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12 Things I Love About Leroy


Yesterday was Leroy’s 5th Birthday and rather than say I don’t where the past 5 years have gone, because I really have no idea, I thought I would just celebrate his birthday by sharing what an awesome dog he is to me.

1. His goofiness. I have never shared my life with any dog as goofy as Leroy and I doubt I ever will so I cherish his goofiness.

2. His paws. I love the smell of them and I love that they are ginormous and covered in brown fur. I love that they are extremely ticklish and pack quite a punch when they are trying to get my attention.


3. His head. His HUGE blocky head that may or may not contain a brain, but can certainly do some damage to anything that comes in contact with it.

4. His confidence. Boy oh boy do I wish I had that dogs confidence.

5. His gentleness. Nope that was a typo. No matter how I would love to say that Leroy is a gentle giant, he is not, but I love that about him.


6. His imagination. He has no idea that he is a 150 pound dog. He can do anything little dogs can do, even better and smaller.

7. His ability to make me smile. No matter how tough of a day I’ve had or how tired I am, he can make me smile.


8. With a hat on he looks like The Cat in the Hat. I am honored to live with a dog who so closely resembles one of my favorite author’s characters and I seriously think Leroy would of been the next character in a Dr. Seuss book.

9. His internal alarm clock that knows to wake me up 15 minutes before my alarm is set to go off almost every single morning.

10. His lack of coordination. Together we are a sight to see on some days but we balance each other out on other days.


11. His trust. He trusts me more than any being in his life and I see that by the way that he looks at me when we are out and about. My touch, my voice, my presence is comforting to him and his is to me as well.

12. The spots on his tongue. Not quite sure why they are there or what they mean, if anything, but I love them.

If I was to die and have the choice to come back as a dog, I would want to come back as Leroy. It’s just the way I’d want it to be and I couldn’t imagine anything better.


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Elizabeth Bergesen

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

Happy belated birthday Leroy!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Happy Birthday Leroy!!! I LOVE his expression in the hat pic...what a cutie!!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Leroy! Just love that big handsome boy! Love your birthday post too. :)


Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Oh Jen,

That was such a super sweet birthday post for the super sweet birthday boy!!

I hope you had a fab birthday Leroy - You're the Dawg!! :)

Wags to all,

Your pal Snoopy :)


Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

He is such a sweetie:-)

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