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Goat Milk Replacer For Puppies When Mom Isn’t There

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When a litter of puppies is born in the care of a responsible dog breeder, it’s a magical time for everyone involved. 

Behind that litter of fluffy puppies ready to tackle the world, there is a breeder that spent months, if not years, planning their creation. 

They did research, they did health testing, and they provided medical care to ensure that these puppies were set up to live their best life. 

Mama dog was well cared for during her pregnancy and received optimal nutrition and veterinarian care throughout her life and pregnancy, but sometimes, no matter how well you’ve prepared, even the best of the best can encounter complications during or after producing a litter. 

For the mother dog, this can often be conditions such as metritis, eclampsia and mastitis. 

Metritis is an infection of the uterus, a depletion of calcium in the mother dog is eclampsia and mastitis is an infection of the mammary glands. 

Each of these conditions is serious and will not only require medical attention but will also lead to the puppies in the litter needing to be hand-fed until mama dog is feeling better. 

Mom’s milk is always going to be for a newborn puppy because it is highly digestible and very calorie-dense but thankfully there are also a lot of great milk replacers available for puppies. 

One good nutritional option for puppies is a goat milk replacer such as Tailspring. 

Benefits of Goat Milk Replacer For Puppies

Easier To Digest

Goat milk has smaller fat globules and forms smaller, softer curds in the stomach than cow milk.

Especially for very young animals, this allows the digestive system to break down compounds quicker and absorb nutrients and energy faster, making it easy to digest.  

Hypoallergenic Value

Casein is a natural protein found in all mammal milk.

Adult cats and dogs can have difficulty with the Alpha S1 casein found it cow milk and develop an allergy, just like people.

Studies have shown that goat milk is very low in Alpha S1 casein and primarily contains Alpha S2 casein, giving it a hypoallergenic value. 

Tastes Good

If you’ve ever tried goat milk, you know how refreshing and delicious it is. Pets feel the same way, they absolutely love the taste of goat milk. That’s why Tailspring milk replacer can not only be used for newborn puppies and kittens, but also as a meal flavor enhancer.

Real Dairy, Superior Milk

Although Tailspring is formulated with additional nutrients that are necessary for puppies and kittens, goat milk naturally contains 18% more calcium, 43% more potassium, 40% more magnesium, and 104% more Vitamin A than whole cow’s milk.

Human Grade A

Tailspring goat milk is Grade A certified, which is actually a human-grade requirement. Tailspring comes from Meyenberg, America’s favorite and beloved goat milk brand and we use the same Grade A milk for all of our products, whether they are for pets or people. 

What Is The Difference Between Regular Goat Milk and Tailspring Goat Milk Replacer?

Goat milk alone does not have the essential vitamins and amino acids that puppies need to grow and developed properly. Goat milk replacers such as Tailspring, do have these essentials vitamins added to their formulas. 

In fact, Tailspring has 16 essential ingredients to provide nutrients and vitamins to orphaned puppies.

The main ingredient in the Tailspring Powder Formula and the Liquid Ready To Feed Formula is goat milk, not soy or vegetable oils that can often be found in other milk replacers and there are no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors in Tailspring milk replacers. 

What To Avoid

The best puppy milk replacers will contain a balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates with fortified vitamins and minerals. It should be easy to digest,  very palatable and calorie-dense.

Milk replacers that contain a lot of artificial ingredients such as flavorings and coloring such be avoided. 

Straight cow milk is not ideal for young puppies because it contains too much lactose which can cause diarrhea and bloating in newborn pups, plus it has less fat and protein. 

If you would like to learn more about Tailspring Goat Milk Replacer for puppies and kittens you can check out their website or visit them on Facebook and Instagram

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