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OMG! Newfie Puppy Overload

In honor of National Puppy Day and because it’s snowing outside and I need a little pick me up, we rounded up some of the fluffiest, cutest piles of Newfie puppies that we could find on short notice on Instagram.

Sit back, enjoy and be ready to be overloaded with Newfie puppy cuteness!

We’ve been watching Blaze grow up for the past few months!


Eccles. I just realized that one of the very first people that I ever followed on IG got another puppy! I’m so excited for them!!


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The reason for the trip out in Kim’s tractor this morning was to get pupster Eccles weighed. He came in at 13kgs, that’s 28.6lbs in real money ??????

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Beautiful Phoebe and I love that name.

Maverick. Could you imagine shopping in the store and coming across this:


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Puppy food✅ New bones ✅ #Newfoundland #newfoundlandpuppy #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newf #treatTime #puppy #dogs #dog #largebreed

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Chewy and Waffles. All I see is Trouble with a capital T but also tons of love and fun!


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What, you don’t spoon feed your dogs pancake batter through the window? #spoiledrotten #newf #newfielife #newfiepuppy

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Caspian. Need I say more?

Millicent. O.M.G.

Finley. With those beautiful brown eyes, he will never do any wrong.

Quinn. Bubbling with personality with that little tongue and fro!


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? #newfiesofinstagram #newfoundlandpuppy

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Franklin. Look at those freckles!


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and just like that, me and my freckle feet are 11 weeks old. . #newfoundland #newfoundlandpuppy #newfie #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

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Baisley! She is adorable and learning so much from her big brother Boone


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I’m finally 4 months young ?? #baisleythenewfie

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Modus. Mo for short


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Oops ? #newpuppy

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Marlowe. She likes carrots

Maylo. Being a Newfie puppy is absolutely, positively exhausting.

Baby D, aka Dexter


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#babydexter #babyD #sliceoflove #newfoundlandpuppy #hellodextermunoz

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Sully the goofy Newfie puppy


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4 months old tomorrow! #newfoundland #newfie #newfy #newfoundlandpuppy #puppy #puppies #newfoundlandsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #newfoundlandsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dog_features #newfie

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Tonka. You can NOT go wrong with a name like Tonka


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#cutestdogs #newfoundlandpuppy #newfoundland #meetthenewfoundlands #bigdoglove #puppyofinstagram #puppyface

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Osito. The puppy has found water. I repeat, the puppy has found water.


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Goin into Monday like… ??❤️ #newfiesofinstagram #newfoundland #gentlegiant #newfiepuppy #newfoundlandpuppy #newf #ilovepuppies #ilovedogs #monday #mondaymotivation

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Hans. He says hi and you better stop and say hi back.

Teddy. Doesn’t get better than a baby Landseer named Teddy

Stassi. I see beautiful things in her future


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Hardest part is waiting til your baby is old enough to come home! ??❤️?

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Interested in learning more about getting a Newfie puppy? We recommend that you take your time and find a responsible dog breeder. Newfie’s are big dogs that require training, time, love and devotion. 

They can also get quite costly as they age with veterinarian bills, grooming costs and care through their senior years but as long as you’re prepared they are 100% worth it!

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Cathy Armato

Thursday 28th of March 2019

Wow, this really is a Newfie puppy overload! It's impossible to pick a favorite, but Blaze is melting my heart with those speckled paws!! Beautiful pups. Love & Biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Tails Around the Ranch

Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Aww, so cute. You can never have enough puppy photos. ?

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