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4 Benefits Of Having A Dog Ramp For Big Dogs


The main benefits of having a dog ramp for big dogs are that it's less stress on their joints, it prevents injuries, it's easier on the human and it can be used for things other than cars.

Sherman’s never been one to jump in and out of our car.

He prefers to be gently lifted.

Sherman doesn’t realize that there’s nothing gentle about lifting a giant dog into an SUV but he tries to cooperate as much as he can.

Leroy’s always been one to hop right into the car.

No assistance is needed.

He reminds me of a jackrabbit.

One quick hop and he’s in.

It’s the most graceful thing he does and giant dogs shouldn’t be able to jump that way.

Well, both the boys and I are getting older and quick hops and lifting giant dogs isn’t getting any easier so we needed to look for something better for all involved.

I knew that a dog ramp for our SUV was the answer because they offer so many benefits.

Here are 4 Benefits Of Having A Dog Ramp For Big Dogs

 Less stress on joints.

It’s not so much the jumping up part but the jump down part that can be hard on a dog’s joints. Any dog’s joints, but especially a giant breed dog or a senior dog, their joints need to be handled with care and having a dog ramp can reduce a lot of stress on those fragile joints.

This is true for large and giant breed puppies also.

The less stress on the joints when they are growing the better.

 Dog Injuries.

Leroy missed a jump into the car a few months back and he hasn’t forgotten about it.

Luckily he wasn’t injured but he’s very hesitant to jump in and has to gauge it for several minutes before he will take a leap.

He’s not a fan of being helped either so this made things a bit more trying.

Not to mention- it’s not safe when it’s raining or snowing out for a dog to jump in a car.

Human injuries.

Despite my stubbornness, I can only lift so much anymore and when I lift more than my body is supposed to I pay the price dearly for several days after.

I’ve learned the hard way several times. At 110 pounds I struggle to lift a 160-pound dog who doesn’t want to be helped.  

I had a big wake up call when Leroy was sick and he couldn’t get into the car by himself and there was only me left to get him in.

If I couldn’t get him in he couldn’t get to the vet. I don’t ever want to feel that helpless ever again AND I don’t ever want to ache that way again.


A dog ramp for big dogs can be used for more than a car or SUV. A dog ramp can help dogs go up small flights of stairs, for beds, for grooming tables, for bathtubs and basically anything that a dog needs to get onto or into. I plan on using ours for the SUV and the grooming table.

We’ve been using the Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp for the last few weeks.

The main benefits of having a dog ramp for big dogs are that it's less stress on their joints, it prevents injuries, it's easier on the human and it can be used for things other than cars.

Best Dog Ramp For An SUV

I picked this particular ramp to try because I liked that it was 3 inches wider than the regular Deluxe Telescoping Ramp, which I thought would be best for Sherman.

The extra length of the XL model provides a flatter angle for easier climbing.

The extra width gives bigger dogs more room and thus more confidence when using the ramp.

The unique construction of the XL model gives it the best combination of size, strength, and lightweight on the market.

Even though it’s “oversized” it still weighs only 18 lbs, and it supports over 300 lbs. It’s also very compact, making it easier to use and store and a perfect dog ramp for an SUV.


It extends from 47″ to 87″ and anywhere in between. Use it fully extended for heights up to 36 inches – SUVs, pickup trucks, grooming tables, etc. Shorten the ramp when space is limited or when the upper surface isn’t as high – the Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp is many ramps in one!

The telescoping design is the secret to making this ramp so easy to use – just slide it out to use and slide it in to stow. No clumsy folding and unfolding are required.

A high-traction walking surface gives pets a sure footing, especially on steep climbs.

The ramp also includes a convenient carry handle, and a safety release latch to prevent accidental opening.

The ultra-stiff design utilizes four rubber feet to keep the ramp stable while in use.

The Deluxe XL Telescoping Dog Ramp for big dogs is covered by Solvit’s Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Dimensions = 47-87” x 20” x 4” and the tread surface is 15.5″ wide.

I’m in love with this dog ramp for big dogs.

4 Benefits Of Having A Dog Ramp For Big Dogs

It’s so easy to use and weighs only 18 pounds which is about 140 pounds less than one of my dogs.

Sherman likes it too.

It only took him a few minutes to get familiar with it and up he went.

This is his first try:

We laid the ramp on the ground first and had Sherman walk across it laying flat.

I had to use a few treats to assure him the dog ramp wasn’t going to attack him.

After he walked across it a few times we set it up on our SUV and I walked up it first to make sure it was safe.

I may have bounced on it a little bit just to make extra sure.

It felt nice and stable so I placed some treats in the back of the car to entice Sherman and up he went without hesitation.

It was super easy and super safe.

We’re still working on Leroy who totally walked around the ramp and jumped in the car with me attached to the other end of the leash.

Apparently, he didn’t have time to walk up the pet ramp when a car ride was waiting for him. So he’s a work in progress, as always.

If you don’t think a dog ramp for big dogs is a good fit there are also dog steps that fold down and dog steps that swivel.


*Disclosure-I was sent a free XL Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp for big dogs from Solvit in return for my honest review of their product. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only. My Brown Newfies only shares a product that we think our readers would like.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Luella cox

Friday 28th of July 2023

Sounds good but I just have a 4 door sedan Nisan Altima I'm trying steps for the bed not too much success she weighs 67 lbs I'm 80 years old it is hard on her and me trying to lift her She is going on 4 but she has some knee issues I'm also on ss and finance limited But I like that it is wide


Monday 18th of July 2022

so needed the review on ramps. at 75 yrs I'm having a time helping my Zoey into the suv. She's 165!

Lisa Graziano

Friday 29th of April 2022

I bought the xl solvit based on your review. I would add this. It is a bit bulky, but we have been able to bungee tie it to the inside of my Kia Sorento without loss of space. Also, my newf didn’t like the sandpaper no slip grip and I believe it is because he scrambled at first due to nerves. We added self adhesive non slip outdoor carpet and it works fine. After 18 months of use we did have to replace on piece of carpet but it is cheap. Our four month old Golden runs up the ramp behind our Newf and sometimes runs under him at seat lol. I am wondering if you have a suggestion for tall beds and wood floors. Should we try steps? Jeb can jump up fine but I worry about him jumping down and runner rugs always slip.

Mary Buck

Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

I am so thankful for your post. I just adopted a 9 year old Newf from the MN Newfoundland Rescue and he belly flops every time he tries to jump into my SUV. With herniated discs in my neck and a fused spine, I really shouldn't be lifting him. Your review of this product made me order it immediately. Thank you for taking the time to post it.


Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

Hi Mary. I'm so glad this post helped. Leroy was belly flopping to and it drove me crazy. He is so stubborn sometimes! The ramp has really been a great addition for us!


Wednesday 29th of April 2015

My neighbor needs this for her 50 lb elderly dog.

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