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Trying To Catch A Dog’s Urine Sample In The Snow Is Not Easy


Last week I had to try and catch a urine sample from Leroy so that I could take it in to the vet and see if his UTI had cleared up.

I had my suspicions that it had not, so I wanted to catch a sample and get to the vet before the weekend.

I’ve talked before about how catching a urine sample from a dog can be tricky if you’re not quite sure how to go about it, but once you know the rules, it’s easy peasy.

Yeah, well….all that goes out the window when you need to catch a urine sample on your dog in a few feet of snow, especially when that dog is Leroy, who is a bi-urinator.


If you’re not familiar with a bi-urinator, it’s probably because I made that word up, but in my world a bi-urinator is a dog that can urinate in 2 ways.

  1. By lifting a leg
  2. By squatting

There’s really nothing wrong with a bi-urinator dog except when you need to catch a urine on that dog in the snow and have no idea what position they are going to take when you are trying to catch that said urine.

The ideal thing you want from a bi-urinator in the snow is for them to lift their leg because that gives you the best odds of catching a urine sample that is not full of a pile of snow, which will dilute the urine and quite possibly give a false urine result.

When a squatter squats and you go to catch the urine in a bowl the chances of you scooping in some snow are very high.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.


While Leroy is probably about a 70% leg lifter and a 30% squatter in regular life, apparently, he is a 100%  squatter when I am following him around in the snow with a bowl.

I know he was doing it on purpose because it was extremely cold and I didn’t have gloves on because I didn’t want to get pee on them and every time he squatted I would tell him no and he would look at me and smile.

We did this for 30 minutes until I finally wised up and put him inside and brought Sherman out and had him pee on a tree. Then, when I let Leroy back out he had no choice but to lift his leg and pee on that same tree.


It’s mine.

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