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7 Practical Ways To Help Your Newfie Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is often the time that many Newfoundlands enter into hibernation. 

It’s a tough season for owners because while want to be outside enjoying the beautiful summer days, our dogs want to be inside the comfort of their cool air-conditioned homes. 

When Sherman was with us, he wanted to be wherever we were, so if that meant I was outside doing yard work on a warm summer day, he was close by newfervising me from the shade. 

Leroy didn’t care, he wanted to be inside on the cool ceramic tile all summer. 

Now, with Odin, Lou and Finn I have a mixed bag. 

Odin wants to be where we are and so does Finn. 

Lou however, is still learning how to adapt to summer and I think he’s going to be the one that watches us from the window but it’s too soon to say with certainty. 

He was doing laps around the yard the other day when it was 80 degrees outside and as soon as he stopped, he ran straight to the door to go inside. 

Over the years, with the help of many other Newfie owners, we’ve been able to find practical ways to keep our Newfies cool during the summer. 

So if you’re a new Newfie owner or if you’re looking for new ways to help your dog stay comfortable this summer here are some easy and practical ways:

We’re talking beside the obvious dip in the pool or sprawling out on top of the air vent of course!

handsome black and white newfie standing

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Dog Cooling Mats

We’ve been using dog cooling mats for over 7 years now and I’m a big fan. 

There are several different types of cooling mats out on the market.

Some require water and some have a gel that activates when a dog sits on the mat. 

The con of cooling mats is that some dogs just won’t use them so it can be a costly purchase that ends up collecting dust. 

I’ve always used mats from The Green Pet Shop but a lot of Newfie owners also love the K & H Cooling Mat and they have only good things to say about it!

Elevated Cooling Dog Beds

Elevated cooling beds are cot-style beds that are raised off the ground.

They’re usually made of lightweight material and since it’s elevated off the ground, air can freely flow underneath them creating a cooling effect. 

Just like with cooling mats, there’s a wide variety of elevated dog beds available. 

We have 2 Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling Beds and I’ve been really happy with them.

At just above $30 for the large grey one(the green one is a few dollars more), that is plenty big enough to fit a Newfie, I think it’s a great deal.

newfoundland dog laying on elevated cooling bed

I’ve had one for about 2 years that has held up great and this year I ordered a new one.

The new Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling Bed has an improved design with a middle bar to prevent sagging.

I never experienced sagging with ours but I was happy to see the additional bar. 

I use these beds outside only.

I don’t think that the Amazon Basics brand would be good for indoor use because of the legs but K & H makes an indoor friendly one that has great reviews

Portable Fans

Most likely you already have a designated indoor fan for your Newfie but portable fans are a great option to use outside and in the car. 

I’ve heard great things about the Ryobi battery-operated fans and since we already have a handful of Ryobi products, this is what I’m leaning towards getting this summer. 

I’ll use it when they’re outside and I’ll use them in the Jeep also. 

The Jeep has great AC but I  have noticed that when the black hardtops are on and it’s super sunny out, it gets VERY hot. 

My next Jeep will not have black hardtops because of this! (I might get Boom Mats or possibly dip the tops in white)

Misting Fans

Way back in the day we made our own misting area outside for Sherman and Leroy.

A lot has changed since then including a new pavilion that we built that shades most of our patio. 

But, I’m still probably going to get a portable bucket misting fan for those warm summer nights that we’re sitting out on the patio enjoying a few cool beverages. 

I’ll probably go with the Ryobi brand again just because we have the batteries already. 

But misting fans are a great and popular way to keep your Newfie cool if they’re outside Newfervising. 

Updating this post already to say that I did track down a bucket misting fan this weekend and Lou is in love with it. 

It blows out a pretty good mist!

And if you’re wondering about some of the benefits of using a misting they include:

  • Creates a cool area for your dog
  • Keeps some flying bugs away
  • Reduces the risk of overheating
  • Reduces pollen and dust

brown newfoundland lounging in front of bucket misting fan

Splash Pad/ Dog Pool

We bought a splash pad for Lou last year when he was a puppy and he and Finn loved it. 

Odin didn’t care for it too much but I’m excited to bring it out again this year. 

I like splash pads but they can get slippery and they have a tendency to rip easily if a dog has long nails.

I’m in the market for a new dog pool because Lou and Finn have outgrown the little pink baby pool! Hahaha

brown newfie puppy playing on blue splash pad

Cool Treats

Cool dog treats are always a big hit here and they’re so easy to make. 

I have some blueberry frosty paws in the freezer right now and we’ll definitely be making tons of ice licks this summer. 

I like ice licks because you can customize the size and the ingredients making them perfect for big dogs. 

They also last longer than small treats that Lou swallows whole!

Summer is also the perfect time to grab your Toppls or Kongs out of the cupboard and fill them with something cool and fresh!

And don’t forget about setting up a bucket and letting your Newfie bob for ice cubes!

It’s messy but fun and refreshing and no, ice cubes don’t cause dog bloat!

newfie and corgi bucket diving for ice cubes


Most Newfies have probably blown their coat already or they’re in the process of doing so but it’s still important to maintain a grooming session a few times a week. 

Removing the loose undercoat helps to keep the air flowing and it’s also a good way to check for ticks and hair matting. 

If you opt to give your Newfie a summer cut, make sure that you communicate the cut that you want to your groomer

A summer cut is a very general term that differs from breed to breed and groomer to groomer. 

These are just some easy ways to help your Newfie beat the heat!

If you have some other good ways to keep your dog cool this summer, don’t be shy, share them with the rest of us!

And as always, make sure to offer your dog plenty of fresh and clean water!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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