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12 Wholesome Jobs Newfoundlands Have Mastered

The Newfoundland is a working dog that is most known for their strong water rescue skills but they are also well-versed in several other jobs. 

Their unique characteristics and features allow them to not only be strong swimmers in the sea but they also hold many jobs on land. 

From hauling Christmas trees to bringing professional supervisors at home, here is a list of some of the most popular jobs Newfoundlands are known for. 

We’ll start with the most obvious jobs and move through some of the more comical jobs only people owned by Newfies are familiar with. 

Brown Newfoundland dog lifeguard


A Newfie’s water-resistant coat, webbed toes, unique swimming style and large lung capacity make them the perfect dog for the job of being a lifeguard. 

While most Newfies keep their water rescue skills to the backyard pool, there are several Newfies that are real water rescue dogs that assist human lifeguards on beaches across the world. 

Our friend Oakley is one of the most talented water rescue dogs we know. 

She has trained in Italy with the best of the best and she is 1 of 2 SICS dogs in the USA. 

black newfoundland dog swimmin in the sea with a rescue ring

But even if your Newfoundland isn’t jumping out of a helicopter to make a heroic rescue at sea, many Newfies have the important job of being a lifeguard in their backyard swimming pool. 

In case you didn’t know, Newfs are well known for barking and pulling children and humans out of the pool when they’re having too much fun for their comfort. 

Heavy Haulers

Another popular job that Newfoundland dogs are known for is pulling carts or wagons.

Back in the day, this working breed was known for helping fishermen haul in fishing nets. 

Newfoundland dog pulling child on sled in the snow

At present date, Newfies can often be seen hauling Christmas trees during the holiday, hauling pumpkins, small children and even groceries. 

Their sound build and desire to please and work alongside their owner make them great draft dogs, although they do require a lot of training to perform this job properly.

Therapy Work

Most Newfoundlands thrive on social contact and love which makes them an ideal contender for becoming a therapy dog.

They’re also people-pleasers so they are willing to work hard for tons of affection and physical contact.

Newfoundlands as therapy dogs

Newfies often visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools and even fire stations. 

Our friend Shinji is a certified first responder therapy dog

Shinji and his mom help to address behavioral health needs by providing emotional support to first responders. 

A few more certified therapy Newfies are: (links are their Instagram accounts)


Newfoundlands are also known for being the best therapy for their owners every single day. 

search and rescue newfoundland

Search and Rescue

While Newfies are most known for their heroic rescues in the water, they also make great rescues on land. 

Their expert noses, kind temperament and strong connection with their human make them ideal for this important job. 

As of today, there are still many Newfoundlands that are a part of a SAR team.

search and rescue black Newfoundland dog

And don’t worry, you’ll never get lost in your own home, your Newfie will make sure of it. 

Every step you take, they’ll be stepping on the back of your slippers to make sure you arrive at your destination safely. 

Branch Managers

A Branch Manager title is very important to the Newfoundland. 

Not only are they in charge of locating fallen branches but they also have to inspect each one carefully and make sure it passes the taste test. 

Newfies that are head branch managers normally have a team of branch employees working under them. 

Someone has to gather the firewood for winter. 

Professional Greeter

While Newfoundlands might not make a great guard dog, they do take greeting people to another level. 

A fast-wagging tail, Newfie hops, a sloppy kiss,  an incoming paw to hold, and an arm nibble are popular greeting styles that are seen in a standard Newfie greeting. 

When out in public, Newfies are known for being show stoppers and they are always happy to interact and get free head scratches from strangers. 

Our friend Emmy prefers to greet humans over dogs when she visits the local dog park. 

2 Newfoundlands sitting on couch

High Ranking Supervisors

In the Newfie community, we often refer to our dogs as Newfervisors because they take their job very seriously when it comes to making sure that things are done correctly. 

If they’re not physically helping you do yardwork, they will be closely watching you do it to make sure no mistakes are made.

They are also in charge of managing all activities in the kitchen and they must accompany you to the bathroom to make sure you don’t get lost. 

