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De-Shedding: Helpful Tips To Prepare Yourself For Dog Shedding Season

Most dogs shed twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the fall. 

When you have a dog with a double coat such as the Newfoundland you can expect them to shed year-round but the heaviest shedding time is when they blow their coat and that is also in the spring and fall. 

Their heavy-shedding times will last from a few weeks to a month and after that, it’s back to regular shedding. 

There’s no stopping shedding, it’s meant to happen.

De-Shedding: Helpful Tips To Prepare Yourself For Dog Shedding Season

When you live with a Newfoundland dog long enough you begin to accept the dog hair. 

It’s a part of your new found life, it’s everywhere and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

But regardless of how much you’ve accepted it,  you still have to deal with it to some extent.

With shedding season near (or already here for some) and dog hair taking over our homes, here are some ways that you can prepare your house and appliances for all the hair that’s about to hit the fan. 

Clean Your Vacuum. 

This is a great time to clean up your vacuum cleaner and get it ready to handle the massive amount of dog hair that it’s going to suck up during blow coat season. 

Take the brush bar off and remove all the dog hair that is wrapped around it. 

Rinse all removable filters. If your filters are anything like mine they are probably packed solid with dirt, dander, dust and other debris.

This is a trigger for many seasonal allergies so get those all cleaned up so that they’re not letting allergens back into the air. 

If you find that your vacuum cleaner can’t handle all the dog hair consider investing in a carpet rake to help lift dog hair out of the carpet before you vacuum. 

Clean the Dryer Vent and Lint Trap

Since your clothes and basically every fabric in your home is bound to be covered in some amount of dog hair for the next few months (or years) it’s a good idea to clean your dryer vent and wash the lint trap with warm, soapy water. 

While you’re in the laundry room, check out your washing machine too.

Dog hair loves to attach itself to damp clothes and our friends over at Kol’s Notes have some amazing ways to wash dog hair out of clothes and blankets.

Clean the Air Vents in Your Home

In most homes with pets, air filters need to be changed once a month, especially during heavy shedding seasons.

To help reduce the amount of hair and dander from your pets that can get sucked into the air filter, it helps to clean your home regularly.

By vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting you can reduce the amount of pet hair and dander greatly.

If your air filters get clogged up with pet hair and dander, then so will your air ducts.

Pet owners, especially those with dogs that have a double coat, should have their air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years to help remove the hair inside the air ducts.

You can clean them yourself if you have the right tools. 

You can also get vent register air & duct filters but reviews say it significantly limits the air flow through the vents and you have to put them on every vent in the house for them to be effective. 

Get Those Blankets and Furniture Covers Ready for Shedding Season

Leroy loves to go from being outside to plopping his furry butt on my couch. It doesn’t matter if it’s mud season, shedding season or whatever other season there is when you have a Newfoundland. 

We have different blankets for different seasons that we use on the couches. In the winter and mud season, we use heavier blankets to catch the moisture and in shedding season we use lightweight comforters that don’t have a tendency to get dog hair embedded in the fabric. 

Our furniture takes a beating because we allow Leroy to lay on certain ones but keeping the upholstery covered does cut down on some wear and tear. 

Stock up on fabric sheets

Did you know that fabric sheets are like a dog hair magnet? 

Dryer sheets can help reduce static cling, which helps break the bond between remaining hair and clothing.

So if your lint roller is done and you need to go somewhere fancy that didn’t mention dog hair as a fashion accessory, grab a fabric sheet and rub it along your clothes.

Not only will you have less dog hair but you’ll smell outdoor fresh too!

Keep That Humidifier Running

Winter may be coming to an end but there is still static in the air so don’t shut those humidifiers off just yet.

Keeping the humidifier running will cut down on hair flying through the air and clinging to everything in your home. 

Clean Your Grooming Tools Before Shedding Season

Since your grooming tools will be working overtime during shedding season, now is a great time to clean your tools and check to make sure that they’re in good working condition. 

You’ll want to check the tools you use the most such as your deshedding brush.

Check the tines on your combs and make sure they aren’t broke or bent.

Do the same for the bristles on your brushes.

Clean your shears.

Clean the filters on your dog dryer following the manufactures instructions. 

To clean your grooming tools we recommend removing the hair from the tools first and then placing them in a sink or bowl with warm water and antibacterial soap for 10-20 minutes. 

Dry completely with a microfiber cloth. 

For shears and nail trimmers, we recommend an additional step of wiping them with rubbing alcohol. 

For clipper blades, you can use a disinfectant and cooling spray

After you prepare yourself for shedding season and you’re still finding dog hair around the house, don’t fret.

There are many of us out there with the same amount of dog hair floating around and hanging out in our butter dish. 

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