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Bath Day Revelations

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

When you have 1 day during the month of April where it’s suppose to sunny and 75 degrees in Ohio  you wake up, take your anxiety medication, make your outside to do list and then you get to it.

That’s exactly what I did on Friday, with no 70 degree sunny day in sight for the rest of the month, I had to.

I started by cleaning up dog poop in the backyard which led to raking up leaves that fell after December. Then I moved to pulling out dead flowers in pots from last year. Then washed cars, cleaned up the muddy floors, sprayed off the muddy patio and even brought some patio furniture out.

By 5:00pm I was ready to tackle my most important task, bathing both the boys. I was looking forward to giving them a bath because they really needed one and I was looking forward to spending the rest of the beautiful spring day out on my back patio.

Since I haven’t given the boys a bath in a few months I was looking to see how their coats were doing, if there was any skin issues, and general body condition. I was also looking to make sure that no one had any critters like ticks hitching a ride just yet.

Sherman’s always first to take a bath because he enjoys it and it takes longer for him to dry.

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

This what Sherman’s bath revealed about him:

Sherman’s coat is still SO thick. Even though I’ve been working on it daily, he has a lot of undercoat that needs to be removed before the dog days of summer hit. As I was massaging the shampoo into his coat I couldn’t help but think about his show days and how we always tried to get him to grow a nice thick coat but he never did. Well, now he has one. He also needs to be trimmed, again. For the love of dog, STOP GROWING HAIR SHERMAN.

Sherman’s skin looks pretty good. He did have some dry areas around his back end so I’ll keep an eye on that. I’ve already started to add a little bit of coconut oil back into his diet so hopefully that will help. I also have some spray that I’ll start using on him.

Sherman’s body condition is pretty good. On a scale of 1-10 I would say he’s about an 8. He’s a little thick in the stomach area so he could probably stand to lose a pound or 5.

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

Sherman’s handsome. So this wasn’t a revelation but my gosh, he is the most handsome almost 12 year-old brown Newfie that I’ve ever seen. I kept looking at him this weekend in awe of how handsome he is.

Leroy was up next and Leroy is a pain in my arse when it comes to getting a bath. He’s just never liked them and he tries to get away from me every time, several times. When he does get away from he goes and lays in the corner and refuses to move. He’s stubborn and he doesn’t listen but I got it done.

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

This is what Leroy’s bath revealed about him:

Leroy has no coat. He basically has no undercoat and you can easily see his skin when you part his hair. This is most likely a result of the steroids and shouldn’t be long-lasting. He’s thick in his chest but that’s about it.

Leroy is skinny. He’s underweight and it shows more when he’s wet. It’s hard to tell from pictures but if you put your hands on him you can feel it. You can tell more from the back than from the front. Again, this is most likely from the steroids and his recent IBD flare-up and shouldn’t be permanent. His weight was ok when we went to the vet last month at 147 pounds but he could definitely stand to put on a few more pounds for his frame. He has a raving appetite and is eating well for us but I can’t give him too much extra or we’ll fall backwards in his recovery. His poop is back to normal too and we’ve been walking almost everyday so his muscle mass is maintaining.

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

Leroy’s skin looked good and I didn’t see any ticks, which is good since he’s the one that’s a tick magnet. He has a few dry areas that we’ll be spraying. He can’t have coconut oil or fish oil so there’s not too much that we can give him orally. Again, most likely a result of his IBD and shouldn’t be long-term.

Leroy has looked better. He’s still handsome but I can he see that he’s underweight and he has a new tumor on his eyelid. It’s been there for about a month and the vet looked at it last month and didn’t seem too concerned about it but I’m thinking we might have to have it removed if it gets any bigger. The skin tag he had under his eye fell off so that’s no longer an issue. He also still has discharge coming from his eyes which he was treated for with eye drops. We’re due to go back to the vet at the end of this month so we’ll check on that again.

Other revelations:

I can’t keep these boys clean for more than 12 hours.

Bath Day Revelations With the Brown Newfies.

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Shadow & Ducky's Mom

Thursday 19th of April 2018

Aw, they're both handsome boys. They are so lucky to have such a caring Mom! But knowing you, I bet you feel like the lucky one to have them in your life. ❤️❤️


Thursday 19th of April 2018

You are a great Mom. Gotta spend this weekend for bathing my dog.

Monika & Sam

Monday 16th of April 2018

They always look so good after a bath, do't they? Such handsome boys.

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