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Best Raincoats For Newfoundland Dogs

Best Raincoats For Newfoundland Dogs

20 years ago if you would have asked me if I had a raincoat for my Newfies I probably would have laughed.

Fast forward to now and I have no idea why I waited to get one!

Don’t get me wrong. 

I know that messiness comes with having a Newfie and I have no problem using 10 towels to dry a Newf off when they’ve been sitting in the rain for 20 minutes but if I could cut down on some of that work, why wouldn’t I?

Do Newfoundland Dogs Need A Raincoat?

With their thick, waterproof double coat, Newfies don’t necessarily need a raincoat.

Their coat does most of the protecting but depending on what area of the world you live in, having a raincoat can be a huge help when dealing with constant wet weather. 

Therapy dogs that need to be clean for visits also benefit from wearing raincoats along with dogs that are currently being shown in the conformation ring. 

Senior dogs or dogs will health issues/recent surgeries can also benefit from being kept dry in wet winter months. 

newfoundland dog wearing raincoat

What Does A Raincoat Do?

Obviously, a raincoat will keep a Newfie’s coat dry but it will also keep the coat clean from mud, insects, burrs, and chemicals in the winter. 

We use our raincoat mostly in the early days of winter and late snows in the spring when the snow is wet and slushy. 

Most Newfie owners use the raincoats for walks and hikes and not so much for casual backyard outings. 

What To Look For In A Raincoat For a Newfie


You’ll want to make sure that you measure your Newfoundland to get the correct fit.

This usually involves measuring their neck, chest, and body length. 


Most Newfies don’t need added layers of fleece but you will want to make sure that the raincoat is waterproof and machine washable. 

Body Coverage

The wettest place a Newfie gets is usually on their legs and undercarriage.

You’ll want to make that the raincoat covers these areas.

This type of gear will often be called a bodysuit and not a raincoat. 

If you use a walking harness you’ll want to make that the raincoat will easily fit over the harness and also that there is a hole for you hook the leash to the harness. 

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Where To Buy Raincoats For Newfoundland Dogs

Raincoats for most dogs can easily be found at local pet stores but when you’re searching for a big dog like the Newfoundland, they might be harder to find.

Amazon has a few choices for raincoats/bodysuits and also companies like Hurrta

You can also check farm supply stores and Etsy. 

Are Raincoats Easy To Get On A Newfoundland

Getting a raincoat on a Newfie is moderately difficult.

Most bodysuits will require all four legs to go inside the leg holes.

It will probably take you and your Newfoundland a few tries the first time but then they should be used to the process.

If you have someone that can help you the first few times, that would be great!

Raincoats that just cover the top of the Newfie will be easier to get on.

Best Raincoats For Newfoundland Dogs

This is a list of bodysuit type raincoats, which there isn’t many of for big dogs.

You will find a wide variety of raincoats that just cover the top of the dog online and in some pet stores.

hurrta body suit for newfoundland dog

Hurrta Downpour Suit

  • This waterproof and dirt-resistant rain overall protects your dog in the best way possible in changing weather conditions.
  • The overall has a high collar and rain trap in the collar, which stops rain from going inside the overall.
  • The product is made of durable and comfortably flexible outdoor fabric that does not rustle when the dog moves.
  • The adjustable leg length makes it possible to modify the overall.
  • With neckline and waist tightening mechanisms, the overall can be adjusted to fit your dog and keep it in place in even the most active play.
  • Ample reflectors in the collar and hind legs improve visibility in the dark.
  • The Hurrta Downpour Suit also contains Clariant Sanitized® treatment.
  • The active substance of the treatment is permethrin. Permethrin protects against insects such as mosquitoes, horseflies, and ticks.

raincoats for newfoundland dogs

FouFou Bodyguard Protective All-Weather Dog Pants

  • The bodyguard covers the essentials and easily fastens with adjustable buckles.
  • It features a cut out for your dog to do their business, while the rest of the suit covers the chest, stomach, and legs.
  • It also works to protect fur from those snowballs that build in their coat during those snowy romps
  • Machine Washable

These are what I purchased for Odin last year.

I bought the XXL and they are a bit big on him.

They are thin and not the best quality but they do the job and are ready and able to perform again this year. 

Neo Paws Rain/Body Suit

  • The NEO-PAWS™ Rain Suit is a full-body windbreaker, made of a sturdy, 100% waterproof nylon raincoat to protect your pet from poison ivy, burrs, parasites, hotspots, the sun, rain, dirt and mud in wet weather conditions.
  • Reflective strips make it highly visible in day or night.
  • The velcro closure system makes it easy to apply and remove.
  • The rainsuit covers up to 75% of the underbelly, leaving ample room for the dog to perform its bodily functions without difficulty.
  • The Rain Coat is available in two colours and nine sizes to fit any breed of dog. A hood (sold separately) attaches to the Body Suit by means of ‘hook & loop” squares

These are the only 3 options that I can say for sure will fit a Newfoundland.

If you have other suggestions, let me know and I’ll add them to this post. 

newfoundland dog after bath

Other Options To Keep Newfies Dry In Wet Weather

Towels will top on most Newfie owner’s list but you can also use dog bathrobes to absorb extra moisture.

Many people will also get pony coats that can be purchased from places like Tractor Supply or local farm stores. 

A raincoat isn’t a staple item for Newfoundlands but it can be helpful for some and added convenience for the owner. 




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Tammy Roberts

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Is the rainsuit open on the bottom so they can go potty?


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Yes! There is a big space that allows them to potty without peeing on the rainsuit-at least for the Fou Fou one that Odin has. I can't say with 100% certainty that is true with the Hurrta but I imagine it would be.

Groovy Goldendoodles

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Thanks for this post Jen, I had something similar for Leo years ago, but I can't find it. Here in SC I need something like this but everything I've found before was lined for cold weather. Based on what you described - this may very well do the trick. Ordering one now.


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

My pleasure Cathy! This has been so helpful with us in the slushy weather and I'm sure the doodles could benefit from one with their therapy visits-when they start again. Like I said in the post, the FouFou brand isn't the strongest material but it has worked for us.

Tails Around the Ranch

Monday 5th of October 2020

I still chuckle seeing Odin in his 'pantsuit.' But think what a great way to keep legs and undercarriage dry. Brilliant!


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Hahaha. I do too, He looks like he's ready to sprint down the track in them.

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