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How To Get Dog Drool Stains Off Your Car Seats

Dog drool happens and if it happens in your car, don’t worry, it will come off! The easiest way to remove dog drool stains from your car seats is to use baby wipes.

If you’re owned by a dog breed that loves to drool, most likely you spend a considerable amount of time removing dog slobber from your walls, ceiling, clothing, car interior and anything and everything that your dog touches. 

You probably know a lot of hacks that owners of non-drooling breeds don’t!

As an owner of a dog breed that has a full-time job of drooling and shedding, I’m always learning new and easier ways to tackle the confetti of dog hair and dog drool love that my dogs sprinkle everywhere they go. 

While using a Magic Eraser is my go-to for removing slobber from the interior of my house, my car is a different story. 

dog drooling in car

I’ve tried a lot of things over the years to remove dog drool stains from my car seats but my most recent dog hack that I learned this summer has blown my mind. 

This dog drool cleaning hack doesn’t involve buying any expensive dog cleaning products or dog saliva remover.

You don’t have to mix equal parts of anything, it’s safe and it’s cheap. 

And it really works because I’ve been testing it all summer on the upholstery of my Jeep.

Are you ready for this? 

The best solution for removing dog drool from your car seats is to use baby wipes!

baby wipes to remove dog drool on car seat

How To Remove Dog Drool From Cloth Seats

The easiest, fastest and safest way I’ve found to remove dog slobber from my cloth car seats is baby wipes. 

I’ve tried diluted white vinegar, I’ve tried specific car upholstery cleaners and I’ve tried scraping it off. 

The DIY diluted vinegar wipes or mixture works but it can leave a strong smell so if you’re looking for a lighter way to clean the slobber off your car seats, try the baby wipes. 

It’s seriously magic. 

easy hacks to remove dog slobber from car

Even though it’s a good idea to wipe the drool stains up as soon as possible, I’ve waited weeks to clean dog drool off my rear seat and it still wiped away easily. 

I use the scentless baby wipes but you can use any kind your want!

How To Remove Dog Slobber From Leather Seats

Leather car seats are a little trickier to remove dog drool from but thankfully, according to the Newfie community, baby wipes still work here too!

But since baby wipes often contain chemicals that can harm the leather and make it crack, you might want to use them sparingly. 

HGTV recommends using a soft cloth, warm water and Castile dish soap (or another mild soap) to safely clean leather interiors.

big dog drooling in car

You can also use a dog-safe good leather cleaner but always make sure to follow the care instructions for your vehicle. 

I don’t have leather car seats but I do have leather furniture that I use a white vinegar solution in a spray bottle to clean slobber stains.

How To Remove The Dog Drool Smell From Your Car

The best way to remove dog drool smell from your car is to use pet-safe enzyme cleaners like Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover.

For strong dog smell odors, you can mix up some baking soda and water to make a paste and clean the affected area that has the strongest smell. 

When the baking soda and water mixture is dry, simply vacuum up. 

big brown dog drooling in the back seat of a car

Why Do Dogs Drool So Much In The Car?

Dogs drool in the car for many reasons. 

Some of the more reasons for excessive drooling in the car are:

Odin drools in the car because he’s excited or hot, Lou and Finn drool in the car because they are nervous. 

an easy way to get dog drool stains off your car seats is to use baby wipes


How To Stop Your Dog From Drooling In The Car

There’s really no full-proof way to stop your dog from drooling on your car’s interior but there are some ways you can minimize the number of white stains that end up on your back seat.

Before you take your best friend for a car ride:

  • Use a dog car seat cover
  • Buy or make a dog bib
  • Keep a bath towel or a paper towel roll in your car
  • If your dog gets car sick or has severe anxiety, speak to your veterinarian. 

Happy drool cleaning!

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