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Grooming Tools For The Newfoundland Dog

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One of the most common questions I get about the dogs is what type of grooming tools I use on them.

In the seven years that I’ve been blogging, I have never devoted a whole post to this topic and the only reason I can think of for not doing that is that, in my opinion, grooming tools are ultimately based on personal preference.

There’s a standard that you go by but it ultimately comes down to what works best for you and what is in your budget.

However, since Newfoundlands require daily grooming and some people who get a Newfie are never given a guide as to what grooming tools are best, I put together a list of the most common tools that are used by those of us who have been using them for years on our own dogs.

Here’s a list of the most common grooming tools that are used on Newfoundlands:

Best Brushes For Newfoundland Dogs

Pin Brush.

This is my everyday brush and by far my favorite. I use the Chris Christensen 20mm oblong pin brush.

A pin brush is great for everyday grooming. Used for removing tangles from longer coats.

The pins move through the hair removing tangles while the ends of the brush gather dead hair.

Pin brushes come in a ton of different sizes and varieties.

It’s a personal preference which one you choose but try to stay away from the ones with the little plastic balls on the top.

Those will just fall off and I’ve had issues with them snagging the coat.

I’m personally not a fan of the longer pins which is why I use a 20mm BUT a lot of people will use something longer.

Undercoat Rake.

An undercoat rake is used to remove undercoat and tangles from double-coated breeds like the Newfoundland and is often used when a dog is blowing coat.

The long teeth (pins/tines) get deep down into the coat and grab out loose fur and mats.

They come in a wide range of styles with different teeth lengths for different coats and textures.

The rakes that come with different lengths and double rows are best for removing undercoat.

A single length, single row is best for everyday use.

Slicker brush.

Used for de-matting and removing dead hair from the undercoat.

The wire pins move through the coat to untangle hair while the bent ends gather dead hair.

Slicker brushes come in all different sizes and can be found with soft or firm pins.

I don’t use a slicker brush often. Actually, I can’t even find mine right now but many people love them.

Mars Coat King.

Easily removes dead hair and undercoat. 

Normally used to de-bulk heavy-coated areas like the chest, and pants.

It’s actually a stripper and has blades.

It should be used sparingly and with care.

I don’t use it often but when I do I use for Sherman’s chest and his pants area where he is very thick.  

While sizes vary and people use a variety of sizes the most common among Newfie people seems to be 18″ blade double wide and that is the one I have BUT some people may use a different size.

Mat Splitter. 

These tools are used to help cut up mats so that you can comb them easier.

They come in several varieties. I don’t use it often but I have one with a single blade.  

Use caution when using a mat splitter.

They are sharp and can leave holes.


Best Combs For Newfoundland Dogs

Fine tooth comb.

I use a fine tooth comb for the ears. I probably don’t have to, but I do.

Greyhound comb.

My favorite comb. This is great for line combing and to remove debris from the coat.

It has two sides: one with pins that are closer together for fine hair and a side where the pins are farther apart for coarse hair.  

Again, this comes in a variety of sizes. I use the medium/coarse.

Best Grooming Scissors For Newfoundland Dog

Thinning shears.

Thinning shears are great you’re nervous about using scissors they have a normal blade on one side and a blade that looks like a comb on the other  

They can be used to thin out the hair on the ears, paws, chest, pants and other areas of the dog’s body.

These can range in price, shape, and sizes.

The best thing you can find that is comfortable to use. The 40 tooth shear is a good option.

The fewer teeth, the choppier the cut. If you’re going to invest in any scissor this would be the one that I would put my money towards.

You can also get these at beauty supply stores.

Straight Shears.

Not everyone is comfortable using straight shears but they can be great for trimming flyaway hairs and paws.

Shears can get pricey. I’ve bought a few from local hair supply stores and saved a few bucks but the blades dull fast.

Use these carefully! Straight shears can easily cut the skin and will leave a choppy look if you are using them on the body.

I’ve made this mistake plenty of times, just ask Sherman.

If you get a pair find one that feels comfortable to use.

There’s nothing worse than getting your thumb stuck in the thumb hole.

Curved shears.

These are often used to give shape to ears, paws, and legs.

I hardly ever use mine. Even when we showed I didn’t use curved shears much.

I prefer the straight shears and a clean line.

Other Grooming Tools For Newfoundland Dogs


Clippers can be used in places of straight shears.

