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Getting Our Hike Back On


I’m hoping this Spring/early summer the boys and I will be able to get back to hiking.

Sherman’s never been a HUGE fan of hiking (he prefers gentle strolls in the woods) but Leroy loves it.

Leroy and I were just started hiking when he got sick but I think he’s almost ready to get back at it.

We’ll ease our way back in of course.

Leroy and I have been gradually increasing his daily walks and Sherman’s hill work has begun once again.

Next I needed to make sure that the backpack still fits them.

I hike one on one with them so we only have one backpack and luckily it still fits.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty sure it was going to still fit Leroy but I had my doubts with Sherman.

Ya’ know.

All that extra hair he grew over the winter 😉


Thankfully it fits them both so now were ready to start adding the backpack to some of our daily walks and then adding some weight to that backpack and then finally we can get our hike back on.

p.s. May 1st is the 2nd annual National Purebred Dog Day. You can read more on how you can participate here. As you can tell it is going to be a HUGE social media campaign and I would love for you to join in!  The more people that get involved the better!

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2 Brown Dawgs

Wednesday 29th of April 2015

Have fun hiking. Thanks for the heads up on NPBDD. We will definitely participate!


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

What do you put in the backpack? Items for you or the dog or both? I'm curious as I've often thought about getting packs for my guys.


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Haley's never worn a backpack, but it would be super handy for carrying an extra bottle of water or two! I can't wait to explore some new trails this year. Have fun hiking!


Monday 27th of April 2015

Twice as much hiking for you! It's probably a good thing Sherman prefers gently strolls.


Monday 27th of April 2015

I had no doubts, you look just as fit as ever ;) Love that backpack though! I bet you could store so many treats in there the bag wouldn't fit anymore!


Monday 27th of April 2015

Lol, I will pass that on to Mr. Sherman ;)

Sherman would love for me to store a lot of treats in his pack so it doesn't fit!

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