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Favorite Pictures Of 2020

Whenever I start off a new year I always wonder what it has in store for us.

Over the years I’ve passed on doing resolutions, setting goals and making the year better than ever. 

Honestly, I just want my family and me to make it through the year happy and healthy. 

And while I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams how challenging that would be in 2020, we did it and for that I’m grateful. 

We did lose a very important member of our family at the end of January, but Leroy is still very close to our hearts. 

To wrap up the year I’m going to do my annual “favorite pictures” of 2020. 

While it sounds pretty easy to post my favorite picture of each month, I can assure you that it is not. 

I take hundreds of pictures each week and narrowing them down took some will power. 


Of course, my favorite picture of this month would be of Leroy. 

It’s the only month of 2020 that he was here.  Picture was taken 1/21/2020



Odin was really starting to come out of his shell in February. 

He had taken over as head dog of the house and he was embracing it. 

Picture was taken on 2/24/2020




March was pretty hard to narrow down. 

There apparently wasn’t any snow and Odin got a bath and looked super cute but March was also the month that we got Finn. 

I still can’t believe that he was this little and I still can’t believe that we have a Corgi. 

Picture was taken on 3/24/2020 and the collar no longer fits.



April was another tough month with over 1,000 pictures taken and 250 videos of mostly Odin and Finn playing tug. 

But I have to give it to this one of Odin in front of the barn. 

He. Just. Looks. So. Damn. Handsome. 

Picture taken on 4/20/2020


Another tough month to choose from is May. 

It seems like the deeper we got into the year, the more pictures that I took. 

That’s probably how I coped with the way that this year was going. 

This was also the month that my son graduated from high school so there was triple the number of pictures to go through AND if I was sharing family pictures, Bobby in his cap and gown would be here but since I’m not, this one of Finn is my favorite dog picture. 

I just can’t with his one ear up and one ear down and I want that look back right now. 

Picture taken 5/04/2020


June is where things really start to get hard because I stopped batch uploading my photos and just uploaded in no particular order. 

I had to go with this one of Odin and Finn. 

Picture was taken on 6/24/2020



July was hot and I don’t think that we did much and there were only about 200 pictures which I was thinking was odd because there’s usually a lot of 4th of July-themed photos.

Then I remembered that I was in the hospital with a collapsed lung for a few days which explains my lack of motivation. 

Odin is so handsome and confident here!

Picture was taken on 6/28/2020



August was another hot month and we spent a lot of time on the patio.

This one of Finn on the cushions always makes me smile when I see it. 

Picture was taken on 08/10/2020


Of course, at the beginning of fall, my camera roll is going to quadruple in size. 

I had to buy more storage this month and narrowing it down to 1 picture was near impossible. 

I had to go with this one because it is just so fitting for both of them and they know it. 

Picture was taken on 9/25/2020


Y’all know that it’s impossible for me to narrow this down to just one. 

I took more pictures this fall than I have in previous years. 

The colors were just on point this year so I picked 1 of Odin and 1 of Finn. 

There are at least 100 more of Odin. 

Picture taken 10/08/2020

My favorite one of Odin was actually taken the second week of October and I just love the colors. 

Picture was taken 10/11/2020


A lot more pictures and adventures happened in November + cooler temperatures but I love this one of Odin and Finn in their matching bandanas and of course, Finn’s derp face. 

Picture taken 11/28/2020


December brought the first significant snowfall of 2020. 

It was very hard to get a picture of Finn experiencing it but easy-peasy to get one of Odin. 

There’s no doubt that this was my first choice for December. 

Picture was taken on 12/01/2020

beautiful landseer newfoundland in the winter

Odin has certainly blossomed into a confident and handsome boy this year and Finn has brought so many smiles and diversity to our home. 

Many adventures and pictures await us in 2021!

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of our favorite pictures of 2020 and thank you for sticking with us through this challenging year. 


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beautiful landseer newfoundland in the winter
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Thursday 31st of December 2020

Hi Jen, Love your blog, pictures and info. I have not received an email for a bit. Are you no longer sending emails. Thanks, Laurie

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.