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8 Stimulating Activities To Do With Your Dog In Winter

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We love winter but it can be a challenging time of the year to consistently get outside and give Sherman and Leroy the stimulation and exercise that they need. Over the years the list of things that we can do safely has grown smaller. 

Icy sidewalks, polar vortexes, and depth of snow are things that we have to take into consideration before we head outside. Thankfully, there are several activities that we can do inside the house when the weather outside isn’t cooperating. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite winter activities: 

Outdoor activities to do with your dog in winter

There are many activities that you can do outside with your dog in the winter depending on their cold tolerance. 


My absolute favorite activity to do outside in the winter is hiking. We are lucky enough to have a huge wooded area behind our house and also one across the street. Going for a hike among the trees when the snow is falling is so peaceful and relaxing. 

8 Stimulating Activities To Do With Your Dog In Winter

Hiking in the snow is also a great low-impact exercise for dog and owner. 

Play Catch

Nothing makes me laugh more than Leroy and Sherman trying to perfect their snowball catching skills. While it’s just a compacted ball of snow, Sherman and Leroy think of it more as a tasty treat and their focus is always on the prize landing perfectly inside their mouth. 

dog with snowball on nose

The catch is that it rarely lands where they are wanting it to land. 

Hide and Seek

When the boys were younger I used to hide behind the only tree in our back yard and whistle for them. More often than not they would look around frantically for me and then do some searching. 

I also would play hide and seek with treats when we would have a fresh coating of fluffy snow. This was one of Sherman’s favorite activities to do. I haven’t done it yet this year but if I do, I’ll make sure to get it on video.

Sled pulling 

If you have a Newfie that pulls a cart, you can easily teach them to pull a sled too! 

You can even do skijoring with them. Skijoring is similar to cross-country skiing with some help from your dog.  You’re on the skis, and your dog runs out in front of you with a long line that connects you to his harness.

The pulling part will come naturally for some dogs, and it is a sport recommended for dogs over 35 pounds. 

Indoor activities to do with your dog in winter

When the weather is too brutal to go outside, keep yourself and your dog inside where it’s safe. There’s plenty of activities that you can with your dog inside in the winter too. 

Take some classes

Sign up for dog obedience or agility classes in your area. This would get you both out of the house and give your dog some excellent stimulation. You could even go for CGC title (Canine Good Citizen) or work on a canine therapy certification. 

Brain games

Bring out those dog puzzles or create your own DIY dog puzzle. This is a great way to give dogs of all stages of life some mental stimulation. 

8 Stimulating Activities To Do With Your Dog In Winter


You read that correctly. Doga. Yoga for dogs

Doga can be a great bonding experience for dog and humans but first, you need to teach them to sit still on the yoga mat!

Practice training

A dog and their owner are never done training so brush up on those sit and stays and add in some new training goals. 

Bonus winter tip:

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8 Stimulating Activities To Do With Your Dog In Winter

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Make sure to follow the Stain Fighting Community on Facebook for more winter tips!

Share with us your favorite winter activities to do with your dog!

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