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Do Newfoundland Dogs Stink?

Do Newfoundland Dogs Stink?

If you walked into my home and told me that it smelled like dogs, I would believe you but I wouldn’t know what exactly that smell was. 

Unless it’s pee, poop, or some type of skin infection, I am nose blind to dog smell. 

Do my dogs stink?

I don’t think they do but if you ask a stranger, they might. 

I personally don’t think that Newfies smell worse than other breeds of dogs if they are being properly cared for. 

Do Newfoundland dogs have the potential to stink more than other dogs?

Yes, and these are some of the reasons why:

do newfoundland dogs smell

Reasons Why A Newfoundland Dog Stinks

Unkept Coat

Due to their thick double coat, Newfies require regular grooming. 

Brushing your Newfoundland regularly helps to remove debris from their coat and keep mats at bay.

A coat that isn’t maintained can smell quite bad and lead to skin infections. 

Drying their coat thoroughly with a dog dryer after they have been in the water or after they’ve had a bath will help tremendously. 

Make sure to clean areas that are prone to leaking urine such as the belly and rear legs too. 

do newfoundland dogs smell

Skin Infections

Newfies are prone to hot spots and other skin infections which can produce a foul smell. 

Seasonal or food allergies can cause inflammation of the skin which leads to excessive secretion of oil from certain glands in the skin, producing a musty smell.

A poor diet can contribute to this condition and can also be the cause of other problems including yeast infections, which also give off an odor.

Make sure to keep an eye on your Newfie’s paws, this is an area that is prone to yeast infections. 

wet newfoundland dog

Dental Issues

Dogs can get a build-up of plaque and tartar on their teeth which produces a bad smell. 

A tooth abscess can smell horrid and cause a lot of pain.

Check your dog’s mouth regularly and always make sure that they are eating properly. 

Ear Infections

There are many types of bacteria and yeast that can cause ear infections and the big, heavy ears of a Newfie are prone to such infections.

A healthy ear usually has good defenses to fight off the bacteria but if the dog suffers from allergies or hormonal imbalances, the yeast and bacteria can increase dramatically, causing a foul odor.

The fact that Newfies love water also makes them prone to consistent ear problems unless the ears are kept clean and dry.

Make sure to check your Newf’s ears regularly for any redness or discharge from the ears and always dry them after a swim. 

Also ask your veterinarian about a good, safe ear cleanser. 


Anal Sacs

All dogs have two small scent sacs on their butt. 

These sacs are a type of marking gland which is why dogs smell other dogs’ butt’s when meeting. 

When anal glands leak on a dog’s fur or worse, on your couch it can smell produce a foul odor that smells like fish

Another sign your dog’s anal glands can be a problem is if they are scooting or dragging their butt across the floor. 

Some dogs can’t express their anal glands on their own or they become impacted so the veterinarian needs to do it. 



Newfies drool and heavy droolers will often accumulate drool on their chest, chin, and front legs.

If not cleaned regularly this can drool can start to smell sour. 

Drool bibs and regular wiping of heavily drooled spots can help keep this smell in check but don’t leave the bibs on for long periods of time. 

The most common words I’ve used Newfie owners use to describe a smell coming from their Newf are mildew, moldy, stale and sour. 

If your Newfie smells like this check their neck, chin and lower lips.

On their neck, specifically check the 2 folds-this is a perfect spot for wetness to hide. 


Newfies fart, some more than others and those farts can be stinky!

If your Newfoundland is passing gas more than normal, has diarrhea,  is not eating, you should consult with your veterinarian. 

Excessive gas can be caused by a dog’s diet or GI issues. 

What To Do To Prevent The Stink

Groom your Newfoundland regularly and bathe as needed.

Start dental hygiene early to prevent problems.

This can include annual dental cleanings, brushing your dog’s teeth, and even certain dog chews can help reduce dental buildup.

Check your Newfie’s ears regularly and be sure to dry them after swimming or bathing. 

Feed a healthy, well-balanced diet and if you are questioning your dog’s diet, speak to their veterinarian for guidance. 

I like to use Duoxo pads to wipe paws, chest, neck, ears, face and chin weekly. 

What Not To Do If Your Newfoundland Dogs Stink

Don’t ignore it and don’t try to cover it up. 

That stink could be a sign of a number of health conditions that need to be addressed such as hypothyroidism which can cause increased susceptibility and occurrence of skin and ear infections

If your Newfie smells and you can’t find the source of that smell, speak to your veterinarian. 



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