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Tell Me You Have A Newfoundland Without Telling Me That You Have A Newfoundland

The latest trend, “Tell me something without actually telling me something” has taken over social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and it’s one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a long time. 

It’s unclear on which platform that it originated on and exactly which influencer started it and with what phrase is another dark hole with big media sources all stating something different. 

A few popular ones that I have seen floating around are, “tell me you’re a millennial without telling me that you’re a millennial, ” and  “tell me you have kids without telling that you have kids.”

As soon as I saw the trend my Newfie mind started racing.

Could I tell if someone had a Newfoundland without telling me that they had a Newfoundland?

Some of the signs would be a dead giveaway, like if they couldn’t hang out because they had to clean the walls AND ceilings that day. 

Regardless, I knew that the Newfie community wouldn’t let me down. 

I knew that they could describe the myriad of struggles, laughs, and joys that owning a Newfoundland brings without actually using the type of breed that they love. 

And man oh man, you all did not disappoint and I haven’t laughed this long in quite a long time. 

tell me you have a Newfoundland without telling me that you have a Newfoundland

Here are some of the fun responses that I received when I said,

“Tell me you have a Newfoundland without telling me that you have a Newfoundland.” 

This is why I have thick thighs

“I have to slide a 160lb dog away from the fridge so I can open it……..maybe 100 times a day.” IG ourboycorduroy.the.newfie (private account)

We all have that one spot in our heart that aches <3

” Floogers on the ceiling. Dog hair INSIDE the packaging?! Obstacle course in the kitchen…..Feeling amputated a year after his passing. IG momtonitini

This one below got me because I never knew what to call the dried slobber on the back of my couch but now I do!

“Looks like I have slug trails on the back of my couch.”  IG cmykandi

If you don’t own more than 1 vacuum cleaner do you even have a Newfoundland living in your house?

“I own 5 vacuums!” IG ella_the_newfie

I think it sticks to our clothes and then waits for the most inopportune time to fall off. 

“I brought an orange to work today (I work in a hospital-we try to keep those places clean). I peeled the orange. There was a 3-inch long brown hair on the plate. How?” IG massnewfiemax

The counter surfer is alive and well and no food is safe. 

“When food from the counters mysteriously disappears.” IG 2_newfies_and_a_nard

When a vacuum cleaner manufacturer claims that they have “cutting edge hair collecting technology” do they even know that a Newfoundland exists?

” I have an experimental Dyson vacuum cleaner with cutting edge hair collecting technology in my closet.” IG saint_cactus_jack

Me (raises hand)

“After getting out of the car thinking what’s that in my hair?……anyone else have slobber all down the back windows?” IG heytheredeliahandco

Nothing better than a hug from a bear

“When my girl stands up, puts her arms around my neck and hugs me, we’re about the same height.” Facebook- Kristin

If I had a dollar……….

“You must have a big apartment and spent lots of money on dog food” Facebook- Mette

I’m coming with you and there is nothing that you can do about it. 

“If our dog gets in the car “accidentally”, she won’t get out until we take her for a ride.” Facebook- Alice

But if we’re cold they’re cold, right?

“In the middle of a snowstorm, my dog refuses to come inside!” Facebook- Charlene

No words for this one other than, relatable. 

I never wear black because dried slobber looks like something else… My coworker thought I had a wild lunch break with my hubby because there were slobber spots on my chest, but actually I had only gotten some drooly lovins because the dog was happy to see me” Facbook- Kara

Newfie vocabulary is REAL

“I know the definition of flogger and praise when a particular spectacular one is formed!” Facebook- Terri

No words needed

“Very simply put, “best dog ever”. Facebook- Renee

It’s true. No vacuum gets ALL the hair 

“I vacuumed and 2 seconds later it looks like I need to do it again” Facebook- Aimee

Slams head on table. The struggle is real. 

“I didn’t know Saint Bernards came in black and white” Facebook- Chris

The elusive mask hair has been my struggle for the last year.

“Every time I put on a mask, I spend the rest of the day trying to find the hair that is tickling my face.”  Facebook- Beverly

Wait until you turn on the fan.

“Tumbleweeds roll through the house with the slightest breeze.” Facebook- Paul

Truth. I just cut mine on Saturday. There was dog hair and a random string

“My sweeper keeps getting too much hair stuck in the bar.” Facebook- Karen

Sassy pants

“Very bossy until you lay the law down and then embarrassed submission!” Facebook- Chriss

Me too! Love my all-natural foot warmer!

“I have a constant shadow that warms my feet.” Facebook Group-  Jackie

That oily coat. Harder to scrub off the wall than dried slobber. 

“I have dirt marks half way up the walls and door trim” Facebook Group- Rhonda

They do this and it’s adorable. 

“I get a half yawn, half RAWR wake up call in the morning. When my pup jumps up to greet me after I’ve been gone, his paws are on my shoulders and I get a great hug.” Facebook Group- Jennifer

Been there and my heart almost stopped. Also mistaken a tumbleweed of hair on the floor for a tarantula. 

“I woke this morning and noticed a black mass close to the ceiling thinking it was a spider, I took a tissue and climbed up to remove it. I was so relieved to see a clump off hair splattered and dried against the wall because I really dislike spiders” Facbook Group- Marcella

If you don’t know this song and sing it while walking behind your Newf, you don’t really have a Newf.

I  sing “I Like Big Butts” to the big boy in my house. Lol” Facebook Group- Sandi

It’s true in this house

“Dog has more towels in the wash than humans, every day.” Facebook Group- Kathleen


“Little clumps of black hair fall off of my clothes while I am at work and people think they are bugs” Facebook Group- Shirleyann

I just checked and it’s the same here.

“I own more magic erasers than underwear” Facebook Group- Patti

I can’t be sure what this one is actually referring to but I’ve been known to walk out of the house in a grooming coat and whip it off as soon as I’m safely outside. 

“I walk out of the house like a porn star…..” Facebook Group- Karen


“Drool doesn’t faze me one bit and every surface in my house is washable!” Nicola

I think someone needs to make a yard sign for this because…….same

“I like to spend my time standing with my back door wide open yelling “come inside so people don’t think we’re neglecting you.” Facebook Group- Marriah

NEVER forget to make a Newf snow pile

“Have to leave a pile of snow on the deck so she can lie down on it!” Facebook Group- Pauline

A basic command that is not given enough credit. 

“Had to teach him the “back-up” command so he could get out of tight spaces!” Facebook Group- Valerie

Fun fact: Whenever I have to buy paint I just tell them I want the one that will stand up to being washed often. 

“We had to paint the entryway with semi-gloss instead of matte so it wipes clean easier.” Facebook Group- Jamie

Googles magnetic screen door…..

“We have a magnetic screen door and we leave the slider open and freeze. Got a fire going all evening” Facebook Group- Bentley

You have to dig deep down and make peace with this and your life will be happier.

“I have made peace with mud” Facebook Group- Lisa

We got about 500 comments with this fun “Tell me you have a Newfoundland without telling me you have a Newfoundland” game and this is just a taste of all the good comments we got back. 

Thank you to everyone who joined in and if you missed this, you can check our Instagram post and Facebook Page post to read some more good ones!

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Dorian Amidon

Friday 16th of February 2024

"Everyone will be my best friend whether they want to or not!"

Susan Pollock

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Gosh I haven't had a post from you since Christmas. I am glad to see you back. I usually get an e-mail before I get the blog. Maybe I didn't look close enough at the e-mails when I was deleting.

My comment is : Company is coming and I have to wash the walls.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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