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Best Winter Grooming Hacks For Newfoundlands

Winter is a Newfies most favorite time of the year.

While many dog breeds are hibernating inside their nice cozy homes, Newfies are right out in the middle of the biggest snow pile they can find and taking a nice long nap.

They live for this season and it’s probably the only time that they’ll turn down a tempting treat. 

Most of us that are owned by a Newfie will spend the winter trying to think of unique ways to bribe our Newfies to come inside so that the neighbors don’t call animal control on us. 

When we’re not begging them to come in, we’ll be wiping their paws and removing snowballs from their coat. 

It’s true that most healthy Newfoundlands are built for the snow and cold temperatures, but the chilling winter months can still take a toll on their coats and skin. 

That’s why it’s super important for owners to stay vigilant in grooming throughout the winter. 

Here are a few winter hacks that can help you and your Newfie get through the long winter:

black newfoundland dog in the snow

Keep Brushing and Combing

While Newfs shed 24/7 365 days of the year, they aren’t shedding as much as they do in the spring and fall but it’s still important to bring out your favorite grooming brush a few times a week. 

Daily brushing helps to keep the natural oils moving through your dog’s coat and it also helps to keep mats and tangles at bay. 

Keeping the mats and tangles away is important this time of the year because your Newf is spending so much time in the wet snow. 

Wet coats that aren’t groomed will tend to form mats easier and hair mats can be painful for your Newfie. 

Keep brushing through the coat and if you find any mats, remove them as soon as you can. 

Pay special attention to the hair on your dog’s legs, under the armpits and under the ears

If needed, you can use cornstarch or diluted conditioner to work out tangles. 

newfie grooming hacks for winter

Keep Paw Hair Trimmed

Snow sticks to a dog’s paws because the paws are warm and the snow is wet and cold.

Keeping the hair trimmed on the bottom and top of the paws will help to keep so many big snowballs from forming on the paws

As far as those nasty snowballs that form on your dog’s paws during the winter, we have a whole post on how to deal with those, but never pull them off. 

If you’re not using paw wax or paw boots, try dipping their paws in warm water and then gently wipe. 

best winter grooming hacks for newfoundlands

Keep The Nails Trimmed

Not only will long nails make it hard for a Newfie to walk on any ice that they might cross but it also leaves a place for snow and salt to build up. 

If you normally walk on hard surfaces like cement, if they are covered in snow your dog’s nails won’t wear down as easily. 

Keep Chest, Legs and Undercarriage Trimmed

Most Newfies are going to take a plop in the snow and not get up until they’re forced to come inside by their begging owner. 

Not only does snow like to stick to paws but on Newfies, it also likes to stick to the hair on the legs, chest and undercarriage so it’s ok to trim those areas.

You don’t have to trim to the skin, just trim up the scraggly hair. 

If you walk your Newfie a lot in the winter and you want to keep that slushy road snow off their coat, look into getting dog pants or another type of protective snow gear. 

Don’t forget to trim and clean your dog’s hocks.

The hocks are prime snowball collectors. 

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The Whisk

Remember the wire whisk hack that left us all dumbfounded a few years ago? 

IMO, it works better on iceballs than on heavy wet snow with the Newfies, but it’s still an option.

Just use it with caution if you decide to give it a try, especially if you have muddy snow.

Dog Wipes

A few months ago I shared a post about DIY Dog Wipes

Newfie paws are like sponges and it’s nearly impossible to get them totally dry which makes their paws a perfect place for yeast to form.

Use a diluted vinegar mixture to wipe your Newfie’s paws (the skin not the pads) when they come inside to help cut down on the yeast.

You can also use Douxo Pads whihc have  antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.

Grooming Spray

No matter what temperature you have your furnace set to, it’s going to most likely dry your Newf’s coat out and create static electricity

Make sure to use a good grooming spray to help keep your Newf’s coat hydrated during winter. 

I like to use a hydrating spray with aloe and you can also add fish oil to their diet. (we use Nordic Naturals or Native Pet).

Some grooming sprays are also repellents which means they repel dirt and debris and in some cases, ice balls. 

black newfoundland dog running through snow

Paw Balms

Your Newf’s paws will take a beating during the winter and paw balms are a great way to treat cracked paw pads and keep snow, ice and ice melt away. 

There are several balms that will work such as Mushers Secret, Paw Soother, Bag Balms and you can even make your own DIY paw wax

Dog Dryer

Dry. Your. Newfie. In. The. Winter.

If you have a dog dryer, don’ put it away for the winter! 

The dryer is a great way to dry those stubborn Newfies that won’t come inside when it’s a blizzard outside!

That heavy, wet snow that has been piling up on your Newfie as they take a nap is going to melt as soon as they step inside creating a wet, stinky Newfie. 

Spritz them with some diluted vinegar and dry them!

This will help to keep their coat healthy, dry and soft. 

If your Newf stays wet this will increase the chances of hot spots forming. 

brown newfie puppy eating snow

Dog Pants

I know that putting pants on your dog sounds weird but trust me, they help a lot. 

I like the FouFou dog pants because they are lightweight so I don’t have to worry about Odin and Lou getting too warm. 

I don’t use these pants for mud as much as I do for walks in slushy snow.

dog wearing snow pants

They really help to keep the front leg hair and undercarriage clean and free from road salt. 

There is a gap for them to pee and poop and you can adjust the velcro straps around the ankle so they don’t slip off. 

Odin has a grey pair and I just bought Lou a red pair this year and both are size XXL. 


Winter is a Newfie’s favorite time of the year and they’ll spend a lot of time in the snow but winter can be hard on any dog, no matter what the breed.

Stay on top of grooming and may the force be with you all when you’re trying to get your Newfie to come inside for the next 4 months.  

If you’re wondering how cold is too cold for a Newfie, you can check out this post here. 

p.s. There’s currently no hack to get your Newfie to come inside when there’s snow on the ground:)

I only endorse and recommend products that I personally use or products that come highly recommended by my peers. Please don’t spend money on any of these products unless you believe they are best for you and your Newfoundland. Read our full privacy policy here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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