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The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun

The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun

If you’re searching for a dog pool for your dog to take a refreshing dip in this summer we’ve rounded up some our favorite dog-friendly pools that most dog would love to lounge in!

Most dog pools come in either hard plastic, vinyl or PVC so before we get started, an important thing to keep in mind is how your dog is going to use that pool.

Pools made out of a heavy duty PVC  would be a good choice for dogs that are going to really use that pool to play. For instance, if they like to dig in water, take running leaps or try to actually swim, a PVC pool would be the way to go so that they don’t rip it instantly.

If you have a dog like Sherman who just uses a pool to lounge in, you might be safe with a basic plastic kiddie pool.

Benefits of a dog pool for young and old dogs

Cool fun.

A nice dog pool filled with nice cool water can be a great way for a dog to get out of the air-conditioned house and spend time outside in the fresh summer air and stay cool while being out there. 

Stimulating activity

Throw some toys in the pool and a puppy or senior dog can burn a lot of energy splashing around. It can keep their brain active and provide stimulating play.

Low impact exercise

Most dog pools won’t be big enough for large dogs to actually swim in but it can still be a low impact exercise for dogs to walk a couple of laps in.


A dog pool can be a great way for senior dogs to take a load off their paws and relax. Many senior dogs will find relief for their aching joints by sitting or laying in the cool water. You can even throw some ice cubes in there and make a little ice bath for them.

Different types of dog pools

Before running out to the store to buy your dog a pool you’ll need to decide what type of material that is suitable for your dog. 

Plastic dog pools

Heavy-duty plastic pools may be the best option for dogs that will be doing more playing and jumping than relaxing in their pool. Plastic will usually hold up to heavy digging and scratching without running the risk of puncturing the pool.

They are usually harder to drain and should be cleaned out often to avoid dirt and bacteria from building up

Inflatable dog pools

Inflatable pools are normally made out of vinyl and are easier to drain and move around than plastic pools. The downfall is that they need to be blown up and they can puncture easily.

These pools are usually good for senior dogs that like to wade rather than play in their pool

Folding pools

Folding pools are a great option for dogs because they are made out of a material that is heavier than vinyl but not as hard as plastic.

The walls are made up of panels that fold so the pool is easy to store, it doesn’t need air to be put up and they often come with drains in the side wall making storage super easy.

The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun

The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun

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Other ideas for dog pools

Stock Tanks

Stock tanks are becoming really popular as pools and are a great size for big dogs. My husband and I have talked about getting one, adding a filter and doing it as an inground pool for Sherman. The problem is that they can get pretty expensive and by the time you buy a filter and dig the hole, you’ve almost spent more than getting a decent sized above ground pool. 

Small above ground pools

If you’re looking to spend a little more money on a dog pool, a small above ground pool can be a great choice. These pools could be great for actual swimming for small and medium dogs. 

For larger dogs, it could also be used as a great low-impact way to exercise during the summer. 

You could easily use dog steps for the dog to get in and a solid platform or a ramp to get into the pool.

We took the easy route and got Sherman a vinyl pool a few years ago. 

It’s easy for him to get and out of because of the soft sides. 

It’s made out a heavy PVC material but it has ripped once from an actual nail, not a dog nail. We easily patched it though.

Sherman loves it.

The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun

And of course, you can always get the normal, standby plastic kiddie pools.

Dog Pool Safety

One thing to keep in mind with dog pools is to make sure that you are keeping it clean.

There’s no filter so bacteria and fungi can easily build up if it’s not drained regularly. You should also scrub dog pools down a few times during the season using soap and warm water and don’t let water become stagnant because it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes..

Make sure that the bottom isn’t slippery. I’ve noticed that some of the plastics can get slippery causing a dog to slip when they get in. You can always use shower mats on the bottom to keep your dog from slipping.

I’ve caught Sherman dozing off in his pool before so dogs should never be left unattended in their pool, especially a little dog in a big pool or a senior dog.

Keep the pool out of the sun, especially on a hot day. Your dog is in the pool to cool down. I’m sure they don’t want to be sitting in lukewarm water.

The Best Dog Pools For Summer Fun


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Thursday 24th of May 2018

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Monika & Sam ?

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Wow...I had no idea the variety of dog pools out there since Sam is so anti-water biased. Pretty darn cool...wish I were a dog!

Shadow & Ducky's Mom

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Shadow and Callie would never use the pool we bought them when they were pups - and more adventurous - so we put it out for trash pickup. Ducky enjoys the pool at doggie daycare, so during the summer months I bring her down there twice a week instead of twice a month. We just don't have the flexibility - physically - any more to be cleaning doggie pools.

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