joint Care Supplement For Dogs Review

A few months ago I was sent a bottle of Wag Lifetime Joint Care Supplements made by Pet Research to review on the blog.



Wag Lifetime Joint Care is a scientifically advanced canine supplement designed to support complete joint health. It contains four next-generation ingredients that work together synergistically to support your dog’s complete structural vitality-joints, bones, ligaments and tendons, in as little as 7-10 days

  • NEM® is a complete biological matrix of essential joint nutrients from a single natural source — eggshell membrane. It’s clinically proven to be nearly 5 times more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin, alone or in combination.
  • Microminzyme™ is a proprietary complex of organic chelated trace minerals essential to the enzymatic reactions that build, strengthen and maintain healthy bones and connective tissue.
  • BCM-95® is a standardized extract of curcumin from turmeric that has been optimized for enhanced absorption. It supports the body’s natural inflammatory response, and it’s clinically proven to be absorbed 10 times better than generic curcumin.
  • BosPure® is a standardized extract of boswellic acids from Boswellia serrata that has been optimized for increased levels of AKBA, its most bioactive compound. It supports the body’s natural inflammatory response, and it’s clinically proven to be twice as effective as generic Boswellia.

Just as with any supplement review that I do, before administering it to one of the dogs, which in this case would be Sherman, I took the product to my vet for her approval. While she had to research a few of the ingredients she felt that the product would be safe to add to Sherman’s daily supplements. 

I had Sherman on the Wag Lifetime Joint Supplement for about 30 days, I gave him 2 chewable tablets once a day. The suggested dose on the bottle was 3 tablets a day for his weight but I was only sent a bottle of 60 tablets and I wanted to give the product at least 30 days to review it. 

The chewable tablets were big.

They were easy to break apart but the problem was that they smelled, and not in a good way. The only way I can describe the smell is as a very strong vitamin smell. Sherman was hesitant to take it each time I offered it to him, even when I put it in his food, however the only thing Sherman has been known to turn down is a carrot and a piece of lettuce. Leroy wouldn’t even touch it which is why he wasn’t a part of the review. While the product says it has natural flavoring in it, I think that if it had more of a flavor and smell that appeased to dogs, this would be a product that I would be more interested in continuing to give as a daily supplement.

Sherman does not have any obvious joint issues at this but sometimes is slow to go up the stairs and occasionally gets stiff. I personally did not see any difference with him being on this product, but keep in mind that I was giving him 2 tablets and not the recommended 3 tablets, which would of been the correct dosage for his weight.

Disclosure: I was sent a free bottle of Wag Lifetime Joint Supplements from Pet Research in return for my honest review review of this product. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only. 

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Tuesday 9th of October 2012

A rep for wag brought a sample to my grooming shop a couple months back... Just found them again about a week ago. I have a 9 year old small mutt with a crooked spine (he hops like a bunny). He's always had mobility problems but it's gotten much worse in the last 6 months so his vet put him on a daily dose of metacam, which works but is hard on the kidneys. I've had him on this supplement for just under a week now and there is a huge improvement he's running, playing, and jumping on the couch like a puppy. Love this product! I will be recommending it to all of my clients with older pets.

Carol Carroll

Thursday 26th of December 2013

I love this product! My very large Golden Retriever had hurt his back leg when he was about 2 years old. He was hesitant to "play" when it involved running. I got a free trial of Wag Lifetime and within 2 or 3 days, I could tell a difference in his energy level and playfulness. (he got up to 147 lbs before we http:// found out he had NO thyroid function, so the increased energy was a good thing). He is now "down" to 125, and still (hopefully) losing weight, but my vet had told me to give him joint supplements to try to avoid hip/knee problems due to his weight. He is on metabolic (Hill's) but he doesn't seem to have issues with his joints. I had printed information on Wag Lifetime and had my vet check it out. She said that after checking it out, that it was a "superior" joint supplement in her opinion. I could REALLY tell a difference and have recommended it to others.


Friday 5th of October 2012

I started my 13 year old Aussie on these because he has hip dysplasia. I was giving him adequan shots once a week, which helped for a few years but now getting worse. The Wag made such a difference in just one week, it was amazing. He would walk with his back all roached up but now not at all. He can go on walks again and is so much happier. I highly recommend this product. I do not detect a bad smell nor does he. I usually put them in his food and it gets eaten up or I hand feed and he eats it too. But he eats anything I give him. He is 55 pounds and I give 2 a day.


Thursday 26th of July 2012

I sometimes think about getting something like this for Chico. His back legs bother him sometimes.

2 brown dawgs

Thursday 26th of July 2012

Thanks for the review. I am not sure about this one based on your review. Might just stick to the regular joint supplements. :)

Two French Bulldogs

Thursday 26th of July 2012

we heard they really don't work...but who knows. Thanks for the review Benny & Lily

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