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The Easiest Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Couch

Looking for an easy way to remove dog hair from your couch? Me and my furry beasts have you covered with tips and tricks we’ve learned about removing dog hair from just about any surface in your home, including your comfy sofa!

They say write what you know about and if I know anything, it’s how to remove dog hair from just about anything and how to remove dog drool from the same things. 

I’ve been owned by one of the top shedding dog breeds for over 20+ years and dog hair and drool are a normal part of daily life. 

One secret that I’ve learned over the years is that my life (and my furniture) will never be totally dog hair free and I’m o.k. with that. 

I would much rather have dog hair on my clothes and couch cushions than none at all!

how to remove dog hair off your couch

But, over the years I have learned several tricks to tackle stubborn dog hair on our couch cushions using materials that I already have at home or buying some pet hair products off the internet. 

First, we’ll go over some easy ways to get stubborn dog hair off your couch that don’t involve spending your hard-earned cash. 

You don’t even have to use a lint roller on your couch if you don’t have one!

remove dog hair from couch

7 Easy Ways To Remove Dog Hair Off Your Couch Quickly

If you don’t have a lint roller handy, no worries, there are several other easy ways to remove stubborn pet hair from your couch without breaking a sweat. 

  • Vacuum + upholstery attachment
  • Rubber gloves
  • Fabric softener
  • Damp sponge
  • Pumice stone
  • Squeegee
  • Lint roller

the easiest way to remove dog hair from your couch is with a vacuum cleaner

Remove dog hair from your couch with the vacuum cleaner

One of the easiest ways that pet owners can get dog hair off their couches with their vacuum is to use upholstery tools.

I know it can be a pain to use the brush attachment but it really is the best way to get some of that stubborn pet hair off your couch cushions because that’s what it is made for!

You will probably need to go over your couch a few times and in different directions, making sure to clean the attachment as needed with your fingers. 

I currently have the Shark ZU62 Navigator Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum and it has a great attachment for picking up dog hair off  the couch. 

The material on the attachment reminds me of one of those fabric lint brushes. 

dog hair on couch

Use rubber gloves to get pet hair off your couch

If you don’t have an upholstery attachment, this next step is for you!

Sprinkle (or spray)  a pair of rubber gloves with a little bit of clean water and then run the rubber glove over your couch.

Make sure you apply a little bit of pressure as you run your glove over the fabric and focus on the area with the most dog hair. 

You can also use this technique if you need to get stubborn dog hair out of your carpet!

how to use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from your furniture

Use fabric softener

If you have removable cushion covers, a simple solution is to toss those covers in the washing machine and dryer to remove stubborn pet hair. 

You’ll want to wash them on a regular basis to keep up with the dog hair but make sure to use dryer sheets that target not only static cling but also pet fur or use wool dryer balls. 

Make sure to always clean your dryer’s lint traps afterward!

Remove pet hair from your couch with a damp sponge

A wet sponge is a great alternative to removing stubborn hairs from your sofa and everyone has a sponge in their house!

To use a sponge on your couch you’ll want to dampen the sponge with water and wipe the sponge across the fabric of the couch in one direction. 

Make sure that the sponge is damp but not dripping wet.

You’ll want to ring out any extra water. 

Remove the pet hair from the sponge and repeat as needed. 

grey pumice stone to remove pet hair from sofa

Use a pumice stone to remove stubborn pet hair from your furniture

A pumice stone is a great tool to remove dog hair from most types of furniture. 

Pumice stones work great removing dog hair because it has a porous texture.

This rough texture allows it to easily grab loose hairs from different types of fabric.

To remove dog hair from your couch with a pumice stone, gently glide the stone across the couch surface in one direction and remove dog hair as needed from the surface. 

2 cute little dogs laying on couch

Remove dog hair from your sofa or couch with a squeegee

If you’re just using a squeegee to clean your windows, you need to give it more jobs!

A dry squeegee is a great way to lift pet hair from couch fabrics because it’s made out of rubber so just like rubber gloves can remove hair, so can this little tool. 

To use a squeegee to remove dog hair from your dog simply pull the tool across your couch cushions in one direction and repeat as needed. 

best pet hair remover for couch


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Use A Lint Roller To Remove Pet Hair From Your Couch

Lint rollers are a cheap and effective way that pet parents can remove dog hair from most types of couches in between vacuuming.

There’s a wide variety of lint rollers available and they can be bought at most grocery stores or online. 

I always try to buy lint rollers that are made specifically for pet hair like Evercare or ScotchBrite

These pet-specific lint rollers have more stick to them making it easier to pick up stubborn dog or cat hair that gets stuck in couch fibers. 

lint roller used to remove dog hair from couch

I have a smaller sticky lint roller that I use to remove dog hair from my clothes and a big lint roller that I use on our couch and sofa chair. 

For quick cleanups using a lint roller to remove dog fur from your couch,  simply roll the roller along your couch making sure to use some pressure. 

As the lint roller picks up the pet hair, remove the sheets and continue rolling across the couch. 

An alternative to using a lint roller is sticky tape like packing tape or duct tape and use the sticky side to lift away loose pet hair.

How To Get Dog Off Of Wood Couch Legs

If you have a sofa that has wooden legs, most likely those legs are also growing fur!

Furniture polish is a great way to remove pet hair that clings to wood. 

All you need is a soft cloth, (preferably a microfiber cloth) and a good furniture polish that is made for wooden surfaces. 

Spray the wooden legs and wipe with a cloth.

fabric cleaner for couch that removes pet hair

Pet Hair Removal Tools For Couches

Besides lint rollers, there are tons of pet hair removal tools that remove hair from couches and other surfaces of your house or car. 

One of my favorites is the ChomChom Roller which many pet owners report as being the best pet hair remover ever. (It has over 120,000 reviews on Amazon!)

This tool is great at removing loose hair on furniture and it works pretty well on car seats too.

Other pet hair removal tools worth mentioning are: 

(The above are pet hair remover tools that I actually own and have used with some success with large dogs that have long long hair and a small dog with short hair)

Couch Covers

Couch covers are another good option for pet owners to keep their upholstered furniture fur-free. 

I personally use bed sheets that are the same color as my couch to minimize the amount of fur that gets to the fabric but couch covers are definitely more durable and waterproof. 

how to remove dog hair off your couch

Regular Dog Fur Brushing

Another way to keep your couch from collecting a lot of dog hair is to practice regular brushing. 

Brushing with a good dog brush or dog comb should be every pet owner’s first step to combat excessive shedding

Some breeds shed more than others so breeds like the Newfoundland may require daily brushing to manage the amount of dog hair they leave behind. 

Just remember, dog hair happens and most of us have it on our couches right now!

I only endorse and recommend products that I personally use or products that come highly recommended by my peers. Please don’t spend money on any of these products unless you believe they are best for you and your dog. Read our full privacy policy here.


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