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Odin’s & Finn’s Adventures October Edition 2

Welcome to our second edition of Odin’s & Finn’s weekly adventures!

This is just a recap of some of the fun things that we did this past week and a place where I can share a few of the hundreds of pictures that I took of the boys this week. 

As always, I hope these pictures and stories bring a smile to your face and start your week off on a positive note!

odin and finn october 2020

So Odin had more adventures than Finn this week and that’s because Odin and I went to a few places that were a little farther away than we normally do. 

Since Finn isn’t a huge fan of riding in the Jeep just yet, I like to keep his rides short and sweet and we’re gradually working up. 

odin october 2020

Also, I’m not comfortable walking both of them by myself just yet because Finn likes to stop a lot and Odin likes to keep moving, so I am at the mercy of my children and when they have a break in school. 

I’m ok with this because I like to have one on one time with each of them too!

We also had to avoid our regular walking area this week because unfortunately, a deer was hit by a car across the street from our house and it died. 

landseer newfoundland outside on a beautiful fall day

Since it was a holiday weekend animal control wasn’t able to pick the carcass up until Tuesday, so it sat there. 

It left a big pool of blood on the sidewalk and I wasn’t comfortable walking Odin in that area until after we had a few rain showers to wash it away. 

Again, I was ok with this because it gave me the opportunity to explore some other areas with Odin. 

odin the newfoundland october 2020

The first of the week we headed to a local football park. 

This is a change from our normal ballpark area that we walk in and it has a lot of open grass areas and hills to walk up and down. 

Odin and I made it up to the top of a pretty big hill and we sat and took in the beautiful view for a while. 

odin october 2020

It was a warm day but on top of the hill, there was a nice, cool breeze. 

There was also a flock of geese at the bottom of the hill that Odin was quite interested in!

The next day we went to the ballpark and Finn joined us. 

landseer newfoundland and cardigan welsh corgi

It was a cooler day and the grounds were a little wet from a previous night’s rain but it was still a beautiful day. 

Finn makes me laugh when we walk because he stops and stares at every person that walks by us. 

I took advantage of some pretty photo ops with both of them. 

I like to expose Finn to as many things as I can right now when he’s young!

The next day Odin and went to a park that I haven’t been to in many years. 

It was a place that I used to go to a lot with my dad when I was younger and I really had my heart set on going this fall to see the beauty of it. 

odin october 2020

Odin was getting a little impatient when we drove out there because it was taking longer than usual and he started barking at me from the back seat. 

He was happy and relieved when we finally got there!

I however, forgot how many wooden bridges this area had. 

odin october 2020

Any way you went on the trails there was a bridge and Odin wasn’t having it. 

I had found a path that I didn’t think had any bridges and Odin was hurrying along taking in all the smells and I was taking in the beautiful fall colors. 

Then I spotted a bridge up ahead. 

odin october 2020

I briefly thought that maybe Odin wouldn’t notice it because his nose was to the ground and I just keep walking normally. 

He did too until he was about 4 steps onto the bridge and then he stopped and shrunk. 

He did a quick spin and headed off the bridge as fast as he could. 

odin october 2020

I was feeling pretty confident though, so we regrouped a bit, talked, and then headed back towards the bridge.

To my amazement, he went over the bridge.  

He was nervous, but he did it and I couldn’t have been more proud of him. 

odin october 2020

About 2 minutes later we came to another bridge and that was a big nope from Odin and I didn’t push it. 

However, in order to go back, we had to cross the other bridge again. 

This was when my confidence began to waver a bit. 

odin october 2020

I did the same thing I did the first time, without breaking my stride, headed over the bridge with Odin by my side. 

Odin wasn’t having it though and plopped his furry butt down right in front of the bridge and wouldn’t budge. 

I assessed our surroundings.

october 2020

We had water on one side and a steep cliff on the other so avoiding the bridge wasn’t an option. 

I also wasn’t going to force Odin because he doesn’t respond well to that so we just kind of chilled out for a bit. 

I let him settle down and we tried again. 

And again. 

And again. 

odin october 2020

Finally, he went over it. 

And that’s when I think he realized bridges weren’t so bad. 

I don’t know. I had this feeling that he was ok with them. 

Not in love with them by any means, but ok with them. 

So we tried another one and he crossed without hesitation. 

odin october 2020

And then I stopped because I didn’t want to overdo it and set him up for failure. 

That was a good day. 

Another big breakthrough that I’ve had is more confidence and trust with Odin. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in some of the pictures that I’ve been posting, I have not been holding Odin’s leash. 

odin october 2020

I have finally become confident enough to take a few steps away from Odin and trust that he’s going to stay and not high tail it away from me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am always aware of my surroundings and would never put Odin in harm’s way. 

I don’t walk far away from him and I don’t let him run off-leash. 

I trust him to listen.  

After 1 year, I don’t think that Odin is a flight risk anymore and that’s huge for me because I have a lot of anxiety with things like that. 

Our week ended with another beautiful fall day and a double walk. 

landseer newfoundland and cardigan welsh corgi

Next week isn’t looking so great with the weather so I’m happy that we got all this in this week!

I order a few new toys for both the boys and they’re arriving this weekend too!

Finn is a super chewer so I’m trying to get him things that last and that are safe. 



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Jackie Ward

Monday 30th of November 2020

I'm so pleased to have found your site - it is a true, honest reflection of dog ownership which includes the bad times too - I almost felt your fear regarding he bridge scenarios. I've found that really helpful today with Splash, my 13 month old Newfoundland. I've been a 'Pug person' for years (I have also worked in Pug Welfare in the UK too) and wanted a Newfoundland for ever, but it had to be the right time. I thought last year was the right time when an excellent breeder had a Landseer litter which was my absolute favourite colour, so after checking all the health tests had been done on Splash's parents, I was delighted to bring her home. Then Covid19 slapped us all in the face. She has missed quite a bit of socialisation because of this but we did mange to do the first set of puppy classes. She's been brilliant but we've now gone backwards - a long, long way. Sadly two months ago she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, so has been on no walks, increasing to 6 x 10min walks recently. So she hasn't seen other dogs, been to a puppy class, or been very far at all. I've had to send my Pug away for the time being as she has bashed him into a plant pot causing him a two night hospital stay and I couldn't risk any more accidents on his behalf. I know they are difficult from 12-18 months; please help me keep the faith. Her recall is now almost none existent outside of the garden and she takes off after cats. I am tiny and feel I've lost control of her at the moment but I'm playing brain games and hiding toys and doing as much stuff to keep her occupied as I can. Tomorrow is another day ?

Sherrie Marshall

Tuesday 20th of October 2020

Back when I had Tylar a deer was killed, he would not go that way for a month.

Sherrie Marshall

Tuesday 20th of October 2020

Mica and Lexie wouldn't cross bridgets when we walked at the park. Luckily the ground was just a couple feet below we could always walk around.

Tails Around the Ranch

Sunday 18th of October 2020

Such lovely autumnal photos!


Monday 19th of October 2020

Thank you! We are having so much with this fall weather! Glad we got it all in last week because this week isn't looking too good with the weather!


Sunday 18th of October 2020

What a beautiful week you had!!! Good job Odin!!! Bridges are kinda scary..... love the pictures!!!!


Monday 19th of October 2020

Thank you very much! It was a good week!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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