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Time For Pet Paw-Looza! Pet Sampling Event! #PetPawLooza

If you’re anything like me you might always be on the look out for great pet products to pamper your dog with.

I seriously get excited over NEW dog things.


pet paw


Which is why I’m so excited to be one of the hosts for the Pet Paw-Looza sampling event that is taking place next week by Sampler. Sampler partners with your favorite brands and gives you the chance to send product samples to friends via Facebook.

What is this sampling event that I speak of?

Pet Paw-Looza is an online sampling event that takes place for 1 week and it gives YOU the chance to find great pet brands and new pet products and possibly try them out.


There are a lot of pet products and brands in this sampler event so if you want to give this a try you need to RSVP here first. This RSVP will enter you into a grand prize basket  AND it will give you access to the Sampler calendar so that you will know which days you have to on the lookout for your favorite brands and products. It will also give you direct links to the event so make sure to RSVP asap!


There will be multiple events happening each day throughout next week (which will be on your calendar when you register for the event)


Next you will want to buddy up with a Facebook friend. For a Sampler event you can ONLY send products to a friend so you need to get with them so you can both have a plan of action for who wants what samples.


Then you’ll want to make your wishes. There’s a  special “Wish For It” period before the actual event starts and I highly recommend that you do this so there is NO confusion with your buddy! You will be able to share your wish on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

There will also be FLASH GIVEAWAYS during the event that are hosted on one of the participating bloggers FB page. This flash giveaways will be listed on the calendar when you RSVP for the event. I can’t tell you what the flash giveaways are but they are SUPER COOL!


On Wednesday May 20th-Thursday May 28th it’s go time for the Sampler event. You’ll have to be FAST. Samples go super FAST and tons of people are trying to get on this! Once an event is live you’ll want to click through ASAP. You’ll have the best chance of getting a sample if your there right as the event you want goes live.  The event does NOT happen on a brands FB page but on the Pet Paw-Looza tab or App links.



Some great brands are participating in the event:

Riley’s Organic Dog Treats:

Riley’s Organics are USDA Organic and baked in a human grade bakery in America’s Heartland. Sherman thinks they are OUTSTANDING. Once you open the bag, you immediately smell the quality ingredients with a pleasant aroma of Peanut Butter. Put your nose a little closer and the Molasses sweetness really comes out. Your dog will love the crunchy sweet, while savoring the always popular Peanut Butter goodness.


Isle Of Dogs:

Repláscents by Isle Of Dogs are odor-neutralizing sprays for your dog and home; neutralizing bad odors and replacing them with a subtle fragrance. Repláscents offer an alternative to perfume and home sprays, which are not safe for application directly on your dog’s coat.  These products can also be applied around the house, on to bedding, in the car and on your pet. This product smells AMAZING and I’m in love with it! Who wouldn’t want their dog and house to smell like red berries and champagne? My bottle is almost gone already!

Deep Cleaning Shampoo is a gentle, yet thorough, cleansing shampoo that removes dirt, grime, and odor without being harsh on the skin or coat. This shampoo is sulfate and paraben free, and features the Isle of Dogs signature fragrance, Red Berries + Champagne. Again-smells AMAZING. I’ve used Isle of Dogs product before and love them!

Nourish – Gourmet Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Only 3 ingredients, grain-free, all natural, 100% USA sourced,human-grade ingredients, high palatability: it’s real food, only freeze-dried,  low calories, high protein.  2 oz freeze-dried = 10 oz raw meat. Sherman couldn’t get enough of these!


Unique Natural Products

Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator by Unique Natural Products is a natural cleaning product that will eliminate all of your pet stains and odors on any surface that won’t be damaged by water. People want plain and simple products that work. This product is safe and it works, plain and simple. Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator is guaranteed to remove pet related stains and odors or they will give you a full refund! I’ve been using this product before I even got the sample. Love it!


By Nature

By Nature dog foods are purpose-built to help protect the health of your dog and the moments you share together. By Nature is the only dog food with SuperFusion®—the advanced nutritional blend specifically formulated to help keep your pet active and healthy. Grain Free/Balanced diet. The Active Defense+ dry foods have an optimal blend of proteins and nutrients based on advanced dietary science. Real deboned meat, poultry and fish combine with antioxidant-rich Superfoods and prebiotic fibers to fuel your pet’s active lifestyle.


Bravo Pet Foods:

Bravo freeze dried raw diets offer you an outstanding combination of nutrition and convenience. There’s no need to keep them frozen, so you can serve your dog a great-tasting, nourishing meal anywhere you go. Freeze drying simply removes the water from meat and poultry while retaining every vital nutrient in its original, bioavailable form. Just mix the Bravo freeze dried diets with warm water, wait 15 minutes and serve. That’s all it takes to prepare a healthy meal your dog will simply love!


Northern Pet Products:

An irresistible all natural dental chew rich in brown rice and oats to promote proper oral health and clean teeth. The rugged exterior and chewy interior helps to fight plaque, tartar and gum disease for an all-mouth clean. Each Bark! features our drool-worthy applewood recipe blended with easily digestible ingredients, perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. While high in protein and low in fat, they act as a healthy alternative to jerky and rawhide. Northern Pet Products are made in Canada.



So which brand are you going to wish for? 

Don’t forget to RSVP so you can be entered for a chance to win a gift basket filled with all of these great brands and get access to the sampling calender so you don’t miss out on any of the great samples. Don’t forget to find your sampler buddy and make your wishes!


pet paws 100



**This post is sponsored by Sampler.

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Daniel Scott

Thursday 21st of May 2015

I have RSVP'd

2 Brown Dawgs

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Sounds like fun!

Earl Lover

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Mmmm, mine would adore this. Taste testing is their thing! If they were human, their dream jobs would be to be a food critic; and awfully generous ones, at that...


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

What a fun and creative idea.


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Sounds like fun, except I hate the fact that you have to send to someone else and hope someone sends to you. Just let us sample what we want.......

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