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National Slobber Appreciation Day Is November 16th So Get Those Drool Strings Ready!

National Slobber Appreciation Day is celebrated on November 16th and it’s a way for owners of drooly dogs to show off their slobber and embrace the trait that makes them unique and extra huggable to those that love them the most!

When and why did National Slobber Appreciation Day Start?

National Slobber Appreciation Day started back in 2012. 

It was invented to bring awareness about the Newfoundland breed and their tendency to slobber. 

In early 2012 a crazy dog product was designed by another Newfoundland owner. The product was called the Dog Slobber Stopper and it looked like a muzzle that went over the dog’s mouth. 

The purpose of this crazy gadget was to catch the slobber as soon as it left the mouth. 

The inventor stated something along the lines that while they loved the breed they didn’t care for the slobber. This product would help keep their house free from slobber. 

Not only was this an insane concept but it also didn’t appear to be safe for any dog to wear longterm. 

When the product became visible to the public the Newfie community went insane. 

The product was removed within a few short days. 

And then National Slobber Appreciation Day was born. 

I’m partial and think that Newfies are THE best breed but they do come with some traits that are not for everyone. 

Heavy shedding and drooling are two of those traits.

Of course, not all Newfie’s drool the same and some will definitely drool more than others but you can’t have a Newfoundland and not want everything that comes along with it. 

They are a messy breed, PERIOD. 

There’s a reason that many people admire the Newfie from afar and that’s because they love the breed but they don’t love the drool.

But no one should want to alter that trait for their own personal comfort. 

Who Is National Slobber Appreciation For?

National Slobber Appreciation Day isn’t just for Newfies it’s for all breeds that slobber!

Over the years National Slobber Appreciation Day has gotten bigger than I ever thought and all dogs that slobber participate!

Our good friends over at National Purebred Dog Day have kept this special day rolling over the years and they will be showcasing the dogs of Slobberville on November 16th so make sure you’re following them on Facebook. 

I didn’t make a big deal out of the day the past few years but since Sherman’s passing, because he was the major of Slobberville for almost 13 years, I’ve decided that it is a wonderful way to honor him and he definitely would have approved of that. 

To be honest, the 16th was chosen because it was 2 days after Sherman’s birthday. 

For the next week, we’ll be talking all about dog slobber. 

How to clean slobber off of walls, different terms for dog slobber, funny stories about dog slobber and of course tons and tons of drooly pictures! 

We’ll also be having our first ever National Slobber Appreciation Day = The Dog Slobber Challenge

Make sure to spread the word to all your drooly friends too! We want this to be a big day!

p.s. I’ve left all the original posts of National Slobber Appreciation Day as is and they make me smile 🙂

Need to study up on slobber? Here are a few blog posts that can help!


Everything you might need to know about dog drool.

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@newfs_of_southjersey (Katie, Evan and Brody)

Saturday 9th of November 2019

I've always said that if you love the breed enough, you get used to the less appealing traits. Bibs and strategically placed dish towels throughout the house definitely have helped us. We also recently purchased a new bowl called The Slopper Stopper that has helped very much with the after drink mess on their faces as well as the floor. I love this breed and agree they really are the best. Drool, shedding and everything else that comes along with it!


Sunday 17th of November 2019

I agree. My husband couldn't stand the drool at first but over the years he's just come to go with it. He sees everything else that is awesome about the breed now! I've heard that those bowls are great! So do the boys have any issues drinking from it with their big mouths?

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