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Can Newfoundland Dogs Live Happily In Apartments?

When I meet new people when out and about with Sherman and Leroy one of the top questions that we get asked is “Do you have a big house and a big yard for them?”

I always shrug and answer with, ” We have an average-sized house with an averaged sized yard.”

I never really think of the size of my house and how it relates to Sherman and Leroy.

They have plenty of space and plenty of room to do what they need to do.

In fact, they have more space than they actually need considering they’re usually right by my side.

While some big dogs might need a home with a lot of space, it’s a misconception that Newfoundland dogs need big spaces to be happy.

Some people say that having a Newfoundland in an apartment creates a tripping hazard. 

Newfs are tripping hazards no matter where they live. 

A Newfie is going to block every appliance in the kitchen whether you live in a mansion or an apartment.

Newfs need their people to be happy and whether they live in a big house and apartment, a townhouse or even an RV isn’t something they care about.

If you’re concerned about your Newfoundland being happy with apartment guidelines here are a few tips you can follow.

Newfoundland dogs can usually be found next to thewir owners side. It doesn't matter oif they live in a mansion or a apartment

Before You Bring Your Newfoundland Into Apartments

You’ll first have to check if your building complex allows dogs, specifically big dogs.

Some apartment buildings will not be dog-friendly or they will have breed and/or size restrictions.

If your apartment building does not allow big dogs then it would be best to abide by their rules and settle for a smaller dog that is within the rules or search for another place of living that allows giant breed dogs. 

Newfies are happiest when they are with their owners so most Newfies will be by their owner’s side. 

If they aren’t found there they are seeking out a cool place to nap or in the bathroom wrapped around the toilet or taking over the tub.

If you’re in the kitchen, they are right there too, either right in the middle creating a hurdle for you or laying in front of whichever appliance you need the most.

Consider crate-training. 

A bored Newfie is a destructive Newfie so if you plan to leave your Newfoundland home while you’re at work, you may want to consider crate training to avoid your walls and baseboards being eaten.

It’s one thing if it’s your house but if you’re renting an apartment you’ll easily lose your security deposit and more. 

Important Things To Consider When Living In An Apartment With Your Newf.

If you have a Newfoundland puppy and live on an upper-level floor, keep in mind the stairs. Newfie puppies should avoid stairs when they are young so as not to damage their joint plates.

Controlled stair use should be taught early on to avoid future injuries. 

Elevators could be a scary obstacle for adopted Newfoundlands or adult Newfs that aren’t familiar with them.

Ponds could be an issue.

Since many Newfoundlands have a natural love for water if your apartment complex has a pond on the premises make sure that it is pet-friendly before you let your Newf take the plunge. 

(I didn’t include pools in apartment complexes because most of them do not allow dogs and they are fenced.)

Potty training will be a lot of work but doable.

Newfie puppies will need to go out every few hours to potty, including in the middle of the night and during bad weather, so make sure you are prepared for several trips outside.

Keep in mind future recoveries from surgeries such as spay and neuter procedures and unexpected health problems like a torn cruciate. 

These will require strict limitations while recovering so doing a lot of steps and walking will be a challenge if you live in an upper-level apartment.

Newfoundland Dogs Living In Apartments Need Exercise

Newfies are often referred to as laid back dogs but all Newfoundland dogs need exercise and this includes Newfs that live in apartments.

Make sure that your Newfie has the opportunity to get several times a day to relieve themselves and to explore. 

From the many owners that I’ve talked with that have Newfs living in apartments, exercise does not seem to be an issue. 

In fact, apartment Newfs seem like they get more exercise than Newfs living in homes because their owners are much more aware of making sure they get out and have tons of fun adventures.

Yes! Newfoundland Dogs Can Live Happily In Apartments

People that say Newfoundlands can’t live in apartments most likely don’t have personal experience with the breed 

Newfies love their people and because of this most of them will be perfectly content living wherever you are! 

While some big dogs might need a home with a lot of space, it's a misconception that Newfoundland dogs need big spaces to be happy.

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Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Thank you for writing this article. Our Newf has been in an apartment for his whole life (6 years). He is completely fine in the apartment, but we do get judged often having him in there. It is quite unfortunate because we go on lots of adventures and bring him to daycare once a week and to the dog park as well. As for him being a tripping hazard, if you are a Newf owner you basically know where he is at every moment, there is no sneaking around for that breed, haha! Thank you for reassuring that we are ok having our big guy with us until we can buy a house :)

Tails Around the Ranch

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

I think of most dogs as furry area rugs...with paws.


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Bumpy furry rugs. Lol

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