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Handy Tips To Get Your Dog Comfortable With The Dog Dryer

Having and using a high-velocity dog dryer for your dog isn’t needed for every breed but there are many double-coated breeds like the Newfoundland that benefit from it. 

When dogs with heavy coats get wet, it can hours and sometimes even days for their coat to dry completely. 

Leaving a dog’s coat wet not only can produce a stinky wet dog smell but can also lead to skin infections like hot spots. 

That’s why many Newfie owners invest in a dog dryer. 

Benefits Of a Dog Dryer

Not only do dog dryers (sometimes called dog blasters) dry a wet dog’s coat but they can also be used for other things too!

A high-velocity dog dryer is a great grooming tool to use when your dog is blowing coat because it easily blasts out loose dog hair and dander. 

brown newfoundland dog standing in front of blue dog dryer

Many Newfie owners will blow out their dog’s coat with a dryer at least once a week during heavy shedding seasons

We know that the tail of a Newfie is like a Swifter and it picks up everything and everything.

A dog dryer is also a good way to blow out dirt, and debris.

I’ve even heard some people say they use it after a walk or hike to check and remove ticks that haven’t attached to the dog yet. 

Dog Dryers Are Great But Also Scary

While dog dryers are a great tool to have, not all dogs are a fan of them and it can take some time and patience for a puppy and even a grown adult dog to be comfortable with a dog dryer. 

Dog dryers are loud and some are definitely louder than others!

For some dogs, desensitizing them to the sound and feel of a dryer is important.

If your dog has never experienced a dryer before, they shouldn’t be expected to take to it right away, it’s a process!

How To Safely Introduce Your Dog or Puppy To a Dog Dryer

I always like to tell people that introducing a dog dryer to their Newfie is similar to introducing them to nail trimmers. 

The earlier you do it, the better and the slower you do it, the better!

I mean, imagine being a little puppy and all of sudden a big and LOUD burst of air comes at you.

That could be traumatizing!

big brown dog sniffing high velocity dog dryer

Puppy Steps

Slow and steady is going to win this race. 

Order the dog dryer

Set the dog dryer up.

Let puppy sniff dryer.

Give the puppy a treat for sniffing the dryer.

You’re done for the day!

Next Steps

The next day, if possible, put the dog dryer somewhere in the regular circulation of the house. 

A place where the puppy will see it and possibly have to walk by it. 

You want the puppy to get used to SEEING the dryer. 

If the puppy doesn’t want to walk by it, that’s ok, don’t force them. 

Heck, you can even smear some dog-safe peanut on the dryer or put a lick mat right next to it. 

A dog dryer with peanut butter = GOOD!

Take The Plunge

Now it’s time to turn the dryer on. 

It’s probably a good idea to do this outside or, if you have a designated grooming room, do it there. 

I personally would put the puppy on a grooming table and have someone else in the room that is in charge of turning the dryer on. 

Don’t have the dryer right next to or on the grooming table but several feet away and don’t have the nozzle pointed at them. 

Turn the dryer on for 30 seconds to 1 minute and turn it off. 

brown newfoundland dog being dried with dog dryer


Do this for a few days, slowly getting closer to the grooming table. 

I think a grooming table is a good option because you don’t want the puppy to run away but if you don’t have a table, you can leash your dog or if they’re small enough, hold them. 

Use treats to reward.

If your dryer has variable settings, start off low and work up over a few sessions. 

I definitely wouldn’t turn the K9III all the way up for a while with a puppy or dog new to the dryer!

Every dog is going to react differently so it might take several small sessions or it might only take a few. 

Keep in mind that dogs are more sensitive to loud sounds than humans so just don’t rush it. 

Additional Help

There are ear coverings (snood) that you can buy to help muffle the sound of the dog dryer and many Newfie owners use them. 

I recently ordered a Happy Hoodie for Lou and while he definitely looks like a goof in them, the way he was looking around at me I do think they help to drown out loud sounds. 

brown newfie wearing drying hoodie

This hoodie really accents my strong cheekbones (LOL)

Happy Hoodie was created as a grooming tool to CALM and protect dogs from the loud noise and high-pressured air associated with force drying.

But if you do proceed with some sort of ear covering, you’ll probably need to do a careful introduction with this too. 

I got Lou a size XL and it is snug so I think it would take some dogs a bit to get used to it. 

You can also try cotton balls in the ears but make sure not to push them in too far. 

I probably won’t use the ear covering on a regular basis because Odin and Lou don’t mind the dog dryer BUT I wanted to show you that there are options out there and this might be a good option for skittish rescue Newfs. 

More Blow Dryer Tips

Most Newfies are going to get over their fear of the dog dryer sooner or later you just don’t want to rush it. 

Most of my Newfies either love or tolerate the dryer eventually because it’s a part of their grooming life. 

Use a super absorbent towel like a swim chamois that will absorb a lot of water before you turn on the dryer. 

Don’t blast your dog in the face, start drying from the tail and work your way up. 

If possible, when starting off, have another person there to reward your dog and keep them calm. 

If your dog is crate trained, you can put them in their crate and turn the dryer on low to get them used to the sound. 

You don’t have to put the dryer in the crate or even next to it, just in the same room. 

Don’t abandon them, just do this for a few minutes:)

Lower your expectations. 

Don’t expect to order a dog dryer online and dry your dog all on the same day. 

It’s a process and we’re going for the long haul here!


newfoundland dog enjoying being blow dried

Air Biting

Lou is a total air-biter when he’s in a goofy mood. 

Most dogs will grow out of this or tire from it after a few minutes. 

I feel like Lou only does this when he’s not on the grooming table, in which case I just keep pushing forward and he gives up. 

Do You Really Need a Dog Dryer For Your Newfie?

My answer is always going to be yes to this regardless of how thick your Newfie’s coat is.

A dryer not only blows out the hair that you just loosened with the bath but it also helps to remove dead skin cells. 

A good blow dryer is going to help stimulate your dog’s hair and skin which could help to eliminate some skin infections. 

All of my Newfies benefit from having a dog dryer but dog dryers can be expensive and it’s not practical to think that everyone can afford one. 

If you’re considering a dog dryer, check out our post, How To Choose The Best Dog Dryer For Your Newfoundland.

I started off with an Air Force Commander 2-speed dryer and it lasted me over 20 years. 

This year I bought my dream dryer, the K9III and I’m madly in love with it. 

brown newfie sitting behind blue dog dryer

You don’t have to spend $600+ on a dog dryer!

Oh, and one last thing! 

You might think all is good but beware of that puppy fear stage!

If your Newfie is fine with the dog dryer and then around 9-15 months, he’s scared of it-this too shall pass!

Just keep on keepin on!

Finally, some dogs just aren’t going to be fans of a dog dryer no matter what you do. 

They don’t have to love every second of it but they should be able to tolerate it. 

More Newfie Grooming Tips

For more at-home dog grooming tips and advice for your Newfie, check out my grooming section HERE!


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Monday 23rd of May 2022

With Rosie - I did a lot of the above but also let her watch Bear and Leroy being blowdryed and I think that helped her a lot too - to see the other dogs doing it and it being no big deal to them.


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Yes! If someone has multiple dogs it helps a lot for the puppy to see the other dog having it done! I did this with Lou too but I actually think it helped Odin more watching Lou be a goof with it. Lol

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