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10 Controversial Newfoundland Questions That Will Always Have More Than One Answer

10  Controversial Newfoundland Questions That Will Always Have More Than One Answer

We all have questions when it comes to our Newfoundlands and when you’re new to the breed the questions can really add up even though you’ve read all the books. 

Most of the time we will turn to fellow Newfoundland owners looking for answers and sometimes we get more than we bargained for. 

This leads us to be even more confused. 

A lot of times it’s because these Newfoundland questions are so general and they have hundreds of possible answers. 

1. How Much Food Should I Feed My Newfoundland Dog?

How much food you feed your Newfoundland at every meal depends on several factors including what type of diet they are eating, what brand of food, the age of your Newfoundland, the weight of your Newfoundland, your Newfie’s activity level, and how many “extras” that they get throughout the day. 

People can give you a ballpark figure for you to go off of but the number is going to require you to do some research and calculating. 

On average Newfie owners feed 4-5 cups of dry dog food per day.

This is broken down into 2 feedings. 

2. What Type Of Food Should I Feed My Newfoundland?

If you ask this question you are going to be even more confused than you were before you asked the question.

What type of food you feed your Newf is going to take some trial and error. 

There is no perfect diet for all Newfies, you feed what your dog does best on and that may not be the same food that your friend’s Newfie eats. 

Always stick with what works for your dog and don’t be guilted into feeding a diet that you aren’t comfortable with. 

3. Should I Shave My Newfoundland Dog To Keep Them Cool?

Probably the most controversial question that there is in the Newfoundland world and the answer seems to change every decade. 

No matter what you say someone will disagree.

Should you shave your dog so that you don’t have to groom them every day?


Should you clip your Newfoundland’s coat in the summer so they’re cooler?

Do they have a medical condition? 

Are they a senior dog?

Are they more comfortable with a shorter coat?

4. How Much Should My Newfie Weigh?

The American Kennel Club gives a range of 130-150 pounds for an adult male and 100-120 pounds for an adult female. 

These are an average range and if your Newfie falls below that it’s o.k.

Newfies vary in size and weight and you should never try to get your dog to the average range if they aren’t meant to be there. 

Size is often a huge draw for people who want a big dog and some people panic when their dog doesn’t fit into the average weight range.

A sound structure is more important than weight.

Odin weighs 117 pounds and that’s fine with me.

He would be obese if he weighed 130-150 pounds. 

Also, Newfies grow slower than other breeds so if your Newfie puppy is 90 pounds at 12 months, don’t worry, they still have more growing to do.

On average they don’t stop growing until they are between 3 and 4 years of age. 

And try to keep in mind that bigger is not always better.

There are very few Newfoundlands that are over 200 pounds and healthy.

5. Should I Feed My Newfoundland From An Elevated Feeder?

Another very controversial question since the latest Purdue study on bloat was released. 

Does your Newfie eat sitting, standing, or laying down?

Do they have medical problems?

I’ve always fed my Newfies from a semi-elevated feeder without any problems but you should always do what is best for your dog.

To me, it looks like the Newfoundland community is 50/50 on this one.

6. How Often Should I Give My Newfoundland A Bath?

When they’re dirty and stinky. 

The average is every 6-8 weeks but if your Newfie swims, loves mud, drools a lot, or has health issues, they may need a bath more often.

On the flip side, if your Newf doesn’t do much then maybe 2-3 times a year. 

7. How Cold Is Too Cold For My Newfoundland?

Is there such a thing as a Newfie being cold?

Yeah, there is.

Newfies can get cold but not as easily as other breeds of dogs. 

I think the bigger question is how cold is too cold for you to be comfortable with your Newfoundland being outside?

8. How Often Should I Groom My Newfoundland?

That all depends on your dog’s coat and tolerance to being groomed. 

Newfies can have different coats.

Some are denser than others.

Sherman was a woolly mammoth and he needed to be line combed daily. 

Leroy had a thin coat and would be ok being groomed weekly. 

Odin is the middle of the road right now and gets brushed/combed a few times a week. 

9. Are Newfoundland Dogs Good With Children?

What could possibly be controversial about this one?!

Well…….the Newfoundland is often referred to as a nanny dog meaning that they are very good around children and have a unique sense when it comes to them. 

This is all true however, most Newfies grow into that nanny name over time. 

Before they become calm and gentle they are growing puppies that act like puppies. 

newfoundland dog with child

They are clumsy, mouthy, and rambunctious. 

If you’re bringing in a Newfoundland puppy with young children it will take some time and training. 

Your child also needs to be taught to be good with the Newfoundland. This is an important part that is often left out!

And if someone asks you if a Newfoundland dog is good with children you should give them a proper answer instead of just telling them YES!

10. What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Picking Up Dog Hair?


No one knows. 

Everyone thinks they have the best vacuum and then it clogs and breaks. 

If you find yourself stuck on getting an answer to one of these Newfoundland questions your best bet is to sit back and really observe your dog. 

More often than not you’ll be able to find that answer right in front of you. 




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Thursday 15th of October 2020

Love nuffer.Once in my lifetime i had two.Jupiter and Khan.Never forget .You have a bautiful dog, and Nice name on the dog.My grandson have same name.Odin our Viking God.Regards from Norway.


Thursday 10th of September 2020

Thanks for this article! These are definitely some of the annoying q’s or comments of owning a Newfoundland. 3 is my all time favorite. I’m glad you stated to always do what is best for your pup! After 4 Newfoundland, we learn doing the best for each pup isn’t always the same or the most popular option. I love follow the rib rule for number 4. We adjusting our pups food based on it monthly to keep them healthy. On 5, we tack our pups stomach when they are young and it has been a lifesaver as they get older with bloat. ❤️

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.