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Top 15 Questions Newfoundland Dog Owners Get Asked

Most Newfoundland dog owners can relate to not being able to go out in public with their Newfoundlands without getting asked a bazillion questions by curious bystanders.

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to have a quiet outing and keep to yourself, you’re not going to get that with a Newfie by your side.

As a Newfie owner, it’s just something you have to get used to.

I’ll admit that in the past I found this a little annoying because when I go for a walk I’m usually looking for some time to decompress.

That’s hard to do when someone is always beeping their car horn as they drive by or stopping to ask some questions. 

landseer newfie sitting outside on patio

Over the years I’ve started to embrace the questions because I’ll talk about my dogs all day long if anyone is listening. 

I love spreading the Newfie love and watching my dogs bring a smile to other people’s faces.

Having a Newfie has connected me with so many people over the years that I otherwise would never have met.

You never know who you’re going to meet.

But it’s still funny sometimes when you get asked the same questions sometimes several times a day. 

Ask any Newfie owner what’s the most common question they get asked and I can guarantee without a doubt in my mind that at least one of them is on this list. 

Here are some of the most popular questions that Newfoundland dog owners get asked when they are out with their dogs:

What kind of dog is that?!!!!!!

It’s a Newfoundland.

A NewFOUNDlander?

No, a Newfoundland.


I’ve never seen a dog that big!!

Do they shed?


At least twice a year and every Sunday.

They will shed a whole other dog and they need to be brushed regularly.

They are a double coated breed and maintaining their coat is a lot of work

Do they drool?

This answer may vary by the dog but in short, yes.

Some drool more than others.

Some may drool only when they drink or are begging and others will drool more on a regular basis.

It always makes me laugh when they ask this question and you say yes, but they still go right in for a pet under the chin and then they look at their hands and nonchalantly wipe it back on the dog.


Good times.

Top 15 Questions Newfoundland Dog Owners Get Asked

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Is that a bear?

It doesn’t matter what color Newfie you have this question will be asked of you at least 1,000 times.

It’s one of those silly questions but one that comes from someone who has no idea what kind of breed it is so the first thing that comes to mind is a BIG mammal.

Let’s face it, no matter how annoying we think this question is, it makes both parties giggle and is a good icebreaker.

It sets us owners up for a great chance to educate about the Newfoundland breed.

Newfoundland dog walking answer guide shirt

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How much do they weigh?

Of course, this answer will vary based on the dog but most people are surprised that the number is lower than they expected.

This is what we want.

We don’t want people thinking that Newfs are supposed to weigh 250 pounds.

Some of us may also respond with, “How much do YOU weigh?”

how big do newfoundland dogs get

How much do they eat?

Another question that will vary based on the dog and what type of diet they eat but most people will be very surprised that they eat way less than they thought.

No, they don’t eat 10 cups of food a day.

Top 15 Questions Newfoundland Dog Owners Get Asked

Is that a St. Bernard?

While the resemblance can be understood coming from someone who is not familiar with either breed, this may be the most offensive question a  Newfie owner can be asked.

Nothing against a St. Bernard but no, no and no.

It’s one of those questions you just have to laugh off and then explain.

Believe me, the person that asked this question will leave KNOWING what a Newfoundland is so you’ve made one more person aware of the breed.

common newfoundland dog questions

Do you live in a big house and have a big yard?

Again, another answer that can vary but I think several owners with Newfies live in average size houses with average size yards. Newfies are BIG but they don’t necessarily need a large space to live in because they want to be wherever their family is.

Where you go, they go.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a granny pod, a Newf will be within 1 foot of you at all times.

How old is it?

How long do they live?

One of my least favorite questions since my boys are seniors but I think most of us say 8-12 years.

I wish the answer was FOREVER but I’ve got a 10 and almost 12-year-old Newf so I have to remind myself nearly every day that age is just a number

Do you have a saddle for him?

Do you ride him?

One of those questions that hit right where it hurts for most Newfie owners but we have to consider the source and assume that this is the same person that asked if our dog was a bear and laugh it off.

Unless, of course, it’s the guy whose aunt had a Newf and when they were kids they use to ride him.

He died when he was 5 because he had back issues.

That person usually gets the evil eye.

Top 15 Questions Newfoundland Dog Owners Get Asked

I didn’t know they came in brown. What other colors are there?

