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When Do Newfie Puppies Start To Shed?

Newfoundland puppies will usually start to shed a little of their undercoat around 5 months old. 

Adult Newfoundlands can be heavy shedders. 

They shed the heaviest in the spring and fall when they blow their coat.

Adult Newfies have a water-resistant double coat.

The top layer consists of long coarse guard hair and the second layer, which is the undercoat, is dense and soft. 

The outer layer of hair protects Newfoundlands and the second layer helps to regulate their body temperature. 

Newfie puppies are born with only one layer of hair, their undercoat. 

The top coat usually comes in around 6-18 months but a lot of things can affect that timeframe such as:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Nutrition

Even a Newfie puppy doesn’t have a double layer coat just yet, they can still shed a little because they are constantly growing new hair. 

My Newfie, Lou, is currently 5 months old and he’s shedding his undercoat a little but nothing like my adult Newfie. 

It can take years for a Newfoundland to get a full coat!

Best Brushes For a Newfoundland Puppy

A simple pin brush is all you really need to start, but since Newfies require a lot of grooming, you should introduce them to other grooming tools like:

Keeping Your Puppy’s Undercoat In Good Condition

Regular brushing and bathing will help to keep your puppies hair and skin in good condition but nutrition also plays a role. 

Always make sure that your puppy is getting a balanced diet and speak to your breeder or veterinarian about adding additional Omega’s to their diet. 

Also, make sure to inspect your puppy’s skin and coat for parasites such as fleas and ticks

If you notice any redness or if your puppy is itching excessively, contact your veterinarian.

Reasons For a Dull Puppy Coat

A Newfie puppy’s coat isn’t going to lush and shiny because they only have an undercoat but it should be soft and healthy. 

Causes of a dull, unhealthy looking coat can be:

  • Lack of nutrition
  • Parasites (internal & external) such as roundworm, hookworm, giardia, ticks and fleas.
  • Allergies

Why Is My Newfie Puppy Changing Colors?

If you got a black Newfie puppy but now they’re starting to look brown, don’t worry, it happens. 

When a black Newfie puppy starts to lose their puppy coat and their adult coat is growing in, it can look like a dull black or brownish color. 

It’s ok.

This is just a transition that their coat goes through. 

A brownish tinge on a black Newf is their old coat or puppy coat coming out but it will grow back as black. 

The same goes for a brown Newfie. 

Their coat will be a dull brown but their adult coat will come in darker. 

In the Newfie world, this is sometimes called the “uglies” because your puppy is 2 different shades. 

Brown Newfie pups will sometimes have a dark face but the color of the hair on the top of their head and the rest of their body is a lighter brown.

Why Is My Newfie’s Coat Changing Textures?

Sometimes, when a Newfie’s adult coat is coming in, it will come in wavy.

This is another transition period for some Newfies and their adult coat will come in wavy or curly. 

For some Newfies, this will be the way their coat texture stays but for others, it will be a “temporary” phase. 

Genetics can play a role in the texture and thickness of a Newf’s coat. 

Should I Shave My Puppies Coat?

Unless your puppy has a medical reason for needing their coat to be shaved, why would you?

Let their coat grow and do their thing!

When Does An Adult Coat Come In?

This can vary from Newf to Newf but many Newfoundlands don’t get their full coat until they are around 3 years of age. 

Some may get it sooner some may it get it later. 

And don’t forget, all Newfie coats are not created equal!

So many things come into play such as:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Coat care
  • Nutrition

Some people even believe that coat color can play a role but I don’t have enough data to back that up!

As long as you have a regular grooming routine set up and your dog is thriving, that’s what matters!


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