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Remove Snow From Your Dog’s Legs And Chest With This Simple Kitchen Tool

Snowballs stuck in dog hair are a big problem for many dog owners right now and I can tell this because my top viewed post for February and January is 4 Ways To Combat Snowballs On Dog Paws. 

I get it.

Snowballs stuck to your dog’s paws, legs and chest suck. 

Not only do they make a mess on your floor but they also can be painful for dogs because they pull on their skin. 

My go-to this year has been using a slicker brush to remove iceballs from Odin’s coat and it works to an extent. 


Snowballs and iceballs are just something we with owners of long-haired dogs deal with in the winter and do the best that we can. 

BUT, one creative Doodle owner has recently discovered a genius hack and shared it with the world.

dog hack: use a wire whisk to easily remove ice balls from a dog's legs and chest

Abby’s mom uses a whisk to EASILY remove snowballs from her legs and chest.

Who would have thought that this simple kitchen tool could be a game-changer in the winter?

It’s simply genius and I never would have thought about using this but I know millions of dog owners are happy that someone did. 

The original post on Facebook has over  8 MILLION views and on Instagram, the video of Abby the Australian Labradoodle is at 7,740 views. 


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A post shared by Abby 🐾 (@abby_australian_labradoodle)


I can’t attest to this working on the long, thick hair that a Newfoundland has because our snow is currently frozen to the ground but I have a whisk ready and waiting by the door for when we get some fresh snow and I’ll report back. 

newfoundland dog with snowballs

2/10/21- We had a few inches of snowfall and Odin picked up some iceballs and snowballs so I tested the which method out and it did seem to work.

He wasn’t covered in big snowballs though!

I’ll keep testing as the snow piles up. 

Updated 11/21

Guys, it works on Newfies but only on ice balls/ frozen snow.

It does not work well with heavy wet snow mixed with mud.

dog with snowballs stuck in hair

Regardless, it appears to work very well for dogs with curly or wavy coats such as Doodles and Spaniels and many dogs will enjoy a nice whisk massage!

Have you tried this dog hack?

If so, let us know if it worked in the comment section below!

Don’t forget to share this with all your dog friends!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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