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How My Dog’s Picture Helped Me Get A Deal On A Pool

Sherman in his new pool

We’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures here in Ohio.

30 days ago it was snowing and now it’s blistering hot.

I’m not complaining, believe me. It’s just a small adjustment.

I deal fine with the heat, it’s the dogs that I worry about.

Sherman more so than Leroy.

He may be getting more handsome in his old age but he’s not melting away the years.

That’s why we headed out to the store last week to get him anew pool.

We knew that we were going to be doing a lot of yard work over the long weekend and that the dogs would be outside with us by choice in 85+ temps.

Sherman didn’t really need a new pool but his old hard plastic pool has dead spiders in it so that’s just yuck.

Sherman in his new pool

My husband suggested that he could just rinse them out and I told him that my fear of spiders wouldn’t allow that so rolled his eyes and accompanied me to the store.

My plan was to get Sherman the same hard plastic pool but my husband refused to spend money on a spider-free pool that was exactly the same as the spider-filled pool.


So we looked around at the softer plastic pools. The ones that I always avoid because they are expensive and I don’t know how well they would hold up to dog nails.

The first one I found was $50.

Then I saw one that was $7.98.

Sherman in his new pool

It was  a nice pool for 8 bucks and my husband agreed. Even if he did put a hole in it with his nails, we only wasted $8.

So we went to check out and the lady said “That’ll be $41.”

I said, “Whaaaaaaat? It was priced as $7.98. I don’t want it for $41. It’s for my dog. I’m not allowed to spend that much money on a pool for him.” I said as I glanced at my husband and smiled. 🙂

Sherman in his new pool

“What kind of dog do you have?” the cashier asked.

“A Newfoundland.” I responded asI showed her Sherman’s picture.” (It’s not hard, his picture is my screensaver 🙂

And the cashier went on to say how cute and fluffy he was. Then she said, “Well he needs this pool. We’ll just change the price to $7.98.”

Yeah she did. Yes!

So we thanked her for her kindness and went on our way with ginormous dog pool and big smiles on our faces.

Later that day I set the pool up for Sherman and he loved it.

So what about you, has your dog ever gotten you a deal?

p.s. A lot of people have asked if his nails rip the pool. I’ve never had this type of pool for that reason BUT Sherman used this pool all weekend and it is still fully intact with no holes. I would think they would really have to be digging in it to really rip it.



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Roy Shaffer

Sunday 5th of June 2016

Lucky! I'd want to get the same deal..haha...


Saturday 4th of June 2016

What good luck! Things have actually stayed relatively cool up here by the lake, but since Barley's getting a fenced yard this week, I'm considering running out and grabbing a pool for her!


Friday 3rd of June 2016

Awh that was very sweet of the cashier to do!

I am new to the blogging world and came across you blog and have enjoyed your posts! Check mine out sometime if you'd like :)


Friday 3rd of June 2016

Hmmm...I better start flashing pics of my puppies to see if I can get some deals. Sometimes we get better service at restaurants when we bring in the puppies in training. Although the reverse happens as well so I guess it's a wash.


Friday 3rd of June 2016

I've heard about restaurants! I'm going to have to try that this summer and see what happens.

Monika & Sam

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

What a terrific deal and a cool pool! Sam would be no help getting a deal like that-he HATES water and would rather I set his hair on fire than try to get him to swim.


Friday 3rd of June 2016

Hahaha! Oh Sam! Leroy isn't a huge fan of the water either!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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