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20 Newfoundlands That Are Training To Save Your Life


newfoundland dog pulling a boat to land

The Newfoundland is considered one of the best water rescue dogs that there is. 

Newfies do well with water rescue because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and their unique swimming abilities.

They are known for being natural-born lifeguards in and out of the water and they will risk their lives to save yours.

With Water Season being underway across much of the country right now I thought it would be fun to highlight some Newfies and their owners who are working hard towards earning their water titles and some Newfies who are just working hard at loving the water.

In case you were wondering, Newfies that are training and testing are going for the following titles:

WD (water dog title)the basic water rescue work -fetching, towing a boat, delivering a line, swimming.

WRD(water rescue dog) the advanced water rescue work -rescue, jumping from boats, directed retrieving.

And/or WRDX (water rescue dog excellence) the highest title a dog can get in water rescue work. The exercises include high-level rescue, jumps from boats, diving under rafts, saving comatose swimmers, and directed retrieving.

We’ve been watching Boomer and his mom train all summer and his water drive is strong:

Beyond proud of this kid. ? #waterrescuedog #WRD Photo: @lynnsperspective

A post shared by MOLLY | LADY | BOOMER |DUKE (@mollythenewfie) on

Duke’s training too!

Dukes out working this morning, but always giving that #sideeyerealness ?

A post shared by MOLLY | LADY | BOOMER |DUKE (@mollythenewfie) on

Cass is towing in a boat!

Winter. Because logs need rescuing too.

Scarlett’s working on her retrieving.

Guggenheim is practicing hard and just about ready to go for it on his own!

One day these sweet little fluffers are going to grow up and rescue someone, I just know it.

Hudson proving that he may be little but he’s born with it!

Larry’s almost got that jump down!

Look at Paddy go!

Murphy. There will be no drowning of any creature or leaf while Murphy is on duty!

This leaf was drowning, so I rescued it! ?

A post shared by Murphy The Newfoundland (@murphynewfy) on

Look at the smile that Sariah has put on her Dad’s face! I’m melting <3

Rosie is learning how to retrieve a life jacket!

Winn’s been training all summer too and she’s working up an appetite.

Winn likes to look for snacks while she retrieves?? #alwayshungry #couldtrytogofaster

A post shared by Maisie The Newfie (@maisiethenewfie) on

Moose. Every stick will be saved

Brody conquering his fears and making it happen!

Sebago Lake is safe with Hugo

Kisses. Loch Ness Newf!

It looks like Keva is gliding!

Seymour ready for launch!

If you’re interested in learning more about water training with your Newfoundland you can visit the Newfoundland Club of America and reach out to your regional club to see where they train. Have a puppy puppy that you want to get started on water training with? Check out Starting a Puppy in Water Work.

Wondering why some Newfies wear life jackets when training? Check out this post from our friends Maisie The Newfie And Company. 

Want to follow Molly, Boomer and Duke while they train? Follow them on YouTube!

And special thanks to all of our Newfie friends for letting us feature them in today’s post. Go check them all out and show them some love!



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