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Odin’s Unspoken Story

We hit the jackpot when we adopted Odin. 

I mean we really got lucky that he is such an amazing, loving Newfoundland. 

I kind of knew that based on what his rescuer observed with him in the time that she had Odin.

She had told us that he was a great dog that just wanted to please and be loved. 

He was smart and loving and just needed a home that would give him the life that he deserved. 

landseer newfoundland walking

Odin didn’t have a horrible history as many rescue Newfoundlands do. 

He certainly didn’t have the love and compassion that he needed and that was obvious. 

He was an indoor dog that became an outdoor dog and he didn’t want to be that. 

I don’t think any Newfie wants that. 

Since there are a few holes in Odin’s past life, I’ve had to assume a few things based on what I see now. 

It was told to me that Odin used to escape his yard and go wandering.

my unspoken pet

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He would be gone for days and he used to wander onto a nearby farm and terrorize the farm animals. 

The farmer wasn’t happy with this and used to shoot him with a pellet gun. He threatened worse if Odin continued to trespass on his property. 

I can tell that Odin wasn’t given the chance to experience a lot of normal things in life because he didn’t have anyone to show him these things. 

Like going through doors. 

I think that goes back to him spending most of his time outside.

He doesn’t understand doors and small spaces make him nervous. 

Odin’s Unspoken Story

I’m a Newfoundland. 

I didn’t pick my first family. They picked me. 

I loved them from the start.

They loved me for a little bit but then I got too much for them to handle so they put me out in the backyard. 

newfoundland dog in yard

I didn’t want to be by myself in the backyard so I started escaping to keep myself busy. 

Sometimes I would try to make new friends but that made a few people very angry.

Sometimes I would get lost and forget where I live so I would wander around for days trying to find someone to help me get back home. 

My family bought me a brother to try and help me not be lonely but he didn’t want to be locked in a yard either so we would jump the fence and wander the land together. 

After time went by all I really wanted was a nice home with a family to love me.

I’m a Newfoundland and I’m devoted to my family but I didn’t have a family that wanted my devotion. 

I didn’t want to be roaming the streets in the hot Oklahoma weather and I longed for a family to hug me and play with me. 

One day a nice lady came to pick me and my brother up.


She cleaned us up, fed us, and gave us lots of love. 

I liked it there but then one day I found myself being driven across the country!

I kept switching cars with really nice people but I had no idea what was going on. 

After a very long time, one lady on the trip hugged me super tight and told me I was home. 

It was a little weird at first because these new people were loving all over me and we just met!

I was a little scared at first because I didn’t want to be left outside again but after a few days I realized that wasn’t going to happen.

There were so many couches and beds for me to lay on and they let me get as comfy as I could!

They had really good food, treats, and toys for me to play with too!

newfoundland dog and owner

They also took me for walks that are filled with all kinds of sights and smell AND they bring me back home after these walks!

They have trees with squirrels and deer that wander through the neighbor’s yard. 

At first, I wanted to go play with the deer like I used to but now I just like to watch them through the fence. 

I could easily jump that fence but I don’t want to.

I don’t want to get lost from my new forever family. 

I love my new life and I found a family that I can devote my love to!

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As I was browsing through the CUDDLY website my heart broke at some of the dogs that are in their community looking for help.

There are big dogs, little dogs, cats, and even horses that are in need. 

The rescue groups that are doing the rescuing are all amazing. 

One dog that caught my eye was Meatball

Meatball is in the care of the Arrow Fund Rescue in Kentucky

The Arrow Fund rescues and rehabilitates the animal victims of extreme torture, abuse, and neglect, and works to eliminate animal cruelty in our society.

Meatball looks to be either full or part Newfoundland to me.

He’s a young, brown fluffball that has some serious medical issues including a fracture in his spine. 

He has already had two surgeries and is currently doing rehab. 

Meatball is still in need of donations and you can donate to his care right here!

If you have a few moments to spare, please browse CUDDLY’s website and see if any dogs catch your eye.

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Share Your Pet’s Unspoken Story

Have you adopted a pet? Do you know their full story? 

What do you think they would say about their story if they could talk?

Share their story below or use #MyUnspokenPet to share it on your social media channels. 


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Lola The Rescued Cat

Friday 9th of October 2020

Odin, we love reading your story. We can just imagine how good that first hug with your new mom felt!


Friday 9th of October 2020

Odin looks stunning and in fabulous health. I remember when you brought him home and I read your open letter to his former "owners", in which you called out their negligence and abandonment of such a lovely dog. I subscribed to your blog because I also have a Newfie who was rescued from a disreputable breeder (located in Missouri, the hotspot of "puppy mills"), and I wanted to read about best care practices for Newfoundland dogs. Our Lottie, a brown Newfie, suffered some egregious abuse, and even a year later with me she still has what can only be described as PTSD. Loud noises while we are on walkies cause an extreme reaction in her, and no training we have tried will make her feel safe enough to defecate outside (so I provide gigantic puppy pads, having no other options). Initially she did not make eye contact or even look up from the ground or floor. She did not know how to play with toys and had never been groomed, from what I could tell.

Lottie makes eye contact all of the time now, plays with toys with gusto and her fluffy Newfie fur has grown in beautifully. She sleeps on the bed with me often, and likes to be near me, though she does have some aloofness as compared to personality descriptions of other Newfies. I don't know what exactly happened to her during her puppyhood, but I am dedicated to giving her the best life possible now. I love her so much.


Sunday 11th of October 2020

Isn't it so wonderful to watch them become content in their new life? I was pretty angry when we first got Odin because I didn't understand how someone could do that to such a great dog. I knew Odin was a great dog from day 1. Over time that anger has subsided some and I'm just happy Odin is happy and thriving and getting the life that he deserves.

Tails Around the Ranch

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

I've had to piece together back stories for both Norman & Elsa. Heartbreaking but now they're living the life of Riley and I couldn't be happier for them. Given the way they lounge about the furniture, I think they're pretty happy too.


Sunday 11th of October 2020

Haha. I know what you mean. I love Odin took to our couches right away too.

Natasha Havey

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

Thank you for the info on Cuddly, I just donated to Meatball. How did you manage to scroll through all those sad stories and pictures though?


Sunday 11th of October 2020

Thank you so much for donating to Meatball! He looks and sounds like such a great boy. It was definitely hard to scroll through all those pictures but I'm happy these pets are getting the help that they need!

Pim Witley Gilmore

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

I grew up with dogs and horses and over 60 years I've had so many that filled my life and my families life with joy and love. One such angel was a TB racehorse that I rescued from the track but truth be told he did the rescuing. From the moment we unloaded him he looked around gave a whinny and a head rub to my side as if to say this place looks like home. Bee was everyone's favorite boy from the blacksmith, vet, and our stable helpers he stood quietly for footwork, checkups, grooming, baths and for a horse that we were told couldn't be controlled and only knew one speed -he in less that a month learned walk trot canter and became the horse everyone including my then husband ask to ride because he was so easy and sweet. Our farm then in CT had a beautiful old maple tree at the very edge of the pasture that was my favorite "quiet" spot I like to take my coffee and a book on the weekends just chill and while the other horses would be romping grazing or just doing horse things Bee started following me and if he was in his stall and saw me heading out I'd hear his whiny so I'd make sure to let him out so we could do quiet time together which we did for nearly 15 years.

Once I was ask how I deal with all my dogs and horses hair, slobber and poo?? I replied easy because the love they give me is priceless!


Sunday 11th of October 2020

And that's so true Pim! Their love is priceless and I'm so happy that people like yourself get that. I love that you were so intuned to Bee's signs that he wanted to spend time with you!

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