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Photo Drop! Santa Hats, Decorating and Dog Brew

We hope that everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving, your belly’s are full, and that no one suffered any dog accidents!

We ate too much and the only accident that happened was that Odin had his first counter-surfing incident. 

Pie is that boy’s weakness and he helped himself to a few licks of our pumpkin pie when we weren’t looking!

newfoundland dog sitting on couch

Funny, I was more worried about food falling on the floor with Finn and instead let my guard down a little with Odin. 

It’s all good though, Odin is still the bestest boy and he didn’t get enough pumpkin pie to cause me any worry or to upset his tummy. 

So now I guess it’s on to Christmas, right? 

I put our artificial tree up a few weeks ago and our real tree will go up next weekend. 

newfoundland with pine needles stuck on head

Some decorations have already made their way out but there’s still a lot left and Odin is helping to pick up decorations on our walks!

I pulled out the Santa hats yesterday and ‘ya know what? 

Human Santa hats don’t fit on a Corgi! 

cardigan welsh corgi with santa hat on

Nope, they’re too big so for the first time ever I had to buy a “dog” Santa hat for Finn!

I used to always love taking pictures of Sherman and Leroy in Santa hats and that’s probably because they were so good at it. 

They were seasoned veterans when it came to holiday pictures and I miss that. 

blac and white cardigan welsh corgi wearing santa hat

Odin and Finn are definitely young boys at heart, so much so that they think that Santa hats are a toy.

Odin likes to fling it around and Finn likes to try and shred it. 

They both like to play tug of war with them too!

landseer newfoundland wearing santa hat

This year’s holiday photos will definitely be a challenge but I’m up for it!

I was able to snag a few pictures of them this weekend but we still have a ways to go!

A fun package arrived from our friends at ANHEUSER-BUSCH this weekend also!

Did you know that Busch now has a dog-safe beer?!

dog brew by Busch

I saw this a few months ago and I was so excited but they sold out really quickly. 

One of the kind folks at ANHEUSER-BUSCH sent us an influencer package when the beer came back in stock and just so we’re clear, this isn’t REALLY dog beer it’s Dog Brew!

It’s bone broth and a tasty treat to share with your dog!

landsser newfoundland and corgi pose with dog brew by busch

Our pack also included a few toys, a leash, bandanas, a dog bowl, and a Busch dog tag!

Odin and Finn both loved the pork-flavored bone broth with turmeric and ginger and now it’s really not drinking alone when your dog is home because your dog can have a drink too!

You can check out Dog Brew by Busch here and you can also check out their fun dog swag!

Now, I’m going to get back to decorating so I’ll see you all soon!

dog brew by Busch dog swag


This post is not sponsored by ANHEUSER-BUSCH but they did send us some free swag and Dog Brew with no expectations for us to post about it.  




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Pam Baum

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Those 2 are soooo wonderful! At least, they LOOK wonderful. How cute!

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