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Winter Is Magic And The Newfoundland Is Its Proof

One of my most favorite things to do in winter is to sit outside and take pictures. 

The first big snowfall of the season is magical for the heart, soul, and eyes. 

newfoundland dog in beautiful snow


It’s even more magical when you have a Newfoundland by your side. 

In fact, this would be tops on my list of things that I would miss if I didn’t have a Newfoundland. 

beautiful landseer newfoundland in the winter

They are just magical in the snow and I think it’s because of their love and appreciation for it. 

As many of you saw, we had our first big snow of the season on Monday. 

Ranges varied across Ohio but we got a total of about 12 inches in my area which is the most snowfall we have seen in a single day since 2011. 

It was wet and it was heavy,  but it was beautiful and I knew I had to act fast before it ended. 

This was actually the most snow that I think Odin has seen in his life and he was in love with it. 

Oh. My. Lord. 

He took my breath away when he sat and watched the crisp flakes fall. 

He appreciated each and every single one as he sat in his enchanted winter wonderland. 

As I watched him I couldn’t help but recite the famous Lord Bryon’s famous poem in my mind. 

Beauty without Vanity,

Strength without Insolence,

Courage without Ferosity,


I actually have those words stuck in my head a lot when I’m taking pictures of the Newfies. 

It’s always my goal to try and capture those words in a picture and with a Newfie and freshly fallen snow, it’s not that difficult to do. 

Our 12 inches of snow are now mostly gone. 

The tree branches are back to being a dull brown and the snow is dirty.

The magic has melted away  but with any luck, it’ll be back again soon. 

@odinthenewfYou’ve now entered snow Tok ❄️?❄️? ##snowtok ##coldweather ##newfoundlanddog ##letitsnow♬ Suite from the Polar Express – Alan Silvestri

I took over 500 pictures on Monday and the ones pictured here are a few of my favorites. 

I hope that you enjoyed them and that they bring a little magic to you too as well. 

p.s. All photos were taken on my iPhone and videos were done in slo-mo to catch the snowflakes falling. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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