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8 Simple Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Carpet

Looking for an easy way to get dog hair out of your carpet? Me and my constantly shedding dogs have you covered the easiest and most effective ways we’ve learned about lifting that stubborn dog hair from just about any surface in your home, including your carpet fiber!

They say write what you know about and if I know about anything, it’s about dog hair. 

Having 3 dogs that shed hair 24/7 dog hair is definitely my glitter. 

Not only is dog hair part of my wardrobe but it’s also part of my home decor. 

Over the 20+ years that I’ve owned a dog breed that sheds more than others, I’ve learned a few tricks in regards to removing dog hair from just about every surface in my house.

These tricks include easy ways to get dog hair off my couches and how to remove dog hair from my clothes without throwing them in the laundry.

Those surfaces are pretty easy to conquer but my carpet, well that’s a different story. 

I can’t through a sheet over my carpet and you definitely won’t find me on my hands and knees trying to remove every strand of pet hair. 

Instead, I rely on a good vacuum cleaner that is designed for pet hair and a few other tricks and tools. 

Before we get to some easy ways to get dog hair out of carpet, let’s be real. 

It’s likely that no matter how hard pet owners try, they are never going to get every strand of pet hair up from their carpet. 

Dogs shed and some of them shed more than others so if you’re lucky enough to own one of the dog breeds that shed the most, you’re always going to have dog hair in your house. 

You’ll also probably have mud, dirt, pet dander and some of us will enjoy strings of dog drool hanging around. 

It’s ok, you’re not alone! 

Bernese mountain dog lying on carpet in living room

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But since you’re here, you’re probably looking for some simple ways to remove dog hair from your carpet so let’s get to it!

What are some of the best methods to use to get pet hair out of the carpet? 

The easy answer is a good vacuum cleaner that is designed to tackle dog hair but there are also several other pet hair remover techniques that you can use. 

I love my Shark Pet Pro vacuum cleaner that I purchased earlier this year but I’ve learned that no matter how good my vacuum cleaner is, it still needs some help in order to continue sucking up dog fur. 

8 Easy Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Carpet

Besides using a good vacuum cleaner to get dog hair out of your carpet, here are other pet hair-removing techniques you can use to lift the most hair.

Carpet Rakes

how to use a carpet rake for pet hair

Carpet rakes are my favorite ways to get dog hair out of my whole carpet and they require the least amount of work. 

These rakes look like a broom but the rubber bristles easily remove even the toughest dog hair that is embedded deep into the carpet.

This rubber broom has long handles that make them easy to use in larger areas. 

For the best results, it’s recommended to use a carpet rake before you vacuum the carpet. 

Lint Rollers

use a large lint roller to remove dog hair from carpet

Lint rollers are a must-have pet hair remover tool for pet parents and boy, have they come a long way since I was a kid!

Lint rollers come in all shapes and sizes now and they even have rollers that have long handles!

The long handles really make these lint rollers versatile for use in all areas of your home including on curtains, carpets and rugs. 

I love the Evercare lint rollers but ScotchBrite makes a good one too!

Alternatively, if you don’t have a sticky lint roller on hand, you can use sticky tape like packing tape or duct tape.


A rubber squeegee is another easy way that a dog owner can remove stubborn dog hair from carpets and rugs. 

The rubber part of the squeegee acts like a hair magnet and really lifts the dog and cat hair out of the carpet. 

You don’t have to wet the rubber squeegees, just use them dry and run across the carpet using moderate pressure. 

Remove the excess hair as needed. 

Dog Brush

use a pin brush to remove dog hair from carpet

Lou wanted to help me remove dog hair from the carpet with his brush

The dog brush that you use to remove loose pet hair from your dog can also remove loose fur from your carpet too!

You’ll want to use a brush that has metal pins or stiff metal bristles for the best results. 

I like using my Chris Christensen pin brush and also a good dog rake. 

When using a dog brush to remove pet hair from the carpet you’ll want to make sure that you pick a center focal point to brush all the loose hair towards. 

You’ll want to frequently remove the hair from the brush as you go. 

Use Baking Soda To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Carpet

how to use baking soda to remove dog hair from carpet

Baking soda has so many uses other than baking!

Not only does baking soda work as a great way to neutralize bad pet odor but it also helps to loosen up pet hair and debris from the carpet. 

To try the baking soda method, simply sprinkle a light coating of baking soda on your carpet.

Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, and then vacuum. 

Use Fabric Softener To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Carpet

If you have liquid fabric softener in your laundry room all you need is a little of that, water, a spray bottle and a vacuum or dog brush. 

Combine equal parts of the liquid softener and water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the carpet.

Be careful not to over-saturate the carpet fibers, you just want a light spray. 

Let that dry and then vacuum or brush.

Rubber Glove

If you’re feeling ambitious and your knees are in good working order, a simple technique you can try is to use rubber gloves to lift dog hair out of smaller areas of your carpet. 

You can use a pair of rubber gloves or thin latex gloves but you’ll want to run them under clean water first. 

With your wet rubber gloves simply rub your hands over your carpet or rug using short strokes.

how to use rubber gloves to remove dog hair from carpet

The gloves against the rug will create static electricity which will lift the dog hair and other debris out of the carpet and onto the gloves. 

Remove the hair from the gloves as needed. 

Rubber gloves are also a good way to remove dog hair from your clothes!

Pet Hair Remover Tools

If you’re looking for a pet hair removal tool to get the hair out of the carpet or rugs for you, there are plenty of effective tools to choose from. 

A few of my favorite dog hair remover tools that I use in my house are:

My favorite by far is the Lilly Brush

I use it regularly to get dog hair off my couch, rugs, carpet and even my car upholstery.

Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

Finally, a good pet hair vacuum cleaner is a great investment and most effective when it comes to getting stubborn dog hair out of carpets and rugs. 

If you have a dog breed that sheds a lot, my best suggestion is to get a pet vacuum cleaner that has a self-cleaning brush roll. 

You’ll still have to clean the dog hair out of the roller sometimes but it will last a lot longer than regular brush rolls. 

a pet vacuum cleaner is the most effective way to get dog hair out of your carpet

I have the Shark Pet Pro and while it’s a little heavy than other pet vacuum cleaners that I’ve had, it has great suction power.

I also love that I don’t have to cut dog hair out of the roller once a week!

And let’s not forget about having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. 

A professional carpet cleaner will have the power to not only lift away heavy dirt and stains but also stubborn dog hair. 

I know that no matter what I do, I’ll never have dog hair-free clean carpets and that’s ok!

There are plenty of different methods that pet parents like me can use to minimalize the amount of dog hair stuck in our carpets. 

Looking for ways to reduce pet shedding? Check out How To Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding Without Shaving Its Coat.

Happy cleaning!



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