To groom or not to groom a Newfie is not a question, nor is it a choice.

It’s a must.


Where you choose to do that grooming is the question.

I personally like to do most of my grooming outside in the fresh air with the music on and a beer sitting somewhere close by.  I’ve spent many weekend nights this way and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Grooming is very relaxing and soothing for me.


Grooming takes me away to better places when I need to be taken away.

It’s almost like my meditation.

I’ve been missing my meditation.

It’s not because I haven’t been grooming the boys, it’s because I haven’t been outside grooming the boys.

Most of their grooming the last few months has taken place in the house with me sitting beside them, brush in hand, while they take a snooze.

It’s still relaxing, but not really.


This happens in the winter, some of the grooming gets done inside and some gets done in the garage with the propane heater on, music playin and some beer in the cooler.

I haven’t done any garage grooming this winter. I just don’t want to go out in the cold, dreary garage because it’s been a tough winter and being in the garage does not sound appealing to me.

So all of the grooming this winter has been done inside, on my kitchen floor. Sometimes it’s done on the family room floor, and a few times it has been done on the couch.

It kinda irritates my husband because I’ve been doing the trimming and the brushing inside and hair just kind of goes everywhere. I always clean up when I’m done, but sometimes I’m doing it for a long time and people tend to walk through massive areas where I’ve clipped hair and then they get a little annoyed and it’s just not very mediation like.


So anyway, now that the weather is hit or miss. 60 degrees ones day, snow flurries the next, I’ve been seizing the 60 degree days and getting my mediation on.

I had a few days of meditation last week and it was glorious.

Even though I said whoops a few more times then I normally do when trimming, it was still awesome to be outside grooming again.

60 degrees, grooming table outside, boys relaxing, music playin, Jen meditating, and Leroy being a poser.

Better days are close.

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36 Comments on To Groom Or Not To Groom Is Not The Question

  1. They look gorgeous! Tucker needs no grooming at all. His scruffy fur rarely sheds, rarely gets tangled. He just needs a bath and nails clipped now and again. And I brush him anyway, even if he doesn’t need it. Jasper’s short hair sheds twice a year, and it needs to be brushed out. But Lilah’s Border Collie fur must be attended to, or we get fur tumbleweeds throughout the house. (Plus it gets tangled and matted.) My husband also hates when I groom her inside, and I too, look for those warm days where I can sit in the sun and brush my dogs. It is a kind of zen thing.

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
    Susan and the gang from LifeWithDogsAndCats.com recently posted…Story: The paper chaseMy Profile

  2. Our grooming is still inside, too. Usually I’ll move the furniture, put on a movie, and do it in the living room. A full movie – about 2 hours – is a good grooming session and I should be able to cover 1 dog in that time. But you’re so right – fur ALL over the house! Even if I try to maintain nice piles. still cold and snowy here, but I look forward to being able to get it done on the back deck when it warms up!
    Good reminder, though. I was too busy to get to Moses this weekend, so he’s overdue! Though, he often is. This is definitely the area of dog-ownership I need to be more consistent with.
    Jen K recently posted…I am well aware my dogs are not kidsMy Profile

  3. Come on over and do our two will you? They HATE us doing it. Our groomer? Well thats okay. Lol, and both are having a hard time riding in the car now so haven’t been in a while. It takes two of us here at home to get Bea clipped and brushed. She is such a Diva!

    Nice poses there Leroy!

  4. Hi there, I’ve mentioned that my daughter and her family have a Newfie mix-he weighs 120 lbs and lives outside-he is happier(truly)outside and never liked being inside. In winter, he sleeps in the garage and has a dog house in the garage too.
    He loves the snow. Because he is an outside dog, he doesn’t get groomed often enough(by my standards). Typically, I am one who brushes him and pulls all his dead hair tufts out-don’t know if you know what I mean. He shed and the fur just hangs off of him, so I just sit down and start plucking. He enjoys it. I try to do it whenever I’m there with them. There kiddos have asthma, which is why he is an outside dog. Thanks for sharing your habits here.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Bentley gets groomed in the bathtub most of the time. I don’t have a grooming table or picnic table for that matter, that I can put him on. He is short so sitting on the bathroom floor while he is in the tub is the best solution. Of course, he gets raked in the yard sometimes just because it feels so good. The bathtub allows me to harness most of the flying hair. I’d love to bury my face in Leroy’s massive neck! BOL!!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Laugh in Black & WhiteMy Profile

  6. Oh yes, something else I’ve missed during this long, dreary winter. I would so much prefer to take Sheba out on the deck in the sunshine to brush her. I can just let the breeze blow her fur away (for the birds as Emma said).
    Indoors, I take her down to the mud room so the fur gets somewhat contained. But it’s always chillier down there on the tile floor, and I’d also much rather be outside!
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – Luke’s DNA RevealedMy Profile

  7. Leroy is absolutely gorgeous! I dont groom my Rottie but I furminated him on Saturday and OMG what a mess. It wasnt relaxing, quite the opposite, LOL, he kept trying to eat the brush. He is cute though and he does good poses sometimes too =).

  8. Oh man! I feel your pain! Barley doesn’t require a ton of grooming, but I like to make sure her whites stay white with regular baths and every single time I give her a bath, there’s a thaw and then her toes and her belly get muddy. Then it gets too cold for baths (she takes ALL day to dry and hides if I come anywhere near her with a hair dryer). I just broke out the furminator last week because clumps of hair were starting to stay wherever she had been, but I hate furminating in the house. I think part of my soul died when more snowflakes started swirling this evening. Fingers crossed the Weather Channel is right about some warmer weather this weekend!
    Beth recently posted…Not So FitDog FridayMy Profile

  9. I struggled to read past the part where you said that grooming was relaxing. Thank goodness Silas is basically hairless. Trimming his nails is a two person job; I’d hate to have to brush him.

    Leroy’s looking good, though. I’m glad you’re getting some sunshine.
    Jessica recently posted…Don’t Wake Up the Dog!My Profile

  10. The only time I face this question is in shedding season. My labs “blow their coats” briefly in the spring and fall (and I brush them). For the rest of the year, I don’t do a thing, aside from clip toenails and clean ears. Labs are very low maintenance in terms of grooming!

    I love the photos!
    KB recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  11. Grooming is a must in our house too and each of our dogs has different needs. Rodrigo needs a full trim (J does this), Sydney just needs a trim on her haunches and around her neck (I do this). All of our dogs need nail trims (I do this too – J helps with Scout, because the puppy thinks it’s a game and gets super goofy).

    I wouldn’t call it relaxing at our house, but it is satisfying when they look so good when we’re finished, so I don’t dread it :)
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Is Your Pet Secretly Living in a World of Pain?My Profile

  12. And beer. Don’t forget your beer. :-) That is a win-win for you. The boys get to look all dapper and you get to relax. How can you not love that!

    • I look so forward to my grooming nights and beer! You should see me when I have the radio on while doing this, it is a treat!

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