Professional Companion

Newfs not only make wonderful therapy dogs but they also make great companions for people. 

They’re always there when you need them and they are always willing to hand over their paw for your comfort. 

While this breed isn’t ideal for everyone, they are perfect companions for some.

Newfies value human interaction and are always happiest when with their family and that goes both ways. 

They provide an immense amount of love, laughter and companionship and that’s not easy to do because they give 100% all day, every day. 

Professional Cookie Tester

Quite possibly one of the most important jobs that a Newfie has is their role in being a professional cookie tester. 

They are eagerly willing to taste test any treat, cracker, potato chip, stick of butter, or spaghetti noodle to make sure it’s safe before you consume it. 

If they aren’t offered the first taste, they most definitely will stare at you to make sure that you don’t suffer any ill effects or drop any crumbs. 

They will also carefully watch your plate to make sure that if they don’t get the first bite, they get the last bite. 

Road Blocker

In your house, the massive body of a Newfoundland is often used like construction barrels. 

They are placed in the worst possible place all day long and they can affect your travel route. 

Sometimes they even block the entrance to another room. 

And if you happen to trip on one or even worse, step on a fluffy roadblock on accident, you are going to pay the price for many months to come. 

Talented Interior and Exterior Decorator

Not only do the unique physical features of a Newfie make them a great working dog at sea and on land, but also in the home. 

Newfoundlands spend a copious amount of time putting their unique touches inside and outside of their home. 

Their tails make amazing dusters across the entire house, sometimes resulting in creating an abstract mess. 

12 Jobs Newfoundlands Have Mastered

To the window to the walls, let the drool drip down those jowls!

The slobber of a Newfie adds a bit of sparkle to the windows and a nice texture to the walls and ceiling. 

Fur distributor.

Newfie hair is like an explosion of glitter that adds an added layer of protection to all of your furniture. 

On the outside, Newfoundlands are dedicated to creating a beautiful muddy oasis that they can access any time it rains. 

2 Newfoundlands drooling

Scheduling Manager

You don’t need an alarm clock, a to-do list or an expensive daily planner because your Newf knows your schedule better than you do and they won’t let you forget it. 

They know when it’s time for you to get up and they will spit hot drool on you until you wake up. 

You get a warning stare 1-2 hours before any meal is due to be served and they will never let you forget that walk time is approaching. 

Belly rubs are scheduled every hour on the hour and bedtime is at the SAME time and shall not vary unless the Newf has been informed. 

Newfie Side Hustles

Newfies are a jack of a lot of trades.

Not only do they have those above full-time jobs, but they also have various side hustles. 

The side hustle life of a Newf varies between each dog but some of the more common side hustles seen in the breed are:

  • debris magnet
  • professional model
  • alarm clock
  • foot warmer
  • town mayor (everyone knows your Newf, but no one knows you)
  • paper delivery dog
  • vacuum (no crumb shall be left behind)
  • professional countersurfer
  • slipper remover
  • hand washer
  • snowball collector

With 31 working breeds being listed on the AKC, the Newfoundland is definitely one of the breeds that has a variety of important and fun jobs.

However, in all seriousness, no matter what their job is, working dogs like the Newfoundland require a lot of time, training and patience to perform these jobs  safely and effectively. 

Most working breeds don’t work alone, they work with their owner who guides their dog through detailed instruction and guidance.

This is why Newfies tend to bond so much with their family. 

Contrary to popular belief, Newfies aren’t couch potatoes many of them hold multiple different jobs.

If you’re looking to see more Newfies in action, check out Working Newfoundlands on Instagram



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Pat Kiser

Monday 4th of September 2023

This is such a great post! Oakley and Shinji, and their families, are two of my favorites on IG. All of the Newfies you mentioned are amazing. My favorite Newfie job is mayor. My Newfs have always been, by far, the most popular occupants of my house. Many slow drive bys with little voices shouting out "Hi Uschi" when we are out front. I am simply Uschi's Mom...and I love it. Great article Jen!❤

Lynn Millen

Monday 4th of September 2023

This recent email, thank you, is so funny and so true! Incredible breed, we will never be without two.

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