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Happy First Gotcha Day Odin!

My oh my how time flies!

Well……I guess that depends on who you ask but for me, this past year with Odin certain has gone by fast!

I can’t believe that one year ago today Odin was making the journey from Newfoundhaven in Oklahoma to us here in Ohio!

It is certainly a day that I’ll never forget as I sat on pins and needles for his 15-hour transport to be complete. 

It still gives me goosebumps to think about all of the volunteers that got him to us safe and sound and I’m forever grateful to each one of you!

I also want to take a minute to thank Odin’s first mama, Rachael from Newfoundhaven for picking us to be Odin’s family. 

I know that there were a lot of applications that came through and I’m honored that we were chosen.

I think Rachael was in cahoots with Sherman on this one and she sensed that Odin and I were meant to be together. 

Now, let’s get onto Odin!

This boy has stolen my heart over the past 365 days!

Actually, he stole my heart the first day we met but the love keeps growing. 

Odin was already a great dog, we didn’t do anything special except love him and spoil him the way that it was meant to be. 

With that being said we did need time to get to know each other and for me, that meant sitting back and doing a lot of observing with Odin. 

To the naked eye, he’s obviously handsome as can be and his chestnut brown eyes have definitely softened over the months. 

He was a little thin when he first came to us but that fit his frame at the time. 

adopted Newfoundland dog

He has since gradually put on a few extra pounds and he has also gained some nice lean muscle. 

His coat, which was trimmed from several mats before we got him, has come in nice and full and I’m excited to see how it thickens up, even more, this winter. 

His coat is as soft as it looks and I love burying my face in it. 

Odin has the Newfie brain and he is super smart.

He picks things up quickly and as the months have passed, he looks forward to learning new things. 

He is definitely a creature of habit and thrives off of routine. 

11:00 am sharp in the morning he starts telling me that it’s time for his walk. 

His walk schedule varies by the weather but I try to keep it close to his expected time. 

I think we’ve only missed a total of 10 walks since he’s been here. Lol.

While he thrives on his routine he also is o.k. with unexpected minor changes. 

Odin’s “thirst” for wildlife has been tamed. 

He still likes to watch the squirrels in the trees and he is on high alert if he catches the scent of a deer but I’m much confident now than I was last year that he’s not going to hightail it over the fence. 

I’ve watched him and he could easily jump it if he had the right momentum but, and I have two buts here…..

He has never attempted it and I honestly don’t think that he wants to jump it. 

I like to think that he likes what he has here and he’s smart enough that he doesn’t want to lose it. 

And that above is something I just realized last month. 

He has a great recall and so far he will choose a cookie over a deer. 

Odin is sweet as can be but also has a stubborn side and it makes me laugh when he brings it out. 

He’s a dog that knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want and he has no problem telling me all about it. 

He doesn’t pull the stubborn card out often because he really just wants to please so I know when he does bring it out that he means business. 

newfoundland dog on couch

He’s a goof. 

80% of the time is super chill but there is a crazy side that comes out.

I’ve watched him and he tries really hard to control it but sometimes it gets the best of him and he lets loose with spins and belly flops until he can’t flop anymore. 

I don’t discourage these goofy outbreaks but Odin has to dig deep down to bring them out. 

Odin is 100% a velcro Newf. 

More velcro-like than I have ever experienced. 

Some Newfs are velcro as in the way that they always have to be in the same room as you or be able to see you. 

Then there are others that have to physically be touching you. 

Odin is the touching velcro type. 

If I’m somewhere in the house where I can be touched, he is there. Touching. 

My absolute favorite is when I take a nap on the couch and he sneaks up behind the pillow and crams himself in so that he’s breathing on my face. 

He loves going for a ride in the car now but he still has issues with going through most doors. 

He will come in my bedroom and go out the door to the backyard and garage but that’s about it. 

Every other door is a no go. 

I’m working on getting him comfortable with being in the front yard but he’s still not a fan of it. 

And bridges are off-limits. 

He’s not a fan of rain either and if it rains all day long he won’t poop.

It’s ok. 

He has quirks as we all do and I love each and every one of them.

For Odin’s Gotcha Day we are celebrating him by taking him to get his favorite lunch- Chick-fil-a and hopefully I’ll be able to get him in the pet store so that he can pick out his own toy. 

There’s also special cookies and balloons of course. 

Besides Odin being a totally amazing addition to our family, he has also been a blessing to me.

Not only has he helped me through the loss of Sherman and Leroy he has also helped me through the crazy times of 2020. 

He’s been patient with my wavering grief while also keeping my humor and passion intact. 

I wanted to take the time also to thank you all for your love and support of Odin.

Your love and appreciation for him mean the world to me. 

Happy Gotcha Day Big O!


Oh, and one more thing.

Many people have asked why Odin? Why did I choose Odin?

Well, the first time I saw his picture his eyes drew me in.

To me, he was beautiful.

I saw a goofy, handsome dog full of potential. 

I’m not always right, but in this case, my instincts were spot on!


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Sandy Weinstein

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

wonderful! he seems so happy, and glad to be part of the family. so glad you two are a match. he is just beautiful.


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Odin is one beautiful Landseer. Now I want one after 5 black rescues.Lots of luck with this beautiful fellow. Your photos are great also.


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you for the kind words Betty <3

Joan Paccione

Monday 7th of September 2020

Happy Gotcha Day Odin ??❤️? We feel as though we know you and your family - so we are celebrating you today !! We are so happy that your are so loved by your family - time heals all wounds and I am glad that this saying is so true for you ! Happy Gotcha Day Odin ??❤️????


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you so much for celebrating with us!


Monday 7th of September 2020

He is so handsome! Every time I see him, I have a two second of holding my breath...because he looks so much like my Bella. She was my first Newf that I swore I would never love ( I was a boxer girl). She patiently wore me down. She always had to be touching me, and I grieved hard after we lost her!


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you! He has definitely touched my life at the right time. He's such a good boy<3


Monday 7th of September 2020

Happiness written all over this big boy's face. Happy, Happy Gotcha Odin! You have all of us enamored. <3


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you! I sure hope that he's happy with us <3

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