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Brown Newfs Wear Brown Antlers. It’s Tradition Here.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to break out the brown reindeer antlers. 

They were always one of my favorite props to use at Christmas time with Sherman and Leroy because they wore them so well. 

I haven’t used them since they both passed away because Odin has red antlers because they match his coloring better. 

I know. 

It really doesn’t matter what color the antlers are but in my deranged head, it most certainly does. 

brown newfie wearing reindeer antlers

Brown Newfs wear brown antlers.

Black Newfs wear red antlers. 

It’s just a rule I made for myself. 

brown newfoundland puppy

Anyway, even though I haven’t used the brown antlers in a few years, I was surprisingly able to track down them down. 

It’s probably because 2 years ago I put them somewhere that I was sure to find them easily.

That’s a lie. 

brown newfie puppy

I never remember where I put things but it just so happened that I was cleaning out the hall closet (looking for something) last month and I found the brown antlers and put them with all the Christmas decorations. 

So I pulled them out last week and introduced them to Lou and Lou did not disappoint.

While he might look pathetically sad in some of these pictures, I can assure you he is not. 

8 month-old newfie puppy

It did take a few tries to keep them on his head and he likes to paw them off but he wears them well.

He was made well aware that it’s a tradition in this family for brown Newfs to wear brown antlers during the holidays and he’s good with that. 

I also made sure to fill him in on who actually wore these antlers before him and that these antlers are special so he’s not allowed to eat them. 

So far, he has understood the assignment and he even proudly carried his antlers with him on our walk the other day.

I think Lil’ Lou will do our antlers proud for many years to come:)

brown 8 month old newfie puppy

If you’re wondering how I get Lou to keep the reindeer antlers on, it’s a work in progress. 

As long as he knows that I have a cookie in my hand and the antlers don’t slide too far forward, I have about 3 seconds to get a picture.

Keeping the treats at his eye level helps a lot!

Lou the brown newfie


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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