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Getting Back To Basics


Since it seems like I seem to have more of Leroy’s attention these days I decided that it’s time for a us to take a little step back and get back to the basics.

One of the things that I truly enjoy doing with both of the boys is taking pictures of them out in the elements. This can sometimes be tricky because each of the boys has their strengths and their flaws when it comes to be photographed.

While Sherman has come a very long way over the last year, Leroy is still by far, the more photogenic dog. The camera loves him and he loves the camera. He has no problem looking right into the lens and giving me some attitude.

It’s very easy to capture the “true” Leroy and it takes no skill at all. All I have to do is shoot away and he does the rest.

With Sherman, it takes a lot of pictures to get a good one, but with Sherman I can take him anywhere and try to get a picture of him without worrying that he’s going to run off on me.

The problem with photographing Leroy is when we are somewhere besides the backyard, he wants to run off.


For instance, when we are out for a walk in the woods it is extremely hard for me to get him to sit and stay long enough for me to walk away and get a good picture.

He’s not interested in waiting for me take a picture and, honestly, I don’t blame him.

He’s got stuff to explore and in the past he has made that quite clear to me.

He normally gives me about 30 seconds to walk away, get in position and take a picture.

Any longer than that and he’s outta there.

However, since it seems that I have more of his attention and focus these days I decided to try again.

Something was telling me that I just needed to take a calmer approach.

So before we headed out for a walk the other day,we got back to basics.

I put him in a sit and stay.

I walked away.

I told him to come.

I rewarded him.

Then we did it again.


After a few times we headed out for our walk and before long I found a good spot where I wanted to try and get a few shots of him.

He was perfect.

For the most part.

He lost focus for a bit, but we were able to get it back, no problem.

It was a big step for us.

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Carl Williams

Monday 17th of March 2014

Leroy is just gorgeous and adorable. My dog is just the same. Whenever he gets the chance, he would immediately run off from me. Thus, we end up in a seemingly endless chase. I tend to treat him with excessive indulgence whenever I feel overwhelmed by his cuteness. But I have learned that a dog's behavior problems are influences brought about by owners. We are responsible for our dog's every action. A word of caution: pet responsibly.


Thursday 27th of February 2014

Hi - I'm still new in the blogging world and followed a bunch of interesting links through Blog Paws bloggers to get here. So glad I did ... what beautiful photos! I also have 2 dogs who pose for my blog and wrote about the experience. You're a much better photographer!


Wednesday 26th of February 2014

Awesome!!!! It sounds like you've got it!

I find that when I'm losing my dogs' attention, asking them to do tricks makes them light up and look at the camera again. Just a thought in case you're ever in that situation again...

Donna O.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014

Glad that you gave it another shot and it worked out. And speaking of shots...I love how that one came out. It was worth waiting for. :-)


Tuesday 25th of February 2014

Yet another similarity between the pairs - Moses is far easier to photograph, but Alma is way more photogenic! But she's so quick that many photos of her are blurry.

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