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We All Make Mistakes


We all make mistakes.

Some of us more than others.

I made a mistake the other morning.

Luckily, some dog caught me or things could of went bad pretty quickly.

Saturday morning I prepared breakfast for the boys as normal.

Sherman got his food and supplements and Leroy got his food and supplements.

I gave Sherman his first round of food and gave Leroy his first round of food.

Sherman immediately began to chow down like he always does but Leroy put his down in the bowl and immediately turned around and walked away.

My first thought was, “Oh God. He’s not feeling good.”

My stomach immediately sank. Leroy hasn’t turned down food since he was sick.

So I walked over to the bowl and looked at it.


I gave him Sherman’s 2nd bowl of food.

So I immediately picked it up and set the correct food down for Leroy and he went to town on it.

Wait. Did Leroy just do something mature?

Did he know that if he ate that bowl of food he would get super sick?

I was so proud of him.

Anyone that has a dog with IBD knows what a tragic mistake that could of been if he would of eaten that bowl of food.

I was mad at myself for the mistake but I was so proud that Leroy caught it.

After almost 8 years is it possible that my Leroy is starting to turn into a responsible adult?

Does he finally care enough about himself that he’s ready to make good choices in life?

Or does he just think Sherman’s food totally sucks?






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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.