Mostly on the paws or for a short belly trim in the warmer months.

I’m in need of a new one but I had an Oster that lasted me years. 

They come in a variety of different styles.

The blade size will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Grooming table.

If you plan on taking on the task of being your Newfs sole groomer, a grooming table is a great investment from the start.

Not only will it save your back but it will also help keep a Newfie in a single place.

My recommendation is to introduce the grooming table to your Newf when they are a puppy.

We did not do this with Sherman and we had a heck of a time with him getting used to it.

With Leroy, he was on the table the day he came home and loved it ever since.

There are several different grooming tables available.

Some come at a set height while others are adjustable. Since I’m short, we cut a few inches off of ours.

Our table is 48 inches long and both the boys fit perfectly on it.

I must note that a dog should never be left alone on a grooming table.

Serious injuries can result if they fall off.

A sleeping Newfie on a grooming table should be monitored also, even when you are standing right there.

Sherman has almost rolled off more than once.

Check out How To Choose a Grooming Table For Your Newfoundland

High-velocity dog dryer.

A velocity dog dryer is an important tool if you will be bathing your Newf yourself or if you have a Newf that likes to swim.

Drying a wet dog will help cut down on hot spots because a high-velocity dryer gets down to the skin.

It can also be used on a dry coat to blow out loose hair and dander.

Do you know how much dander a Newf can accumulate?  A ton!

Dryers can be costly and there’s a ton of options available.

I still use the one we got 20 years ago.

A cool dryer with different airflow settings is nice to have.

Some of the more popular dryers among Newfie owners are the K9 high-velocity dog dryers and  Metro Air Force dryers.  

I have a Metro Force, it’s lasted me years.

NEVER use a regular human blow dryer on a Newf. It gets too hot and it will never dry their coat.

Note: It can take several hours to completely dry a Newfoundland so set aside time for that.

Check out our post How To Choose a Dog Dryer For Your Newfoundland.

Grooming spray.

A grooming spray makes for an easier brush and comb out.

Dry hair tends to break.

I don’t use a grooming spray every single time but if it’s a full out grooming session I do.

With so many available it’s hard to recommend one.

Pick a smell that you like or one that works with your dog’s coat condition.

Currently, I’m using Earthbath Vanilla Almond but I’ve used at least a dozen different ones over the years. When we showed I used Crown Royale and Ice on Ice Detangler Spray.

Tackle Box.

A tackle box is a great place to store all your small grooming tools!

Scissors and combs on the top and brushes and spray on the bottom!

grooming tools used on the newfoundland dog


If you decide to take on all your Newfoundland’s grooming care it can be a great bonding experience for you both.

I feel it’s very therapeutic.  

Starting them young is the best way to go. I hope this list is helpful to those of you who have been asking about grooming tools over the years!

**The links contained in this post are used as a guideline and does not imply that these are the exact products you need.

Many grooming tools are based on personal preference. I have small hands so I like smaller grooming tools that won’t cause my fingers and palms to cramp.

I also prefer wooden tools.  

My preference is not necessarily going to be your preference.  🙂

Shop our Amazon store for all your dog grooming needs!



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Nina Johnson

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Is it possible to post a picture of the 'undercoat'?


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

Hi Nina, I will try to update with an undercoat picture soon! Right now Odin doesn't have much of it:)


Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

Do you have a preferred shampoo?


Monday 29th of June 2020

I use a whole bunch of shampoos but most recently I've been using Tropiclean whitening shampoo for Odin!

Candace Moyer

Saturday 11th of January 2020

Thank you- been so frustrated trying to find good brushes and tools at pet stores - this was so helpful and great links to Amazon - my pin brush and shears are on there way!


Monday 13th of January 2020

You're welcome! I hope you like them!

Jane lau

Sunday 13th of October 2019

Hi just wondering what sort of harness you use when walking your Newfies and do you use a create in the car when travelling distances. Thnaksjane


Monday 14th of October 2019

Hi Jane we use a walking harness from Duo Gear. I have a post about harnesses here if you would like to check it out.

I do not use a crate when traveling with the Newfs right now.


Saturday 19th of January 2019

Sadly many newife owners dont care or even know the giant dogs need regular grooming most we see 1-2 a year smell so bad and owners just don't care that it hurts not only your groomer but the dog . I'm ready to ban newfues from our grooming salon due to owner neglect

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