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The Lazy Newfoundland. Don’t Let The Headlines Fool You.


There are quite a few articles floating around that describe the Newfoundland as a lazy dog breed. 

In fact, one article places them at the number 1 laziest dog breed in existence:

“The Newfie, dubbed the gentle giant, requires encouragement to exercise. Actually, encouragement is probably an understatement. These dogs are so lazy that they may simply refuse to move, which is a problem when you’re talking about a 100-pound dog.”

The article was obviously written by someone who has never met let alone owned a Newfoundland. 

It’s articles and writers like this that give people the wrong impression and quite honestly, it doesn’t help a prospective new owner at all. 


In reality, anyone who has owned, or knows anything about Newfies, knows that they are anything but lazy.

Sure, many of the pictures that you see on the internet show a Newfie flat as a pancake sprawled out on the floor catching a snooze.

Calm and laid-back should not be confused with laziness. 

Newfoundlands are a powerful working breed and they have the great ability to adapt to their environment. 

This means that they know when it’s time to relax and when it’s time to work. 

They are smart.

They are stubborn.

And their lifestyle can definitely reflect their family’s lifestyle. 

A healthy adult Newfoundland doesn’t require encouragement to exercise.

Sure, if they’re not in the water swimming, on land pulling a cart, doing therapy work or learning obedience, they are right by our side on a walk, helping with yard work or making sure we stay out of trouble, then they might be taking a nap.



And Newfie puppies are quite the opposite of lazy.

Newfies of any age need daily exercise, mental stimulation and human interaction.

Responsible Newfoundland owners know that a lazy Newfoundland equals an overweight Newfoundland.

An overweight Newfoundland equals a dog with orthopedic problems.

Orthopedic problems equal a shorter lifespan.

If you allow your Newfoundland to be lazy, they are going to be lazy.

The average dog sleeps about 12-14 hours a day with puppies and senior dogs averaging a bit more sleep per every 24 hours. 

A healthy adult Newfie should not be sleeping 20 hours a day. 

Newfie may rise up slowly and shuffle their paws across the floor but once they get going, they can go hard and full speed.

A Newfie isn’t as active as let’s say a Border Collie, but they are active dogs when given the chance. 




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Erin Bruni

Sunday 13th of October 2019

My Newfie is a LOVE.... and she knows that she rules the roost.! She’s 10 years old and still going strong...but don’t try to make her do anything that she doesn’t want to do...egs....walks...she stops when she feels like it is time to stop and it is futile to try to get her to move on...ever try to move a130# Newf? ...just turn around and she says, “Yea... I won”! But I wouldn’t trade her for the world...she is so caring for little animals and they all look to her for protection. Yep...Newfies are the BEST!


Friday 19th of October 2018

I've read that article, and I told my father about it. He said that they are NOT lazy. I know they aren't because I had 3 Newfoundlands, and each one loved going on walks, and at night, just knowing the day after hrs gonna be a worker. But, he had to be put down due to cancer. I still love the breed no matter the bad news or false news.

dog breeds

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

In my opinion, I think photos on the internet may want to tell people that Newfoundland is warm, friendly and devoted. If they find more about the breed, they will know Newfie is Working dog, and see many photos a Newfie is happily pulling a sled with kids :) They are is a great dog breed.

Monika & Sam

Monday 12th of December 2016

Sadly there is no cure for stupid and more often than not, it's the dog that suffers from it. *Sigh*

Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom

Saturday 10th of December 2016

Aw, I love Newfies - to look at, watch, and read about - especially your two boys. But I also know they are not the breed for me. I don't have the physical room. And I'm not strong enough any more to handle a 100-lb. dog. Ducky is a handful at 25 pounds. As for lists? I'm with you 100 percent!

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