I don’t know about people with black Newfies but this is a standard question that I get all the time.

Of course, black is the most common color seen in Newfies and it’s great to be able to explain the other varieties that Newfies can come in.

It’s also a good chance to dispel any mythical colors out there.

No, Newfies do not come in blue, red or champagne.

Where does he sleep?

I get this one a lot and it usually makes people laugh when I say on the couch.

And then I tell them that Sherman sleeps on the floor and you can tell they are kind of bored with that answer so they go back to asking how big our couch is.

Is he friendly?

I have to admit that this is probably not a breed-specific question.

It’s a good question for anyone to ask when they are approaching any dog but I find that most people ask this after they’re staring at the dogs for 20 minutes OR they ask as they are going in for a pet.

One time I responded to a guy with, “Gosh, I hope so.” while he was already sitting on the floor next to Leroy petting him.

Top 15 Questions Newfoundland Dog Owners Get Asked

Can I take a picture?

Do you ever wonder what happens to those pictures?

Where do they go?

Who sees them?

I love that people want to take pictures of my dogs and send them to a family member.

I remember one time a man asked me if he could take Sherman’s picture and send it to his mother who was sick in the hospital.

He said it would make her smile because she loved dogs.

That warmed my heart BUT if I charged a dollar for every picture that has been taken, I’d be one rich lady.

Who’s walking who? 

This is one of my least favorite questions and while I know it’s meant to be funny, I don’t like it.

I don’t know about you but I’m a little person who walks a big dog.

I’m sure it’s a sight to see BUT I’ve worked long and hard training my Newfoundlands to walk well and WITH me.

I HAVE to train my dog to walk well, react well to being approached by strangers, and be patient as we answer everyone’s questions. 

When you are blessed with a Newf in your life you have to keep in mind that when you are out in public with them, it’s all about the Newf and not about you.

It’s their world, you just live in it.

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So how about you?

What questions do you get asked?



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Larry dunn

Monday 5th of August 2019

We have a lanseer newfie with lots of spots on her white legs. The question is always is she part Dalmation? I respond, "Yes, the bottom half." Then I let them know I'm joking and tell them about Lanseers and the variety of Newfie colors.


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Hahaha! Love that. I don't think I've ever heard the Dalmation one before!


Monday 29th of January 2018

We get all these questions. There are some places, like the farmers market, that we take them all the time and if we go with out them we feel like nobodies. Having the Newf kind of gives you "Rock Star" status. I think I have shared this before, but one of the best comments I have ever gotten was, "I bet that thing sh!ts furniture" I had to thank him for the most original quote. My wife always tells people that our kids drooled and we kept them.


Tuesday 4th of July 2017

I get asked all of those questions. I take it that people are interested and my Newf just loves the attention. I use it as an opportunity to educate and say my Newf is the breed ambassador of the neighborhood. The one that made me laugh was people asking the drool one and then reaching underneath, it's so true! When I get asked the St Bernard question I comment on Newfies saving that breed from being wiped out from canine distemper and occasionally a black Saint Bernard will happen. Then I may launch into Lewis and Clark, Nana the dog in Peter Pan and on and on.. Most of all I love my Newfs. Always have, always will, no matter how many questions I get asked.


Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Some I got asked all the time when Grizzly was around 4 to 6 months old.. and am getting again now with my new 4month old pup.

Is that chow or a chow mix?

Or.. is that a puppy cut? Do you shave the hair around his face?

No, this is a 4 month old newfoundland puppy. They are fluffy and puffy because they all undercoat at this age. And he has not had any haircuts. This is just the way it grows at this age.


Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Oh dear lord, I've gotten the chow one too.

I can't remember any specific puppy ones because it seems like so long ago!

Kelley Gray

Wednesday 1st of June 2016

We just returned home from vacation in Florida with our 2 Newfies. We thought we were used to all the questions here in Illinois but OMD we were so not prepared for the amount of attention they got in the southern states! People were stopping their cars and asking questions, surrounding us at the beach and wharf. During our photo session on the beach there were so many people watching and taking pictures someone even asked if they were celebrity dogs! My favorite question was from a guy who asked what they hunted because it had to be something big!!!


Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Hahahaha! OMG, what did you tell him, Wild boar?

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