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22 Newfies That Aren’t As Cold As You

Winter may have taken a long time to get here this season but now it looks like it’s settling in across most of the country and it’s not going anywhere soon.

For many Newfie’s, cold and snow are what they’ve been waiting and winter is THEIR season. 

While their humans and other furry friends are seeking shelter inside, Newfie’s are hunkering down in the biggest snow pile that they can and ignoring the pleas of their owners to come inside where it’s warm. 

Just the other day I headed out for a walk with Leroy. It was cold but not dangerously cold and I was dressed in my warmest winter dog walking gear. A little less than halfway through the walk, I decided it was too cold for me so I told Leroy it was time to head back home.

He gave me an evil sided eye glance and reluctantly turned around and sulked back home. 

This is life with a Newfie in winter.

I’m a freeze baby. Sherman and Leroy are never going to be as cold as me. 

It’s a fact.

We love to see Newfies in their happy place in the snow so that’s why we rounded up some of our favorite snow pictures so far this season on Instagram.

Here are 20 Newfies that aren’t as cold as you right now

Gumbo looks fantastic in his fresh snowflakes

Finn may or may not have been enjoying a snow-cone right before this picture was taken


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I’m not sure which is better- #snugglesundays or #snowysundays ❄️?️☃️ comment below your fav! . . . #boopmynose #dogownersofkw #newfiesofinstagram #puppy #newf #newfie #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #instapup #dailypup #dog #puppiesofinstagram #TheDodo #photooftheday #buzzfeeddogs #buzzfeedanimals #bigdog #snowy #newfoundlandpuppy #newfoundlanddog #newfierule #newfielove #newfoundlandsofinstagram #dailyfluff #kwawesome #wrawesome #newfoundland_page #feature_my_newfoundland @dogsofinstaplace @barked @newfoundland_cute @buzzfeedanimals @ladbible @unilad @puppydiary @dogsofinstaplace @weratedogs @newfoundland_page @newfiecorner @boopmynose

A post shared by Finnegan the Newf (@fabulouslyfinn) on

Blanche is working on her best snow bunny impression


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Had a lovely time in the snow ❄️ #snowbunny #snowangel #donteatyellowsnow #orbrown #hehe #blanchedevereaux #thelifeofblanche

A post shared by Blanche (@blanchethenewfie) on

A winter storm knocked out the power but Dudley doesn’t see an issue with that. That just means the house is going to be the perfect temp!


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Day 2 with no power and limited service BUT this is one happy pup enjoying his FIRST snow! ❄️ ⛄️ ???

A post shared by Dudley (@dudley_the_newfie) on

Boss is a surfer dude but had no problem downing a few flakes during his recent visit up north


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Gimme all da snow-cones ? #raisingFISHERmen #snow #snow❄️ #foodiesofinstagram #WHPseasonal

A post shared by ?Ralphie & BOSS? (@ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss) on

Napoleon is loving his first snow!


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year ❄️❄️❄️ #firstsnow #winterishere #abominablesnowman #snowdog

A post shared by Napoleon Bonaparte (@napoleonthenewf) on

Frisbee+snow = Best. Day. EVER.

Ed and Finn can’t understand why their owners don’t want to stay outside longer


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Mom, it’s SNOWING ❄️❄️❄️ . . . . #minneapolis #minnesota #dogsofinstagram #dogsofmsp #sidewalkdog #snow #newfoundland #mymorning #newfoundland

A post shared by ED•FINN•SNUFFY• (@ed_and_finn_the_newf) on

Ranger and Bentley live in New Jersey and they’re snow experts.


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Day 16 #gratitudechallenge Grateful that these two are loving this weather even though Dad was stuck in 5 hours of traffic ?❄️ #primoplease

A post shared by Happy Ranger and Lady Bentley (@newfoundlandtales) on

Snow hair, don’t care


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He likey ❄️

A post shared by The Newf Crew (@thenewfcrew) on

Lakes frozen, don’t care

Ziggy is working undercover, he’s snow-cognito

Winnie loves the Vermont snow life! Do I have something on my face?


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This is the life! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #vtlife #dogsofvt #snow #dogsofinstagram

A post shared by Winnie The Newfie (@winniebeardog) on

Snow for breakfast, snow for lunch, snow for dinner. Nom Nom


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??? #nomz #dogslobber #sticks #newfoundland #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newfiesofinstagram #winterdog #snowbear #sherlock #kcdogs #icebear #winterishere #direwolf #lazydog

A post shared by Sherlock Holmes the Dog (@sherlockthenewf) on

Paddy is having the best day of his life

The white stuff makes Pandora extra frisky 


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WE LOVE A SNOW!! • • • #pandoraexplorah #snowday #newfsofinstagram #newfsofig #slobbersaturday #giantbreeds #blackdogsofinstagram #newfoundlanddog #newfielife #snowdog

A post shared by Pandora Explorah (@pandoratheexplorah) on

Lucie definitely needs to come over and teach Leroy how to catch snowballs


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Keep ‘em coming, Mahm!! #catchingsnowballs #sorryitsblurry

A post shared by LucieTheNewfie (@lucie_the_newfie) on

Does it look like Thunder Bumble wants to come inside?


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The pure amount of happiness that a fresh snowfall brings to the Bumble is heartwarming. ❄️☃️❄️☃️❤️???

A post shared by Thunder Bumble (@thunderbumblethenewf) on

Ermahgerd here comes Talia!

What’s more relaxing than watching the flakes fall?


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This is where I’ll be. I’ll just be here. ❄? #allday #myfavoriteplace #snowdog #snow #mybooboo #restingbooface #newfie #newfiesofinstagram #newf #newfieprobs

A post shared by Boo Boo (@resting_boo_face_thenewfie) on

Who needs snow when you have a beautiful coating of ice?


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It may not be snow, but this newf seemed to like the ice world almost as much. . . . . #iceworld #newf #newfie #ncmountains #asheville #dogsofatlanta #winterwonderland

A post shared by Webster “Stinker” Hudson (@webster.hudson.newf) on

I don’t know who ate the head off the snowman


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aftermath of a snowman attack ⛄️?

A post shared by Simon (@newfiesimon) on

We know that many parts of the country will be experiencing bone-chilling temperatures this week and we hope that everyone stays safe and warm, Newfies included! If you question if the weather is too cold for your Newf, bring them in. If you’re wondering how to tell if you’re Newfie is cold check out How Cold Is Too Cold For a Newfoundland

Thank you to all of our Instagram friends for amazing winter pictures! Go show them some love!

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Tails Around the Ranch

Monday 28th of January 2019

Those are pretty funny. After seeing Talia's video, now I know how avalanche's get started! ?

Sue, Shadow, and Ducky

Monday 28th of January 2019

Shadow and Ducky would probably stay outside All. Day. Long. if I let them. ?

Jan K

Sunday 27th of January 2019

Thank goodness Luke doesn't mind hibernating inside with me when it gets too cold. :)


Sunday 27th of January 2019

Hahaha. I love that the boys love the snow but I have to admit it's been a bit chilly for me! Maybe Luke can come snuggle with me <3

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