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All About The Brown Newfoundland Dog

All About The Brown Newfoundland Dog

The first time I saw a brown Newfoundland well over 20 years ago, I fell in love. 

I was already in love with the Newfoundland breed but the brown made me fall deeper in love. 

Back then the browns weren’t as popular as they are now.

They weren’t rare, they just weren’t as common as the blacks or Landseers. 

Then my sister got a brown named Zeus and I fell even more in love.

I’m still not sure if I fell in love with Zeus because of his color or if it was because he was a jerk.

I think it was a combination of both. 

Even though I fell in love with the browns, my first Newf was a Landseer which was my first love since I was a teenager. 

After Thunder, getting a brown was the only option for me. 

brown newfoundland dog being judged at dog show

Where To Find A Brown Newfoundland Dog Breeder

A great starting place to search for brown Newfoundland dog breeders is on the NCA’s breeder list.

Although keep in mind that not all good Newfie breeders are listed there.

You can also reach out to a Newfoundland ambassador or reach out to someone who has owned a brown Newfoundland dog. 

Brown Newfoundland Dog Price

The price of a brown Newfoundland dog should not differ from the price of any other Newfoundland dog color.

Brown is not a rare color although there are not as many brown Newfoundland dog breeders as there are black Newfoundland dog breeders. 

2 brown newfoundland dogs

Brown Newfie Temperament

The most important characteristic of any Newfoundland dog is a sweet and docile temperament.

Color should not play a roll in that important trait.

I’ve never had a black Newfie so I can’t personally comment on how they compare but many people have said that a brown Newfie shares the same personality as a black Newfie.

Possibly not as goofy as the Landseers. 

Sherman and Leroy were both brown but their personalities were totally different. 

Shades Of Brown

When I got my first books about Newfoundlands, the browns were referred to as Chocolate and sometimes Bronze. 

Now they are just referred to as just Browns.  

There are different shades of brown Newfoundlands but they are still called brown.

Sherman was a deeper brown and almost looked black back in his younger days whereas Leroy was more of lighter brown.

In today’s age, breeders should not be trying to lure you in with words such as rare “bronze or chocolate” color because it is just brown. 

They also should not be referred to as red or liver, which I have unfortunately heard before. 

Coat color may be based on a few things such as the color of the bitch and sire and their gene pool. 

Another factor that can weigh in on the color of brown is how much time the dog is outside.

Just like in humans, natural sunlight can lighten the color of the hair.

Brown Newfies can have lighter brown fur on their leg furnishings and on their tail. 

Brown Newfs may also have lighter eyes than black or Landseers but the color of their eyes should not be so light that they affect their trademark sweet and soft expression. 

The older that Sherman and Leroy got, the lighter their fur became and I noticed that if I clipped their hair it came back lighter but this was when they were older. 

Some brown Newfies will also have small patches of white on their chin, chest, toes, and tail. 

Do Brown Newfies Shed More Than Black Newfies?

Coat color shouldn’t play into how much hair a Newfie sheds, except maybe for a Landseer. 

Some people claim that the white on a Landseer is a different texture and sheds more than black or brown but there’s no solid evidence to back this. 

Shedding is going to be more due to coat density and genetics than color. 

Sherman did shed more than Leroy. 

Sherman also had a much thicker undercoat and generally a different texture in coat than Leroy. 

senior brown newfoundland dog

Brown Newfoundland Dog Health Issues

I’m not aware of any health problems that are associated with brown Newfies in general. 

The only color Newf that would have health issues related to color would be the grey Newfoundland and that would be alopecia due to the dilute gene. 

Brown Newfoundland Dogs In Canada

You won’t find many brown Newfoundland dogs in Canada and even fewer breeders of browns if any because the color is not acceptable there.

Acceptable colors in Canada are only black and white & black (Landseer)

If you’re looking for a brown Newfoundland breeder in Canada you should gear your search towards the states or overseas. 

I love all Newfies regardless of color but there is something about the browns that will always have my heart. 




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Donna Mazzenga

Saturday 6th of January 2024

I am about to get my first brown Newfie after having 6 blacks and 1 landseer over the last 30 years. At 3 weeks old she is fearless and has a feisty personality! I can’t wait to hold my sweet Charlotte!


Tuesday 4th of April 2023

I have a brown she is amazing al.ost 6 years old. I wouldn't trade for the world. Even with her stubborn streak and all the shed one of the best dogs I've owned.

Angela pollard

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

My family has owned 2 black newfies, black and white( lol can't spell the name correctly), a brown and white and now 2 brown baby's. All of them were super sweet and amazing but compelling different personalities. I always recommend them to people who are wanting a big dog. I love it family baby's.


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

I've had three flavors all have been wonderful dogs each with their own quirks which is what I love the best, our last two are brown, I love the variety in color Kona is literally copper and Drummer is a deep red... :)

Joni Epstein

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

I fell in love w/ newfies first. Then I saw a chocolate one!! Had to have one. They are amazing!! I do love all newfies!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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